Kirk Cousins: Never demanded a trade from Washington owner

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Kirk Cousins clearly isn’t thrilled with being hit with the franchise tag two years in a row.

But he said a recent conversation with owner Dan Snyder was not to demand a trade, but to get a sense of the direction of the franchise.

While that assumes there is one, Cousins said on Adam Schefter of ESPN’s podcast that he asked Snyder if he was going to be traded, but Snyder told him they wanted to keep him there. And that fell well short of the report he asked for a trade, which Cousins learned about while shoe shopping with his wife.

“I laughed and thought, ‘I don’t know where that comes from because that wasn’t the case,'” Cousins said. “Somehow it got twisted to where an employee of the store is using the word demanded. That’s not the approach I took. . . .

“In this league, things change so fast and players can get blindsided all the time with decisions. They’ll cut you on your birthday. They’ll cut you on the day your child is born. They’ll cut you on Christmas Eve. You never know what will happen. I’ll always keep an open mind so I won’t get blindsided, but from what I heard in conversations, I felt very much supported and felt the owner and president of the team want me to be the quarterback there and to be the quarterback there for a long time.”

Of course, if they wanted him there long-term, they’d work on a long-term contract. But while they might not want to pay him top-of-the-market money if they don’t consider him a top-of-the-market quarterback, the dictates of the franchise tag establishes a floor for the negotiations.

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  1. It is a shame the Redskins couldn’t get their collective minds together regarding Cousins. He gambled and won yet the Redskins really don’t want him or they would have signed me a year ago. I hope he ends up with the 49ers and the Redskins look to and end up with Osweiler.

  2. Whether he demanded a trade or not, the fact remains that the Redskins have bungled this situation as bad as any franchise could, unsurprisingly to most.

    Cousins may not be a top-5 QB, but the fact remains that his value to Washington is extremely high, and his value to (at least) one other team is high as well. Market value isn’t determined by how you’re compared to your peers, it’s determined by how you’re compared to your peers who are in the same situation that you’re in. And the offer that they’ve made him shows that they don’t value him for their franchise, and were willing to publically show that.

  3. Cousins is being coy as he may have to stay in DC. He may not have demanded a trade, but he surely is interested in one as are the Redskins.

  4. I think this whole situation is a gigantic mess but certainly typical of Dan Snyder’s weird ownership years. With that said, Cousins hit the nail on the head when he said an owner will cut a player on Christmas eve, on his birthday, and ten minutes after a player’s first child is born. So hang in there, Kirk and keep those eyes open. In the NFL, you never know when you’re going to get blindsided — on the field by opposing players or off the field by management.

  5. Just watching this guy as a giants fan, he can get the job done.
    He needs more pieces around him and that part remains the key issue imo.
    The GM was just fired and what does that say about the owner and down the line in getting free agents and having a good draft plan?
    Cousins could be much better if his supporting players are in place.


  6. Rumors have been so bad since Snyder took over. I am sure there is some sort of leak or “leak system” in the front office. But also, I am convinced reporters fabricate stories based upon assumptions this time of year. It is done to make people look good and bad. It is done with spite. It is done by the Redskins and to the Redskins. And you can’t believe just about anything you hear anymore. Particularly this time of year. And particularly since so many people, reporters, ex players, ex coaching staff, ex front office personnel and I am sure so many more hate Snyder, hate the Redskins, want them to look bad, do poorly and make themselves or their team look good in the process.

  7. RussianBreadMaker says:
    Mar 14, 2017 10:59 AM

    Outsiders just trying to do harm to the franchise. Heck, I bet this comment doesn’t even get published considering the platform.

    I agree 100%. All this talk about the Redskins is a bunch of horsescrap. They are fine and will have a great year. HTTR



  8. They keep tagging Kirk because he wants to be paid like a top 10 QB, but DC wants to pay him like an 11-20 QB.

    Of course, once that shiny new toy comes in, whether through the draft or a trade, KC will be out of DC.

    But that’s how the NFL is. Competition at every position. Honestly, the NFL and fans are better for it.

    I think DC is just gun shy from the whole RG3 debacle…keeping that checkbook in check.

  9. How does Mortenson still have a platform to spew his misinformation? #fakenews #pleasedontdeletemycomment

  10. I sit here nervously and sincerely hope that the Redskins keep Kirk Cousins for many years and build a franchise that stands behind its players and can emulate a winning environment. If they screw up keeping the best QB the Redskins have had in many many years, I will remove my FAN tags off my cars, package all my redskins gear, including signed jerseys, and box them and mail it back to Dan Snyder with a note saying, “you have ruined my love of this team, and managed to get me to give up support of this organization forever!”

    Let’s hope it does not come to that.

  11. And that’s the local media for you, in a rush to create a story/headline they put out a BS story…and the big reason I’m totally disgusted with the local sports writers, radio talking heads etc., nothing but a bunch of moron’s trying to create shock radio and drama. And someone asked why do the Skins keep tagging him, well, if you remember his first opportunities while the Shanahan’s were here he crapped his pants and got benched, it wasn’t until Jay Gruden and his offensive staff got and groomed him that he started putting up the gaudy numbers, the first tag was, alright that was nice now show us you can do it again…the tag this year was to make sure you had exclusive rights and gave you plenty of time to work out a long term deal. So I don’t see where these stories of him wanting to go play for Kyle makes any sense, if anything he’d rather go play under McVay who was his QB Coach/Offensive coordinator when he blossomed into what he is now.

  12. It was a lie and everbody is quick to judge and start hollering dysfunction.

    Back in 2015 all of you said how bad this team is and PFT ranked them at 32 why? Because RGIII had 2 bad preseason games…

    As the season went on the Redskins haters grew increasingly silent.Thats usually what happens when you are wrong as 2 left feet.

    The team is not bad off as most of you haters seem to think.They made decent upgrades on defense via free agencey…..Up next the draft!!!
    Go Redskins!!!

  13. 1. The University of Washington doesn’t have owners. And Cousins doesn’t nor has he ever played for them.

    2. Cousins plays for the Redskins. They do have an owner.

    I know it’s beating a dead horse but these wanna be PC sports bloggers need to let this go and start reporting the names of the team they make money writing about. Or continue being hypocrites.

  14. cellar dwellars for sure as the eagles, giants and boys are the class of the NFC East. We have great orgs that are run by competent Management whereas the skins have a weasel leading the circus and a coach that is not a SB caliber coach.

  15. Typical for this time of the year. A made up story to stir the pot. When the player denies it, somehow the fans don’t believe them. Unnamed sources are laughable.

  16. Like a said with both Cousins and GM……..fake news. There is much more to the GM story than we’ll ever know. Blame Snyder, Allen, Cooley, whoever but don’t you dare blame McCloughan for his actions.

    Maybe Scot was the problem with Cousins’ negotiations. Maybe he was supposed to be at the combine but decided not to go himself. Maybe the team offered him help. Heck, his wife sent some interesting things about him in the past.

    My bet is the Skins sign Cousins in the next month to an extension. And they had to move on from McCloughan.

  17. Boysroll, the last time we heard from you, you were spouting off about that Super Bowl run the Cowboys were embarking on. I think you quoted 4 of the next 6 years. How did that work out this year?

    I’m anxious to see what happens this year because if they don’t get it done, they are going to have to sweep the next 4 to match your prediction.

  18. There’s no reason for Mortensen to lie. There is reason for Cousins to lie. He’s full of it.

    They should deal him for anything, he’s not worth the headache. They’ll never win with him he’s psyche is much to fragile.

  19. No, Cuz, the shoe store employee actually said, “We demand you be traded.” Then he went on to tell his wife that Cuz looked to be a few sizes too small to fit her properly.

  20. Washington finally has a franchise QB and they don’t want to pay him? This is how franchises stay bad. Pay Albert Haynesworth 100 mil but play games w Kirk. This won’t end well for the Redskins

  21. Going into 2017 who would you rather not have as your QB. Prescott, Manning, Cousins or Wentz.
    (Full disclosure, I’m an Eagles fan)
    My List
    1. Prescott (Cowboys)
    2. Wentz (Eagles)
    3. Manning (Giants)
    4. Cousins (Redskins)

  22. come on posters….u all are scared we r the up and coming team. fix that defense and we are loaded for a couple sb’s. don’t forget we smoked ya tails 2 times this year and historically we own ur tails…….68 wins to 44 losses…..I would be bitter too if we had the 44 wins……

    5 SB’s too…………haters gonna hate.

  23. ‘Skins don’t want him but don’t have any better options. SO they keep yanking him around with the franchise tag hoping some other team will bite on the 2 1st rounders.

    Could they have handled this any worse? Survey says “No”.

  24. Redskins haters are as ridiculous as they are hilarious.

    The only thing we’ve lost with Garcon and Jackson is continuity … our receiving corps is solid and Terrelle Pryor was a >>>HUGE<<< acquisition … anyone that says different didn't watch him dominate in '16.

    A healthy Josh Doctson, opposite Pryor, with Crowder in the slot and Jordan Reed at TE … no reason Kirk won't throw for 5,000 in '17.

  25. Smokehouse – the way your question was written, who would you rather NOT have and you have Prescott as your #1, I’m taking that as Prescott would be the one you would least want on your team. You list Cousins as your #4 so I’m taking that as the one you would most want. Again, just reading based on the way you wrote it.

  26. “Kirk Cousins clearly isn’t thrilled with being hit with the franchise tag two years in a row.”

    ‘Isn’t happy being tagged two years in a row’? Stop putting words in Cousins mouth (or attempt to read his mind, maybe?)!

    If you listen to this interview, you’ll hear that it Kirk seems to be happier than a pig in schlitz to be playing under the $24 mil franchise tag this coming season, was grateful to get $2o in franchise money LAST season, and will be overjoyed to get the $36M franchise payout NEXT season if it comes to that!

    He also said the fact that a team’s willingness to pay him the excellent franchise salary is an indication that they must like him, and feels zero insult by their going that route. Not an ounce of disgruntlement evident in what he says to Schefter.

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