Julius Thomas: I don’t have anything to hold me back physically

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Tight end Julius Thomas is now a member of the Dolphins and he’s excited about the chance to play for Adam Gase again.

The Dolphins head coach was the Broncos offensive coordinator during Thomas’ best NFL seasons and Thomas said on Monday that “I really believe in his philosophy” when it comes to both on- and off-field matters. All the belief in the world won’t do much to help the Dolphins offense if Thomas isn’t healthy enough to be on the field, but a player who missed 11 games over the last two seasons says all is well physically.

“I don’t really have any handicaps, anything that will hold me back,” Thomas said, via the Miami Herald. “… I feel really good. I know that I’ll be able to play at the highest level I’ve played in my career.”

Thomas scored 24 touchdowns in his final two years with Gase in Denver, so his highest level of play would be a welcome addition to the Dolphins offense in 2017. Even something in the general neighborhood would be the kind of boost the Dolphins are looking for as they try to follow up a playoff berth with a playoff win.

13 responses to “Julius Thomas: I don’t have anything to hold me back physically

  1. Even as a Pat’s fan I can acknowledge how great Peyton was and how he made Thomas, the Thomas that scored financially in JAX. Stating he scored 24 touchdowns with ‘Gase’ is misleading because Manning was as much the offensive coordinator then as Gase was. And although good, Tannehill is no Manning, not many are though.

    That aside, it’s a good move for Thomas and the Phins. Thomas still possesses the physical tools and appears healthy right now. Surprised things didn’t work out better numbers wise with Cameron as he put up good numbers in Cleveland, but cleverly health an issue their too.

  2. Haters can hate all they want. This is a pretty solid move by the Fins. He is a big legit seam and endzone threat that is being reunited with a coach that actually knows his strengths and how to use him. He is fully healthy and has what appears to be a chip on his shoulder. Yes anyone would look good with Manning as their qb but T-hill was coming into his own last year before the injury and the throws Thomas will be catching are one of his strengths, just look at Landry catch total. The ball catching combo of Landry, Stills,Parker and Thomas could possibly be a matchup nightmare for D coords, imo

  3. I’d trust that Gase knows Thomas pretty well. He’d know first hand whether it was the Manning effect or talent. I think it was a bit of both. He will be good for Miami. The only issue is when he’s on the field it’s a dead giveaway Miami is passing becuase he sure as hell cannot block.

  4. Of course when he is on the field he will not be in tight to block, that is why they got Fasano. Bill

  5. Averaged 12 TD’s a year with Gase so if he does that alone he can have no heart. I wouldn’t care if he had no arms and no legs as long as he comes up with 12 TD’s a year I’m good.

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