Jamaal Charles will still visit the Seahawks

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The Seahawks may not be done upgrading their backfield after signing Eddie Lacy.

Jamaal Charles, who had a previously scheduled visit to Seattle, is still planning to make that visit, according to multiple reports.

That’s a little surprising, as Lacy would seem to have already filled the Seahawks’ need for a running back. Then again, given the status of the running back market in free agency this year, Charles would probably come cheap for the Seahawks. Perhaps they think they can have an affordable backfield that includes both Lacy and Charles, not to mention holdovers Thomas Rawls, Alex Collins and C.J. Prosise.

Charles was cut by the Chiefs after injury-plagued seasons in both 2015 and 2016. At age 30 he probably doesn’t have a lot left, but he could fill in as a solid role player in a Seattle backfield that appears likely to be among the deepest in the NFL.

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  1. You also have no clue what you’re talking about. Lacy will compete for the role of 1st/2nd/short-yardage back, with Rawls, Collins, and Pope. Jamaal Charles would compete for the 3rd/wide-back role with Prosise. Signing one doesn’t mean that there wouldn’t be a place/role for the other.

  2. The odd man out would be who ever gets hurt before week 1. Why not have a whole new backfield for a year, oh wait, I mean 6 games, then they will trot out last years injured backs.

  3. Reminds me of when Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril came in for visits a few years ago.

  4. “…in a Seattle backfield that appears likely to be among the deepest in the NFL.”

    Let’s not forget that Russell dude who likes to run when he has two healthy legs.

  5. Seattle’s willingness to bring in all these RB’s only points out that they are willing to admit their mistake that thinking this team could be successful by putting the offense in Wilson’s hands. He’s not good enough of a QB to take an average team over the top. The defense is wearing down, teams are not afraid of them anymore since they moved away from the old model of run the ball and kill the clock to help the defense stay fresh and be so dominant. Seattle fans can get as bent out of shape all they want, the proof is there. Seattle will not be a contender with Wilson leading the offense.

  6. scmemso7, you are mistaken of course.

    There are many factors that go into the success or failure of an NFL offense. Look at last year. In a “down” year with no running game and Russell hurt all year because he had no offensive line they still won the division and won a playoff game. One game away from the NFC championship and here you are acting like last year was an abysmal failure. Humorous to say the least.

    Despite what you may think, Russell Wilson is the reason the seahawks will remain contenders for the NFC and SB while the defense declines and the running game is gone completely. Just like last year.

    You thinking that the Seahawks signing Eddie Lacy is a sign that the Seahawks don’t think Russell can win the superbowl all by himself just makes you look ignorant as hell. Eddie Lacy?

    There is no qb that can win the SB without a defense of running game.

    Instead of a knock on Russell Wilson, the Seahawks looking for RB’s just means they understand an offense needs balance and if you have a bad OLine(like they do) it’s important to do your best to keep YOUR BEST PLAYER healthy and on the field.

    Without Russell out there the Seahawks have no chance in hell.

  7. As far a Eddie Lacy goes, I think you forgot that Pete Carroll is one of three equal partners in Lupa’s Buffet on 3rd street.

  8. Seattle had a choice between Jamaal Charles, Adrian Peterson, or a 267-pound tub of lard named Eddie Lacy…… They took the tub of lard.

  9. pau49ers says:
    Seattle had a choice between Jamaal Charles, Adrian Peterson, or a 267-pound tub of lard named Eddie Lacy…… They took the tub of lard.
    Not a fan of any team in the NFC West. But a follower of the 49ers — the Forty Freaking Niners — is taking shots at Seattle? Priceless.
    The Seeahawks OWN your team, pau49ers, lock stock and barrel. So does just about everyone else, but that’s another story for another day.

  10. Charles is a triple-threat back but not an every down back.

    He will find a home somewhere once he figures out he is not going to get every-down-back money.

  11. Seattle will not be a contender with Wilson leading the offense.

    He’s 56-23-1 as a starter, and he’s been to 2 Super Bowls in 5 years.

    He’s the second highest rated passer in the NFL, behind only Aaron Rodgers.

    What more do you want out of a QB?

  12. This signing would give Seattle the best stable of running backs in the NFL. Right up there with the Titans (Murray & Henry), Patriots (Blount, Lewis, White) and Dallas (Elliot, McFadden). But much better if they all stay healthy. It also allows them to zero in on the O-Line and defense in the draft. The Seahawks could be seriously SB dangerous if they get lucky on the health side. Lacy-Charles-Prosise-Rawls is lethal firepower. And Lacy is one of those seismic type thumpers that can shake up & wake up ole Mt Shasta.

  13. Two possible reasons they would keep the appointment:

    – They think that if they sign Charles on the cheap that another team may want to trade for one of the young guys and give them something back. It would be similar to buying a draft pick (indirectly).
    – Maybe they think Charles is good enough to land somewhere this season. If they get a chance to talk to him, maybe they can find out what issues he may have had, which could help if they end up facing him in the season with another team.

    I have no idea if either are they reason the Seahawks chose to meet with him, but both could be possible.

  14. “then why not just re-sign with the Chiefs?”

    Sometimes a change of scenery is the best thing for both the player and the team. How many times have you seen a player turn down an offer from their current team and sign with a new team for less money? It happens a lot. It’s just time to move on. The player wears out his welcome and it’s just not a good situation for either side if the player stays any longer.

  15. bigdawg24 says:
    Mar 14, 2017 3:54 PM
    “Charles would probably come cheap” – then why not just re-sign with the Chiefs?


    Probably because Andy Reid is not capable of leading a team to a SB championship.

  16. “Probably because Andy Reid is not capable of leading a team to a SB championship”

    That probably applies to his protege, Doug Pederson, as well.

  17. And now the final dance starts. Poor Charles, cast out of his small kingdom with an old, broken body, desperately seeks one last check to deposit to pay for all the bling he bought in Tractor City. Sad.

  18. Plot twist: Eddie Lacy was signed to play offensive tackle – they still need a halfback.

  19. I’m not a Packer fan by any stretch, but it would make a lot of sense for GB to look at Charles. Rodgers hasn’t lost anything in his game, but it can’t hurt adding a new wrinkle with an extremely talented pass catching RB. I don’t like Rodgers but I can recognize greatness. He can make all the throws and he’s usually the smartest guy on the field. Now add Charles as an outlet who will be the most athletically gifted guy on the field. As a Vikings fan, I hope it doesn’t happen. As a football fan, it makes sense.

  20. The truth is that a couple of new running back are not very durable. With bargain basement prices for RB, they are picking up a couple of spares.
    Don’t forget about opportunities to catch balls coming out of backfield. A big back, with a head of steam, is more dangerous, that 5 yards and a cloud of dust. Especially with that crappy o-line. Might even see a three back set? It’s pretty obvious some of you experts, have never play football.

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