Charges against Darrelle Revis dismissed

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Former Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis is in Pittsburgh for a court hearing on Wednesday related to the four felony charges he faces as a result of an altercation on a Pittsburgh street last month.

He no longer faces them. Aditi Kinkhabwala of NFL Media reports that a judge has dismissed all of the charges against Revis. The testimony of Revis’ friend Rashawn Bolton appears to have led to the decision.

Revis objected to being filmed with a phone by one of the two men who wound up unconscious after being punched in the face. Neither they nor a witness identified Revis as the man who punched them as there was another unidentified man on the scene.

At Wednesday’s court hearing, Bolton identified himself as both that person and the person who threw the punches. Kinkhabwala reports that Bolton said that he pulled the two men off of Revis and then punched them. He also said his voice is the one heard in a video showing the two men knocked out while someone takes credit for doing it on the soundtrack.

Revis is a free agent after being released by the Jets. Any team that was worried about his availability due to ongoing legal trouble no longer has that as a concern, although it remains unknown what kind of market exists for Revis.

36 responses to “Charges against Darrelle Revis dismissed

  1. Justice served. This is what you get when you harass someone. you get your butt whooped.

  2. Somebody got paid to have amnesia about who hit him.

    Doesn’t make Revis less guilty, just makes it impossible to prosecute, kind of like Big Ben’s rape cases.

  3. Maybe he would be good opposite Gilmore in New England, he will have plenty of safety help behind him!

  4. One Fall guy + Two instant millionaire victims = Revis Freedom.
    Chris Carter would be proud. Every rookie should take notice on how its done

  5. The charges had nothing to do with any team’s decision on whether or not sign him. Hell, some team’s probably saw this as the first proof in years anyone has seen in years that revis CAN be physical even if it was off the field LOL!

    Revis isn’t going to play because no team in the nfl is going to pay him more than the 6 million he is going to make anyway this year whether he plays or not. Not only is he not worth more than 6 million at this point, he is worth far, far less.

    Its pretty simple math really.

  6. Yep, gotta have a fall guy. Revis may not have been the one to knock them out, but regardless of if it’s an unpopular notion, having a fall guy is a good idea for these multi-million dollar athletes.

  7. Yea, So Revis gets attacked because he didn’t want himself videoed and a friend knocks not one but two people out and Revis just sat there doing nothing, sounds completely plausible. Didn’t Revis say he was out at 2:30 in the morning scouting real estate? Some people will apparently believe anything.

  8. This is not unusual in this court. It is where preliminary hearings
    are held and many, many a case are worked out here. This is true for
    any person, not just for special people. So stop the talk that Del Greco
    got him off or he got special treatment.

  9. Of course they were dismissed. He is an American pro athlete for crying out load. A few autographs at the police station with the grunts, a hand shake with the booking arresting officer,……………………………and he is in the wind? Teflon baby!

  10. Felony charges are not just brought willy-nilly. A prosecuting attorney reviews the probable cause stated in the police report, along with witness statements, videos, and physical evidence.
    This wasn’t a simple traffic infraction, it was four felony charges involving violence.
    And POOF, they were gone.

  11. I disagree. I have actually been in this court on many occasions.
    This is a court that has area jurisdiction over areas that can include
    both Duquesne and Pitt universities. An area where many college
    students and young adults live. The area also includes a rather new area of yuppie development called the ” Southside “. This is an area
    with lots of bars and young students and young professionals.
    It is ripe for many a fight. In my experience many fights or situations
    can result in felony charges. This is done by police based upon the statement or injuries of victims with little or no investigation.
    I once had a client charged with aggravated assault when a detective
    interviewed a victim who suffered an orbital fracture at the hospital.
    He was intoxicated, under the influence of adderall and had shots of
    vodka with Red Bull. But the police saw a serous injury in the emergency room. Six witnesses saw the victim staggering and start the
    fight. Yet the other student was charged with felony assault..
    The moral is …the police are trying their best …and sometime see
    serious bodily injury …so they charge a felony. Then when the smoke
    clears ..the DA realizes that is not the true facts and the charges are amended or dropped. It happens all the time. The police in an abundance of care tend to charge all they think is proper ( which at the time may seem correct ) then amend as is proper.
    Think about this case ..the witnesses truly did not know what happened …so it is reasonable that maybe the charges were not exactly

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