Eddie Lacy agrees to terms with Seahawks

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The Seahawks had a meeting with running back Eddie Lacy over the weekend and it appears it went well.

Lacy’s agents announced on Twitter that their client has agreed to terms with the Seahawks on a contract. There are no details about the terms of the deal.

Lacy also met with the Vikings over the weekend and was still talking to the Packers about a return to the team that made him a second-round pick in 2013. Lacy ran for 2,317 yards in his first two seasons, but poor conditioning and an ankle injury led to less impressive results the last two years.

He’ll join Thomas Rawls and C.J. Prosise in the running back mix in Seattle. It’s a group that looks promising if everyone’s healthy, but none of the three made it through a full season last year.

Lacy was one of four running backs reportedly scheduled for meetings with the Seahawks with Adrian Peterson, Latavius Murray and Jamaal Charles slated to visit after Lacy. Peterson took his meeting while Murray and Charles were scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively. Murray has also visited with the Jaguars while the other two veterans haven’t been overwhelmed with interest on the open market.

UPDATE 12:25 p.m. ET: Adam Schefter of ESPN reports it is a one-year deal worth $5.5 million with $3 million in guaranteed money.

117 responses to “Eddie Lacy agrees to terms with Seahawks

  1. Buffets are better in SEA than GB. Along with everything else.

  2. I don’t care for the signing. Still haven’t fixed the offensive line. Oh well, like we traded packers for Christine michael.

    Try a seafood diet lacy,

  3. How is Seattle’s offensive line gonna be able to open up a hole that big? lolol.

  4. $5.5M for a guy who couldn’t keep out of the fridge. The Seabags must have been desperate. Why not just get a RB from the draft for much cheaper?

  5. 1 Year 5.5 Mil with 3 mil guaranteed….I don’t get it. Either AP declined that same offer or Schneider and Pete are doing something crazy. At first glance I really don’t like this move. HE’S NOT BEAST MODE.

  6. seriously? I know Rawls and Prosise have been banged up but so has fat Eddie and he’s lazy. Waste of time, they shoulda went with Murray

  7. The youngest and best of the guys they were talking to. Hopefully they nimble/powerful Eddie Lacy and not fat Eddie Lacy. Should have a revived running game next year now that RW is healthy.

  8. If he can control his weight this is a great signing. Wish the Vikings could have reached a deal with him. Seattle at GB is going to be a fun game to watch.

  9. Prediction. Lacy can’t find holes behind that O-line either.

    Rawls will be the lead back again by November.

  10. He’ll probably be spending a majority of that $5.5M eating at Seattle area restaurants.

  11. A couple of good seasons, but too many injuries and mediocrity. Here’s a tip: you aren’t going to break one outside. Turn up the field and take the 3 yards…

    That said, he seems like a good dude. I have no ill will toward him and wish him good luck & health in his career.

    Can’t say that I’ll miss you in Green Bay.

  12. As a Packer fan I just could not get into Lacy,,he was slow and injured lots,,I wont miss him at all,,,would rather have Ty Montgomery as our main ball carrier

  13. Lacy Is the latest rat to leave that sinking ship.

    Who else is ready to leave Green Bay!?


  14. Even Seattle thinks Lacy is more valuable than Adrian Beatyurson. Oh my how the mighty has fallen.

  15. I was wrong, he didn’t go to Green Bay after all.

    Now the Seahawks have a loaded backfield and the Packers have a need for a RB.

    As a Packer fan, I don’t like this. I don’t want an early round draft pick at RB. Adrian Peterson doesn’t fit our system. Jamaal Charles would be great, but is he ever healthy?

    A later round draft pick would work for me. Looks like the Packers will be passing a lot.

  16. Would have liked him to turn it on again, but if you can’t stay on the field, you can’t contribute to the team. So, not going to say that I’m surprised. Wish him the best.

  17. I am so happy the packers did not resign Lacy and especially at that kind of money. He could not push himself away from the table during a contract year and that shows the mentality of this guy. The whole PX 90 thing was cute in the media but he really never lost a bunch of weight and it hurts his durability.

  18. Seems a little steep, but good for Eddie. When he was healthy he was running hard for the Packers. Fits their mold for running backs, but lack of O Line and Lacy isn’t the best at picking up blitzes or catching out of the backfield.

  19. Arty: Eddie is no Marshawn Lynch.
    Tell that to Robert Blanton. Still looking for his helmet.
    Good luck to Eddie…I'll miss him in green and gold. If he can get into decent playing shape and get back to inspired football, he will do well in Seattle.

  20. Lacy can be good again if he lost weight, although I always cringed every time he does those spin moves with a defender hold one of his legs/ankles.

  21. I look at the rb line up and the hope would be they could rotate the injuries so that two of them were always available. All three are good when healthy so that would work.

  22. Eddie will get his daily fill of gumbo and he’ll end the season on IR at 275 lbs. Run Eddie early season and save the other 2 for mid/end of the year.

  23. packer fans got tired of defending fat boy they can exhale now. Feast mode won’t last in the league very long. He is putting too much stress on his joints and will continue to be hurt. Not sure I understand Seattle’s point of view here.

  24. i recall multiple posts of packer fan telling steeler fan how much better a draft pick lacy was than bell. indeed. time to start over cheeseheads.

  25. Luckily, Seattle is not known for its cheeses, so maybe Fatboy can keep his weight down.

  26. Boooo!! He better gain 100 pounds and be able to play offensive line. We don’t need rb’s! 5.5 million would have payed for a guard or right tackle.

  27. I know that Ted Thompson and co read these comments to get all the best information, so here goes. This is how you solve the RB situation.

    Joe Mixon in round 3 if he is still there.
    Otherwise you can grab D’Onta Foreman or Samaje Perine in round 4+.

    Then you grab Tarik Cohen in round 7 regardless and you give him a Darren Sproles role in our offense and special teams. You won’t regret it.

  28. I was always turned off by Lacy never having his head in his profession. He’s one of those no-worries video-games-all-day-long people.

    I wish him luck and he’ll probably have a noteworthy career going forward, but only if he matures.

    Next man up.

  29. As a Seahawks fan, I like the pick up. We now have 3 good running backs who can’t stay healthy, so all we need is for each one to give us 5 or 6 games each and we’re good. But, I think he’s a good fit. Rawls and Prosise are smaller guys, Eddie’s a big bruiser. If the Seahawks can motivate him to keep his weight in check, he’s proven he can be a great back. We’ll see. Now focus on O-line and DB depth in the draft and we’ll have as good of a shot as anybody next year.

  30. I guess that means there will be a bit of an economic downturn in Green Bay’s restaurant industry.

    Only McCarthy can help stop it.

  31. bhuettl says:
    Mar 14, 2017 12:37 PM
    Even Seattle thinks Lacy is more valuable than Adrian Beatyurson. Oh my how the mighty has fallen.

    I know like when they choose Matt Flynn and overpaid him that was an obvious sign he was better than rodgers, right?

  32. Better fit for Seattle than AP if he can stay healthy and in shape. That’s a big if of course.

  33. Stupid move by Packers. With Lang gone and as other linemen get injured during the season, the running back will need to open his own holes.

  34. Report comment
    getadealdonealready says:

    I know like when they choose Matt Flynn and overpaid him that was an obvious sign he was better than Rodgers, right?
    Actually it’s nothing like that. They never had a choice to try to get Rodgers.

  35. Could have found a rookie RB in the 3-5 Round range… Save $$$$ for the O-LINE!

  36. Would have rather seen Lacy sign within the NFC North just to torment the Packers, but hey, I’m just glad the Packers didn’t get squat for him!

  37. Packer fan, but think it’s a decent signing in Seattle.

    – Productive with enough carries, will have decent ypc
    – Has punishing runs which get the crowd into the game (Eddie! Eddie!)
    – Good ball security (1 fumble per 111 touches)

    – Does poorly running east/west
    – Feels like he receiving regressed a bit
    – Weight. He’s always been a little heavy but he at least had a little zip as a rookie. I mean watch his 60 yard run versus Dallas, that same run last year would have probably been 30 yards.
    – Not as good near the goalline as he was his rookie year. Again, his rookie year he could dive over the top for a TD on 1st and goal. Now there needs to be a hole for him to run through.

  38. He weighed in just under 270 lbs. Seriously.

    He was good for a bit in GB but his commitment obviously isn’t there to the game.

    And before people start cracking on GB’s running game – remember – Fat Eddie outperformed Adrian Peterson the last 3 years.

    GB will find backs to accent AR’s passing attack. That’s what GB’s always done. It’s not the offense because GB actually has a quarterback.

  39. desertviking64 says:
    Mar 14, 2017 12:30 PM

    Going to a state where the munchies are legal lol

    But, still against league rules.

  40. Lacy at his best, I would love to keep. Lacy who can’t be bothered to keep himself in shape? I can live with leaving.

  41. Ha! Thanks for the compensatory pick!

    You won’t get a comp-pick because you signed Martysaurus Rex. Might want to study up on these things before you wade in too deep…

  42. Not a bad deal for Seattle. Would have been nice to have him back in Green Bay on a one year deal but Thompson knows what he is doing. Lacy has proven to be a risky investment and its a deep draft for RBs so onward.

    We’re all enjoying the renewed bravado of the Vikings fans arent we? This is an exciting time for Vikings fans. In Minnesota the NFL season starts in April with the draft and ends with their last meaningful game of the year in November so the best part of the season is right now. The Vikings currently lead the NFC North and they’re undefeated! Its a dynasty…

  43. steeelfann0155 says:
    Mar 14, 2017 1:45 PM

    Remember the Packer’s fans criticizing the Steelers for taking Bell over Eddie Lacy. Ha, haaaaaa, ha, now that is comedy.

    This Packer (and MSU) fan wanted to see the Packers take Bell.

  44. How is he at picking up the blitz? Seattle needs help protecting Russell when the OL breaks down in confusion…which happened a lot last year.

    I’m hoping at the very least he can do that well and use his size to punish the DL a little bit so they are tired in the 4th quarter, like Marshawn used to do.

  45. My guess is that Ted Thompson was only offering incentive laden deal, with clauses written in for maintaining weight.

    I knew he wasn’t going to sign with the Vikings, he wants to be in the playoffs like in his first 4 years in Green Bay.

    RB will never be a key position in Green Bay, unlike the Vikings, they like to throw the ball more than 5 yards down the field.

  46. Ha! Thanks for the compensatory pick!

    You won’t get a comp-pick because you signed Martysaurus Rex. Might want to study up on these things before you wade in too deep…

    Yah um, but they lost Lang, Tretter, Hyde… it is YOU who needs a refresher!

  47. RegisHawk says:
    Mar 14, 2017 2:13 PM
    Ha! Thanks for the compensatory pick!

    You won’t get a comp-pick because you signed Martysaurus Rex. Might want to study up on these things before you wade in too deep…


    Packers also lost –


    They got


    Net loss of 4 with Lacy compared to a loss of 3 without.

    Value wise – Kendricks and Hyde are probably a push.

    They still might lose Jones, Michael and Goode. Packers will get comp picks.

  48. As a Packer fan I wish him the best of luck. Evaluating him as a player I am glad the Packers did not commit to that contract him. He’s had two offseasons to prove he’s serious about making the professional commitment required and it’s not looking like he’s taken that step.

  49. Eddie Lacy last 2 seasons; (20 games)

    1118 rushing yards, 4.3 yds/carry, 3 td

    Ty Montgomery 8 games @ RB 2016

    451 rushing yards, 6.2 yds/carry, 3 td

    .. chew on that ahwile.

  50. I’m good with it – – he’s younger than AP or Charles, and when he’s fit – he can be a load.

    Pretty sure if he doesn’t come to camp in shape and/or can’t get himself in shape — Carroll’s a guy who won’t hesitate to cut him.

  51. With Lacy’s eye for eating – coupled with that horrible o-line the Seahawks really haven’t addressed this offseason – I can see slow Lacy getting stopped at the line of scrimmage more often than not.

  52. Why are pack free agents leaving ???? Suppose mr.ego has anything to do with it ??

  53. ariani1985 says:
    Mar 14, 2017 12:24 PM
    But turd nation said he would sign for the league minimum to play with Rogers!


    How about you craft a response and send it to your mom instead of hitting the submit.

  54. Net loss of 4 with Lacy compared to a loss of 3 without…

    That would be great in a vacuum, but there are 31 other teams all doing the same thing, which is likely to push your “net gain” off the final list of picks that will be awarded.

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