Report: Browns “aren’t expected” to try to get Kirk Cousins

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At a time when there’s a growing belief in league circles that the Browns will try to trade for Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins, Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the Browns “aren’t expected” to do it.

Cabot cites an unnamed league source in support of the report, and presumably the source is someone with the Browns who is in a position to directly know the team’s thinking. The specific phrasing — “aren’t expected” — provides wiggle room for the expectations to change; indeed, it was hardly a total categorical denial of the possibility.

Supporting the “aren’t expected” report is a contention that three other teams have tried over the past 10 days to get Cousins but they were “immediately turned down.” Assuming that the source for the first half of the report is the same source for the second half of the report, how would someone from the Browns know that three other teams have tried to trade for Cousins and were “immediately turned down” if the Browns weren’t either talking to Washington about it — or monitoring the situation sufficiently closely to know how many other teams have tried to get him?

It’s also not clear why the other three teams were “immediately turned down.” It’s one thing to slam the door before an offer is made. It’s quite another to “immediately turn down” a specific offer that was regarded as insufficient. Without knowing whether Washington will not trade him under any circumstance or whether they merely rejected a trio of lowball offers, it’s impossible to know whether Washington would entertain a reasonable trade proposal.

Cabot also presumes that the Browns would make a trade contingent on an extension. While that would be the ideal outcome, the Browns don’t need to do it. They can acquire Cousins for one year at $23.94 million (i.e., only $7.94 million than they’re paying a quarterback to not play for them) and they can apply the transition tender in 2018 at a 20-percent increase, giving them the right to match any offer Cousins receives elsewhere and guaranteeing at least two years with Cousins.

Along the way, Cousins may decide to love the one he’s with. Since finishing his rookie contract, Cousins has not played hardball, opting instead to take the safe approach and pouncing on the money that has been put on the table. Indeed, one day after news surfaced that Cousins had requested/demanded/whatever a trade, he chose to take the money and sign the tender — despite knowing that he risked being traded to Cleveland or any other team once he did.

Bottom line? The belief persists that the Browns may try to get Cousins, Cousins continues to be keenly aware of the possibility that he’ll be traded, and all that’s left to figure out is (1) whether the Browns want him; (2) what Washington wants for him; and (3) whether Cleveland will surrender it?

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  1. Mary Kay`s unnamed source is who ever reported most recently on the NFL channel or ESPN. If she couldn`t stir QB controversy she wouldn`t have anything to write about. Sometimes I wonder if she can name the other positions on a football team.

  2. The whole scenario was decided with the acquisition of Osweiler. The Browns spent the 16million and took Osweiler because the plan for doing so was already in place. Osweiler and two #2s (one this year and one next year) for ___________? The deal is down to the fine print now.

  3. The “Silly Season” is upon us. Cleveland has made an art form out of stockpiling picks. We’re now hearing rumors of the Browns being willing to spend a large amount of that draft currency for a hugely expensive two year rental of Cousins – a “good” but not elite QB – which would leave them in the same QB desert when the rookies drafted in 2016 and 2017 are ready to make a push for the playoffs in 2019. Far more likely is that this rumor has been disseminated to lever the price Belichick wants for Jimmy G. The Patriots hold the key to the Browns’ QB quandary … and the Pats agreement to trade Garoppolo depends on (1) the development of Jacoby Brissett, (2) Brady’s anticipated skills over the next three years and (3) the willingness of Garoppolo to sign a long term contract (possibly with voiding options based on performance). Neither fans nor the “insiders” know the answers to the key questions so this is pure speculation. However it is unusual for Belichick to enter the draft without at least eight picks – particularly a well stocked draft like this one; I suspect the Jimmy G trade will go down close to the draft (after the Browns are certain they can sign Jimmy G to a long term contract).

  4. Getting traded to Cleveland would be an upgrade for Cousins, he’ll get the contract he wants and the Browns can build around him…and he would be out of Washington

  5. Listen up…I live in Cleveland, OH.
    Mary Kay Cabot is a horrible source for information.
    She simply regurgitates what she reads elsewhere.
    I could gather more pertinent info from my toaster.

  6. As a Redskins fan, going to the Browns with the new mgmt, you and draft picks seems like a better long term situation than the dumpster fire and dysfunctional clusterfck the Redskins will always be.

  7. I think the Browns have 2 options for their QB future:

    1. Trade for Garopollo this year


    2. Use a combination of next years first and three second round picks to select the USC or UCLA QB’s if they aren’t earning the number one pick in the draft next year.

    Seriously, they need someone with real promise not just another flier

  8. I eagerly await tomorrow’s quarterback that will be rumored to Cleveland. The amount of article generation that the Browns produce daily must be a testament to the fan base. Admit it, everyone is a closet Browns Backer. Support the elf 2017!

  9. If the Browns are giving up more than 2 second round picks (1 this draft and 1 next year) that is too much. I like him as a QB but the Cleveland QB Syndrome (CQBS) that has been embedded in my psyche the past 18 years lingers like the Axe body spray my son sprays on each night before he goes out.
    If rumors are true and Cousins does not want to play in Cleveland then do not trade for him, it’s like Robert De Niro convincing Sharon Stone to marry him in Casino by lathering her in riches and saying love would come after.

  10. Cousins demands trade- Cousins did not demand trade- GM was drunk- GM was not drunk- Cousins going to Browns- Cousins not going to Browns- Cousins not signing long term because of Allen- Cousins says it has nothing to do with Allen-Garcon wants to stay in Washington- Garcon asks for trade. It goes on and on……….
    What a bunch of BS that the media puts out. I don’t believe anything that these people write. I can’t wait till the season starts so I don’t have to listen to this crap anymore. HTTR

  11. “darcrequiem says:
    Mar 15, 2017 1:19 AM

    Even with the disarray in Washington, the talent level is far higher than Cleveland’s.”

    Which gets you what exactly? Not good enough to win anything, or even make the playoffs. All sucking less gets you is worse draft picks.

  12. eloso1 says:
    Mar 15, 2017 12:18 AM

    As a Redskins fan, going to the Browns with the new mgmt, you and draft picks seems like a better long term situation than the dumpster fire and dysfunctional clusterfck the Redskins will always be.
    Who are you kidding dude. You are no Redskin fan. If you are we don’t want you to be!!!

  13. If they maximize all their draft picks and cap space this year they really should be able to build a competitive team for 2017 through the draft and via trades and free agency.

    I don;t think they will though.

  14. The media is something. I’ve never seen anything like this. We’ve had stories of 100% he going to SF….They had a 3 way trade going where Romo was going to Washington……He’s demanded a trade……He wants to stay…..Snyder wants him gone…….Snyder wants to keep him and build around him….He’s going to Cleveland……..Redskins want to trade him…..Redskins have turned down offers from 3 teams for him. It’s laughable at this point. Make something up, anything up, put it out there and when it’s resolved someone will get to say they were right all along.

  15. looks like the Browns are finally getting it together. Good teams are built through the draft.

  16. the funny thing is, now theres an article with Kirk Cousins who said he found out about the trade from a shoe store, telling the guy it was news to him

  17. “presumably the source is someone with the Browns who is in a position to directly know the team’s thinking.” – he must be the only one in the building.

  18. Washington messed this up. They should have signed a 4-5 year deal last year with total guaranteed money around 35 million. That would have left them on the hook for less than they owe him now (last year and this year will be about 45 million alone). What a shortsighted way to handle this situation.

  19. Mary Kay Cabot and her unnamed league source, “aren’t expected” to report accurate information…!!!

    Just like profootballtalk. Still waiting for the big Kirk Cousins announcement from the Browns. It hasn’t happened, so looks like Mary K was right all along.

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