Rob Gronkowski and Ezekiel Elliott have something in common now

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Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski gets a bit of a pass on his behavior by virtue of being Gronk, the modern American superhero of id.

But he may now subject to a little offseason scrutiny of his own, perhaps because of Ezekiel Elliott.

TMZ has video of Gronkowski, with great vigor, burying his head in the cleavage of a young lady at a bar in Charleston. While it’s easy enough to dismiss it as Gronk being Gronk, it comes on the heels of Elliott being criticized for pulling the top off a female partygoer and exposing a breast during a St. Patrick’s Day parade.

The difference is Elliott walked into the league with a domestic violence allegation against him, and the league continues to investigate that situation. They haven’t commented on the latest bit of attention he’s drawn.

Of course, there’s another difference between Gronkowski and Elliott, and it will be interesting to gauge the difference in reaction to the two viral videos, both of which featured young rich athletes behaving just like a lot of young non-rich non-athletes.

UPDATE 1:40 p.m. ET: The video in question is from 2015, which sort of underscores the notion that Gronkowski is perceived differently.

53 responses to “Rob Gronkowski and Ezekiel Elliott have something in common now

  1. Millennials with money. You expect the to abide by a certain set or rules now? And spare me the moral high ground. These woman know exactly what they’re doing and who they’re doing it with.

  2. If the woman Zeke exposed isn’t mad and the woman Gronk motorboated isn’t mad then this should just go away.

    Of the two though, Zeke exposing a woman’s breasts in public during an (assumed) family function(what kid doesn’t like a parade?), is worse than Gronk coving a woman’s breasts in an establishment designed for people to get intoxicated and act ridiculous.

    Skin color doesn’t matter here. What matters is context and specifics.

  3. The incidents don’t appear to be the same. The woman is grabbing the back of Gronks head and driving it in to her tits. The woman in Zekes video clearly didn’t want her tit exposed or ya know, she would not have pulled away and immediately pulled her shirt up.


  4. The woman in Zeke’s video swatted him away. The woman in Gronk’s video pulled him towards her. Big difference.

  5. Well this aught to get interesting. The closet racist will still defend gronk as having fun while saying Zeke should be banned or in jail. They will come up with excuse regardless. I think what both of them did was all in good fun and nothing wrong with either.

  6. The real importance here though is consent. Now I cannot say for certain the woman’s consent in either Gronk’s or Elliot’s case, but judging by video alone, it appears one of these guys got the “go-ahead”, and one of them did not. There is no crime in doing what Gronk did if it was discussed and agreed upon by both parties. Same for Elliot, but it’s all about the situation leading up to the actual actions by each man.

  7. Two different things. Gronk was welcomed to engage in the behavior and she appeared to be having more fun than him. Life is unfair. Z didn’t obtain permission to do what he did, so he violated and embarrassed her.

  8. Minor difference. In Zeke’s case, it was clearly not consensual – the woman’s objection and rejection was immediate.

  9. While both are bad behavior, Elliotts stunt is far worse.
    He exposed the gir for all to see. Did Gronk? No.

    Game set and match goes to Elliott the pervatron

  10. Let’s play the race card. The state of worldwide media in 2016 (actually, this started, oh…about 2008). I guess that the competition for eyeballs is so severe it’s become commonplace. The problem is that by using it in such a repeated, throwaway manner it really makes no impact anymore.

  11. I am curious if the woman invited gronk for a little trip on the motorboat. That to me is a key distinction for his actions. Seek on the other hand, pulled a woman’s top down and exposed her. And the reaction by the woman makes it pretty clear she didn’t request he pull out her ( . Y . ) for the world to see. Only a moron would turn this into a skin color thing. Reverse the roles of each, and my opinion on the actions would be the same. If you view everything with race in mind (that includes automatically assuming everyone else reacts based on race) then you are a racist. If you don’t see color you shouldn’t see color from either situation

  12. After reading through the posts, it make you wonder why the racists don’t see any issue with what Elliot did. Because I can switch the two situations and people and if Gronk did what Elliot did I’d throw him out

  13. One incident took place in a bar and the woman was giving body shots, hence the bottle with a pourer on it in her hand. The other was out in public. But by all means, let’s not miss an opportunity to get the race card on the table

  14. If Gronk pulled a woman’s shirt down without consent, rather than a woman pulling him into her cleavage, he would come under the same scrutiny. Geez.

    Woodward and Bernstein this is not.

  15. Really. Pulling a shirt off versus a shot girl who gets motorboated (is that even a word). Similar but very very different. Next video is an athlete in a strip called into question.

    Elliott should be reprimanded for being a dumb ass.
    Gronkowski just acts like one

  16. I think if you have Gronk pulling the shirt down and Zeke doing the motorboating, the outrage would be directed at Gronk and not Zeke.

    which leaves race out of it, as it should be.

  17. Context is crucial. Indoors versus outdoors/public, exposure versus non-exposure, consent versus non-consent. These contextual factors are SO incredibly significant that they make race a NON-factor by comparison. Race should not be mentioned or even implied here. Mentioning it is baiting and it minimizes the true institutional and systematic racism that really exists in our country.

  18. While it is fair to say that race will unfortunately be a factor in how the two men are generally perceived, this article – rather disturbingly – misses the most important point:

    The critical factor is the woman’s prior CONSENT. Ezekiel rather clearly did NOT have it.

  19. two scenarios aren’t remotely close one girl clearly invites and the other scrambles to cover herself up. The boys will be boys argument is a joke. If someone pulled this on my sister or daughter I’d beat the crap out of them

  20. Let’s face it. He’s perceived differently here because this is a Patriots site. Most of the commentors are Patriots fans. Florio’s articles are on the Patriots are pro-Patriots. That’s why Ezekiel Elliot’s video was said to be horrific sexual assault and why the reaction to Gronk’s is much more muted.

    You know what? Neither of them are a big deal. Why? Because I don’t know if you went to college, but not all women take unkindly to being groped in a drunken place. It sucks, it’s sad, but it’s not false. We would rather people treated each other with respect and class, but the simple fact is that there are people who like that kind of thing and if the woman is not inclined to go after the guy who touched her, then it’s not our right to make that choice for her.

  21. And again, I know people don’t want to hear this, but the woman in Ezekiel Elliot’s video immediately after swatting his hand took her top down herself and flashed the crowd. She was not in any distress. Doesn’t make him or her any less trashy for doing that, but to say that she was offended without considering that or how she continued to stand with him and interact afterward does not suggest that she was any less consensual than Gronk’s girl.

  22. And overgeneralizing blogmeisters behaving like any other overgeneralizers anywhere.

  23. @ak185:

    simple question for you:

    Did Gronk forcibly expose a woman’s breast in a public place? No, he didn’t.

    Elliott’s victim may be into to that type of stuff, but Elliott made the choice for her by being a scumbag pervert.
    There’s something far more sinister to what Elliott did than Gronk on many levels. He has the makings of a future rapist.

  24. @ak185

    Your post is not at all accurate (Re: the Elliot video). She looks surprised and immediately covers herself.

    The fact that she flashed the crowd at another point during the event does NOT give Elliot consent to do what he did.

    In fact, in the second video which you refer to, you conveniently left out the fact that she swats his hand away when he tries to do it again.

  25. Let’s get this straight, the woman in Zeke’s video did PLAYFULLY slap his hand away. She then proceeded to expose her breasts on her own. Then she continued partying with Zeke’s group whom she obviously knew. There was nothing malicious going on. Just playful horseplay.

  26. thepunkyqb says:
    Mar 14, 2017 1:17 PM
    Waiting to hear all the people that jumped at Zeke and called him a sleazeball now rush to defend what Gronk did. You know they will.

    The difference is Elliott walked into the league with a domestic violence allegation against him, and the league continues to investigate that situation. They haven’t commented on the latest bit of attention he’s drawn.

    Yes we because have a good reason to defend Gronk.

  27. ricko1112 says:

    One seemed to have consent and one did not.

    Motioning towards her boobs and then pointing at Elliot is consent.

  28. Just one last thing-y’all go take a look at the comments in the original Zeke. Just scroll down, look at the whining “if Gronk had done this…” posts. The irony is almost suffocating.

  29. Grow up and show some class as professionals. Everyone knows that anyone else who continually behaved in this athletic, Hollywood, Rock star behavior mode that these people do would be punished to the fullest extent. That is why more people are being turned off by the NFL, Hollywood and other mis behavers. Kids need someone to look up to and these two are examples similar to Johnny Manziel.

  30. Nothing to see here. In what world are these incidents the same? With Gronk it is clearly a mutual (and permitted) action whereas Zeke clearly blindsides the girl and completely violates her. Why are these things being compared? Gronk is a big kid and some people want him to be a troublemaker. The fact is that he’s not. He loves life and he loves football and no one works harder or cares about the game more than he does (how many injures has he suffered and come back from stronger than before).

  31. People don’t care what these children do. If they go to jail, oh well. Their are many more humans wanting to play in the NFL. Give the next group a chance. Humans don’t care about the name or the number. They only care, if you can make them a Dollar. The Human inside the number, is not relevant.

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