Inside the Kyle Juszczyk deal

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On the surface, the $21 million deal given by the 49ers to a fullback raises plenty of eyebrows. The details of the Kyle Juszczyk contract show a deal that, while still impressive for a largely-overlooked position in the NFL, is essentially a year-to-year proposition.

The contract has a $5 million signing bonus and a $2 million fully-guaranteed base salary in year one. The 2018 salary of $2.75 million is guaranteed for injury only at the time of signing; the full guarantee doesn’t kick in until April 1. (The 49ers routinely delay the so-called “springboard” until April 1, giving them maximum time to decide whether to keep or to cut/trade the player.)

The contract also has non-guaranteed base salaries of $4.2 million in 2019 and $5.05 million in 2020, workout bonuses each year of $100,000, and per-game roster bonuses of $25,000 for each of the 64 regular-season games he’s due to play.

And so it’s really a one-year deal worth up to $7.5 million, with a team-held option for each of the next three years. That’s still a great deal for a fullback, but the real guarantee is roughly one third of the much-hyped $21 million contract.

3 responses to “Inside the Kyle Juszczyk deal

  1. He happens to be a pro bowler and has also played te, wr and rb. Oh, and he also had bigger contract offers but took less money to play with the Niners. Guess you were going to leave out those details, though.

  2. $7.5M is just far too much for a blocking FB who only started 7 games last year (total, a third of all snaps) and can’t ever rush with the ball (25 career yds in 64 games). Yes he’s had 97 recs in that time (1.5/gm) amassing 769yds (12yds/gm) as an occasional surprise dump-off or trick from Flacco but frankly several guys could fill that role for a lot less money.

  3. I don’t comment much here anymore. But as a Ravens fan seeing 53 thumbs down to streetyson is shocking. That analysis pretty spot on.

    Look, these situations are not about whether you like someone. God knows, the guy did anything they asked. I liked him a lot. He also was a very solid special teamer. But $5M a year (the cap hit) for that position is outrageously high.

    The niners do have a need for solid “team” guys. He will be a great influence there.

    Oh, let’s not get all hung up on the “pro bowl” label. Not like there is tons of competition that get playing time at that position across the league.

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