Percy Harvin is retiring (again)


Percy Harvin is calling it quits, and this time he means it.

Harvin, the runner/receiver/returner who came out of retirement to play for the Bills last season, is putting out word that he really is done playing.

One of Harvin’s representatives told Jeremy Fowler of ESPN, “He’s done.”

Harvin said in November that he felt he had a lot left in the tank, but a couple weeks later the migraines that have plagued him for years came back, and he ended the season on the non-football illness list.

When healthy and motivated, Harvin was one of the best playmakers in the NFL, and he’s only 28 years old, which means that if he got healthy and motivated again, some team would probably give him a shot. But Harvin played in a total of just 30 games over the last five seasons, and from all indications he really is done.

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  1. That’s not news. He was done 5 years ago.
    The guy has issues. Hopefully he finds a solution.
    Playing in the NFL isn’t a solution. Or an option at this point, I don’t think.
    His phone won’t be ringing.

  2. nomoreseasontix says:
    Mar 14, 2017 6:26 PM

    That’s not news. He was done 5 years ago.
    The guy has issues. Hopefully he finds a solution.
    Playing in the NFL isn’t a solution. Or an option at this point, I don’t think.
    His phone won’t be ringing.


    So true, but the crazy thing is… he got a Super Bowl ring 3 years ago. Imagine how many he’d have if he could’ve just stayed on the field (or one team for that matter).

  3. What a shame…

    Harvin was spectacular when playing… especially with a gunslinger type QB (Favre) or a gadget QB (Wilson,Taylor).
    He was unstoppable in open space.

    In 75 total games Harvin was targeted 519 times and caught 353 of those passes for 4026 yards at 11.4Y/avg and 22td’s.
    146 rushes for 927 yards at 6.3y/avg and 5td’s.
    152 kickoff returns for 4127 yards a 27.2y/avg and 5td’s.

    Can you imagine what he would have produced if he could have stayed healthy? It’s a shame we’ll never know.

  4. Meanwhile, the Vikings have Xavier Rhodes developing well at corner, and Jerick McKinnon has carved out a decent career thus far.

    They were the first two of the three draft picks Minnesota acquired from Seattle in the First Annual Percy Harvin trade.

  5. People are saying great things about him on this board. Probably all true. All I know is the Bills paid him $1.7 million to catch 2 balls for 6 yards in the 2 games he played in last year..

    $850,000 per game
    $850,000 per catch
    $283,333 per yard

    This would not be one of Doug Whaley’s better deals.

    I hope Percy finds a fix for his migraines.

  6. One of my kids has chronic migraines. She is disabled by school standards (gets to stay home a lot, water in class, among other ‘things’). But she is brilliant and has a shot at being the Valedictorian.

    If she was not this smart, there is no way she would be getting ‘the benefit of the doubt’ that some might be inclined to not give.

    Point is, I believe him. If smoking pot works, then my kid is going to be smoking pot. We’ve tried everything, including big pharma pills that are $700 per month ($125 with my plan, and you only get 8 pills).

    Give the guy a break. He is the best college player in recent memory. He has ‘issue’s. It’s called being disabled.

  7. He was having an MVP season during his last year with the Vikings… then he started complaining about Christian Ponder (justified) and the team was done with him.

    In my opinion it wasn’t the injuries or the migranes that ended him, it was his ego and his temper.

  8. I get chronic migraines and get Botox shots (30 total in forehead, temple, back of head, neck, and shoulders)…and I still get the headaches. I cannot imagine playing a sport, much less at a professional level, with even a mild headache. You never know when it will blossom into a debilitating widow-maker. Best of wishes to Mr. Harvin.

  9. Harvin should be in jail for robbing money from the Bills while faking migraines and other “injuries.” Couldn’t have less respect for him.

  10. It’s not his fault the Billdo’s threw all that money at him, he took it like anybody in his position would have.

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