Alex Boone bristles at Nelson Peterson’s comments about Minnesota’s O-line

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If running back Adrian Peterson returns to the Vikings, he may have some explaining to do to the guys responsible for opening up his running lanes.

Peterson’s father, Nelson, recently praised Oakland’s offensive line and likewise threw shade at Minnesota’s. Vikings guard Alex Boone didn’t appreciate that.

“Some of the comments that were made about the offensive lines elsewhere and about our offensive line — and once again we’re throwing low blows again and I’m not sure everybody understands the situation and really wants to go that route,” Boone said in an interview with PFT Live that will be broadcast on Thursday. “You know what I’m saying? I mean sometimes we get it guys, everybody’s pissed off, let it go, OK? Everybody’s in the same boat; we’re all pissed. Nobody made it to the playoffs on our team, everybody’s upset about that. So can Adrian help us? Absolutely. He can help any team and he’s a great running back one of the greatest but sometimes I wish guys would just think more before they say things because sometimes you regret the things you say and there’s two things you can’t take back, Florio: Bullets out of a gun and words out of your mouth.”

Said Nelson Peterson last week: “What we personally like is [the Raiders’] offensive line. The offensive line, they haven’t been playing around. They haven’t been trying to get offensive linemen from the bottom of the barrel and trying to make them into something.”

So if Adrian returns to the Vikings, will he need to smooth things over with his teammates?

“Maybe,” Boone said. “Maybe guys are just upset about it. I think, my perspective, I’d like some clarification on that. If you’re a leader then, you know, you say it don’t let other people say it. . . . If you got something to say, you say it. Be a man about it.”

None of that will matter until the Vikings say “we want you” to Peterson and they offer enough to get him to say, “I’ll take it.” But if Peterson indeed returns, the guys from the supposed “bottom of the barrel” blockers may not be immediately rolling out the red carpet.

62 responses to “Alex Boone bristles at Nelson Peterson’s comments about Minnesota’s O-line

  1. dumb alchaholic with a big mouth. I’m a big osu fan but Boone always has a gaint turd coming out of his mouth lol doesn’t know when to stop

  2. “We’re brothers,” Boone said of his position group. “Same mission, same goal … to be the most feared offensive line in the history of the NFL.”

    – Alex Boone, Sep. 1, 2016

  3. I’m no fan of Nelson Peterson, or pretty much any parent who gets publically involved in his adult son’s affairs that don’t concern him.
    Neither is Adrian Peterson guiltless in the Vikings’ running woes. Whether he has any control over what his dad says or doesn’t say, I don’t know.
    Still, at the end of the day, truth is always the best defense. I don’t personally know any of last year’s Viking offensive linemen, and they may be great guys. But they sure weren’t great blockers. That’s documented fact.
    Mr. Florio is correct: If the Vikings want Peterson back, things may get tense before they get better.

  4. Let’s make a big deal about it because someone’s dad said something stupid. Much ado about nothing. Lighten up, Alex.

  5. The Vikings Line was truly offensive last season, that includes the play of Boone. It’s one of the worst I’ve seen in professional football.

  6. Why would Adrian have to apologize to anyone for something his DAD said???

  7. Boone would snap Peterson’s spine like a twig if he wanted to. AD better be ready to eat some crow.

  8. I don’t understand why Nelson keeps getting mics in his face…

    Wait… I’m commenting on this article… ok, I get it now.

  9. I remember the day Boone signed with the Vikings, I thought, he will have to play lights out to earn the money they are paying him.

    Well, Boone didn’t play “lights out” and while he played better than most of his teammates, that’s not setting the bar that high. This is the challenge of free agency, typically the best players never make it that far because a good team will keep them. So the ones that slip away are typically starting on a downward trend, as the Vikings found out first hand last year with Boone.

  10. Vikings Oline was an absolute mess last year. I don’t think they had the same 5 start more than 2 games in a row. Hopefully they can avoid the injury bug this year, then we can see if Boone can back his talk. Up to this point he’s been a waste of money.

  11. Berger and Boone were the only offensive linemen from 2016 even remotely deserving of bringing back for another year.

    While injuries certainly took their tool last season, the Vikings had no business entering last season having to rely on TJ Clemmings to protect their QB. The bottom line is that Spielman has attempted to build an offensive line on the cheap, and it has been biting this team for last three seasons. Yes Kalil was a bust few would have seen coming, but outside of him, there has been no effort to obtain quality OL talent via the draft.

    Just think of where this line would be right now if Spielman had taken a flyer on La’el Collins in round four or five. We’ll see what happens next month, but things need to change, and if they don’t, Spielman needs to be shown the door.

  12. At one time Adrian Peterson was a truly great runner. I watched him for his entire career and saw him do some amazing things on the football field. However, he’s now on the downhill side of things and is fairly one-dimensional. He’s also dumber than a box of rocks. You don’t diss your linemen when you’re a running back, especially if you may find yourself back on that team and depending on your blockers to open holes for you. The future for AD in the NFL isn’t looking all that bright anymore.

  13. AP was a HOF RB from 07-12 but his act is getting tiresome. He has never been the best teammate. The vikes could have a couple of super bowls if he didn’t cough up the ball in crucial playoff games, yet none of his teammates ever blamed him. Show the same courtesy AP.

  14. painsyndicate says:
    Boone would snap Peterson’s spine like a twig if he wanted to. AD better be ready to eat some crow.

    But wouldn’t it be nice if Mr. Boone “bristled” this much — and then did something about it — every time his QB or a Vikings running back got dropped for yet another loss?

  15. If there a physical altercation from all of this then my money is on Peterson.

  16. I’ll man up and tell Alex Boone that the Vikings offensive line was terrible last season and not even close to good enough. Adrian is right.

  17. We should have gotten rid of AD when we had the chance. September 2014.

    Now, he’s just a injury prone back that thinks he’s worth 10 million more than he actually is.

    Wonder how it felt to have the Seahawks pick a 270lb Eddie Lacy over him? Here’s your sign.

  18. Entering training camp last year, the top four offensive tackles were Matt Kalil, Andre Smith, Phil Loadholt, and Mike Harris. Harris couldn’t play all season because of a mysterious injury. Loadholt couldn’t return from his achilles and retired. Kalil was lost for the season in Week 2. Smith was lost for the season in Week 4. Jake Long was signed and lost for the season a few weeks later. That left TJ Clemming and Jeremiah Sirles to start at tackle most of the season. I guess you could call them “bottom of the barrel” but I don’t know too many teams that go six or seven deep with starter-quality offensive tackles.

  19. When you’re a quarterback or a running back, the last people you want to insult are the big guys blocking up front for you. Oops, I missed that blitzing roided up linebacker!

  20. Peterson is NOT going back to Minnesota and is just burning bridges on the way out of town. They don’t want him. He may have been “the man” toting the rock, but he may not have been so “beloved” in the locker room. Notice how teams aren’t beating down his door to sign him and his ex teammates aren’t exactly calling him the heart and soul of the team?
    Word gets around in the NFL because after all, T.O. and Randy Moss found ways to run their mouths out of the NFL with gas still left in the tank and Peterson may just be next the way he’s yapping now.

  21. With Matt Kalil and Andre Smith leaving, Jake Long unlikely to return, a likely draft pick or two, and new guys Riley Reiff and Mike Remmers, it won’t be the same OL in 2017 anyway.

  22. The media is always trying to make something out of nothing. The Vikings O line played horribly last year, but they had to contend with a rash of injuries including 5 different LT’s. However, they got rid of 3 former starters while acquiring 2 OT’s in free agency. It’s not like they can just order an elite lineman via the internet, there are 31 other teams who are trying to improve.

  23. All this chatter about the players, why is nobody ever calling the line coach Sparano to the mat? The young guys didn’t seem to improve as the season went on and Fusco got worse. A good Oline coach can make a hell of a difference. Ask Belichick.

  24. I think the bigger question is has the line gotten better during this free agency period. I think the answer is probably not.

  25. Man up Boone. Nobody has said you personally suck, but the OL as a unit had 16 games to show something and the bottom line is, as a whole, the OL blew. One of, if not thee single worst lines in the history of the League, period

  26. The Vikings OL was terrible last season. Injuries had a lot to do with that, but even the healthy guys weren’t great. Although, it seems like the OL suffers more from multiple lineup changes than pretty much any other position. Every team is talking about having a cohesive unit that stays together.

    But, all that said, the Petersons (I include AP because he hasn’t come out to say anything against his Pops) need to try to place all of the blame on the line and none on AP, as they are trying to convince teams to pay him. Not a classy move, but they may be starting to realize that AP’s market is only about 15-20% of what he thinks he was going to get paid (if anyone will sign him at all).

  27. mackcarrington says:
    Mar 15, 2017 4:40 PM

    Nelson Peterson is writing checks his son has to cash.

    I have a feeling Nelson has been doing that for a long time.

  28. I personally feel a MAN should speak for himself, and tell daddy to can it, but that’s just me.

    Paging Mr. Ellison

  29. The truth hurts. They were definitely scraping the bottom of the barrel last season on the offensive line. Lets hope the Two new Tackles and whatever they draft along Boone and Berger will make at least a half ass unit in 2017.
    With that said Peterson milked out a meniscus all season long came back for one game got pounded and gave up. Its no surprise that teams are not lining up to give him huge money.
    I hope he don’t come back to the Vikings. He was great but that was then and this is now.

  30. Boone talks like he’s actually above average. …been doing a lot of talking since he got to MN. Last time I checked he wasn’t going to the Pro Bowl nor could they protect Sam Bradford.

  31. Enjoy Alex Boone. Need more vocal leaders. Is he suppose to say I’m super excited about making this offensive line average. Lol just like any of us getting a new position we want to make a difference and high aspiration.

    I enjoyed watching AP but his takes were about individual goals like yardage. Never wins or playoffs. I do not see a chance he comes back.

    New chapter needed. With any team, try to find the right combo of veterans and hungry young players…

  32. “Nelson Peterson is writing checks his son has to cash.”

    Well, his son doesn’t know how to write, so there is that …

  33. Why do we keep hearing from fathers of Viking players turned free agents? Seriously, shut up and let your sons handle their business. Boone, play up to your pay and stop whining because a guy’s father criticized the terrible, injury plagued mess that was the o-line last year. Seriously, man up a little.

  34. I don’t know what bothers me more; Nelson Peterson thinking his opinion matters or that Boone thinks he was wrong. Terrible OL play last year, but the opinion of the father of our former RB holds no value.

  35. I remember seeing games where the entire line was instantly beAt
    At the snap. all 5.
    I think this happened like three times against the Bears of all teams
    Absolute joke. O line gotta step up.

  36. Boone … overrated, loud-mouth clown. What has he done? He signed a 4-year contract paying an average of 6.7M annually and has made zero impact on the field, but always seems to have plenty to spew with his mouth off the field.
    He was supposed to “bring an attitude” … he’s brought nothing but below average play to an already poor group. He should be watching film instead of caring about what another players dad said.
    We’ve heard him talk about wanting to punch Clay Matthews, his views on Kaepernick and now Peterson … when does he start earning his money and making the run game move and allowing the QB more than one second to throw?
    Clown show. Boone’s no different than Nelson Peterson. He’s an easy mark for a media looking to create headlines and not smart enough to know when to shut his piehole.

  37. Yeah I would say that Vikings line wasn’t great the past two years. But I would also say it’s not everyone on the lines fault. Khalil was an albatross on that line. He litterally made everyone else look worse. I actually thought the middle of the line looked ok, even Boone. But the tackles were terrible and even worse, anytime Peterson was in they had zero blocking from the rb position. All AP can do is run the ball. He can’t do anything else, period. I wouldnt sign him at all not a good guy, hurts the team to much with what he doesn’t do

  38. So what are you mad about Boone?? That the man told the truth?? If you think skinned sissy boys that make up the Vikings O-Line do not like it , then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!

  39. Exactly shooter28. People talk all day and night about Peterson’s limitations and things he can’t do, but defend the worst performing group on the team?
    Truth is those offensive line guys failed. The front office failed when they knew the line needed work after 2015 and brought in no-impact players like Boone and Andre Smith and called it fixed. LOL!
    Fans complain more about the blocking of a RB than the blocking of offensive linemen.
    They bash Peterson for not being a great pass catcher, but the Vikings have only had one 1,000 receiver in Peterson’s 10 seasons. In today’s league, which has flat out bent the rules to make passing the ball much easier, that is way beyond awful. 10 years, 1 1,000 receiver? Seriously?
    But that damn RB can’t block and catch and kills the offense … come on people, get real.

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