Cardinals plan to use Andre Ellington mostly at wide receiver

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Andre Ellington has been a running back for his four-year career in Arizona, but the Cardinals have different plans for him in 2017.

Ellington will line up primarily at wide receiver, Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic reports.

In his career, Ellington has 398 carries for 1,697 yards and 112 catches for 999 receiving yards. So he has shown an ability to catch passes out of the backfield, but he’s been primarily a running back, and wide receiver would be a new position for him.

However, the Cardinals have one of the best running backs in the league in David Johnson, and they don’t want to take him off the field very often. Moving Ellington to receiver is one way to keep Johnson on the field while still getting some production out of Ellington.

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  1. Guess they’ve gotten fed up with all their receivers except for Fitz being drunks or dropping the ball.

  2. artliedtocleveland says:
    Mar 14, 2017 2:35 PM

    You know your team sucks when you have to move scrub running backs to play wide receiver lol


    A Cleveland fan talking about scrub players? You have seen a lot of them, but as of now, he’s a better WR then anyone you have.

    Couldn’t even keep Pryor.

  3. A Cleveland fan talking about scrub players? You have seen a lot of them, but as of now, he’s a better WR then anyone you have.
    Try again. Corey Coleman had more receiving yards last year in his rookie season than Ellington had the last two years combined. And that’s including the 6 games Coleman missed due to injury.

    The Browns also signed Kenny Britt in case you missed it. Pretty sure he’s a better WR than Ellington.

    Heck, if you really want to make a fair comparison, Duke Johnson had more rushing yards AND receiving yards than Ellington last year.

  4. Of course he had more receiving yards. Ellington probably had more rushing yards…because, you know, he’s a running back.

    And why is everyone hating on Andre Ellington? Anyone who’s seen him play knows he’s not bad. Injury prone perhaps, and not very big at all, but he’s quick and catches the ball well. He could very easily fill a Darren Sproles or Dexter McCluster like role in an offense, catching the ball out of the backfield and lining up at receiver. Of course he’s never going to be Calvin Johnson, but he’s not Jonathan Baldwin either. Sheesh.

    Calm down y’all

  5. It’s a great idea. Ellington’s got great hands and he’s a great team player. He does have a history of injury, so HB might not be the best position for him as he gets older.

    Andre in the slot, subbing in packages where Fitzgerald is wide, or in 5 WR packages.

    You’ve got speedsters JJ Nelson(4.28 40) and John Brown (4.3 40) as well to draw the defense.

    Hopefully by re-signing Greshem and losing Fells to free agency they draft a TE.

    Losing Swearinger, Jefferson, Campbell, and Okafor hurts tremendously so I’m sure GM Keim looks for defensive players in the draft early.

    Sure would be nice to get a QB before round 4 though.

  6. The Cardinals using RBs as WRs is nothing new. David Johnson played WR in college, which is why you’ll see him go into motion into a WR role. Johnson’s probably got the best hands in the league.

    And for those who are saying that Carson was done two years ago, how do you explain him having his best season in his entire career one year ago? (The season ending in January 2016.)

  7. I like this move…!!! Ellington knows the system and will require minimal effort to adapt to this new role. And he’s fast!

    This will bring some interesting versatility and new possible schemes to confuse defenses. Not to mention the price is great deal…

    This is what makes the Cardinals a team to watch!

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