Datone Jones “hungry” to sack Aaron Rodgers

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The Packers saw two of their 2016 players sign with other teams as free agents on Tuesday.

Running back Eddie Lacy landed with the Seahawks amid reports that his weight has ballooned well above his ideal playing weight. Defensive lineman Datone Jones isn’t plagued by the same issue, but the new Viking did say that he’s feeling a little peckish now that he’s going to be on the opposite side of the field from the Packers.

“Now I got a chance to go and chase Aaron Rodgers, and play against one of the best quarterbacks in the world,” Jones said, via the Pioneer Press. “I’m very excited. … Aaron knows. He knows I’m coming after him hungry. … He’s like wine, he’s only getting better with age. But that’s up to us to neutralize him and stop him.”

Jones didn’t rack up sacks while he was with the Packers — nine in 59 games for Green Bay — and will be moving back to the defensive line after spending the last year-plus as an outside linebacker. That will have him close to Rodgers when the ball is snapped, but history says it’s no guarantee he’s going to satisfy his hunger.

52 responses to “Datone Jones “hungry” to sack Aaron Rodgers

  1. This headline should get the packer parrots going. Just mention their drama queen QB other than he is the greatest and they lose it. AR isn’t the greatest. He is another Favre drama boy. gb wouldn’t have it any other way. It is what they do to their qb’s.

  2. A 4-3 DE position suits Jones better than a 3-4 OLB, so we’ll just have to wait and see how much more effective he can be in that role. But he still has to face two of the best OTs in the game when he plays the Packers.

  3. He couldn’t do it in practice when he knew the offensive play ahead of time. Will be interesting.

  4. The only time he got close to a quarterback was when he walked past one on the sidelines..great draft pick ted

  5. I’m glad this guy feels appreciated and feels he can perform within a system more conducive to his experience. I like this guy and would’ve preferred the Packers kept him.

    Maybe he will do well with a change of venue, a lot of players do.

    I don’t want to rain on his parade, but I always thought he wasn’t big enough for the line or fast enough as linebacker. He was a “tweener ” and will get more money and more playing time by going to the Vikings. Who wouldn’t want that?

    Good for him. I hope he does well.

  6. Interesting how the headline says “sack”, but Jones says “chase”.

    Jones is much more accurate than the headline.

  7. Didn’t Aaron Boone start talking junk about the Packers after signing with the purples? How did that one work out? Better to just keep your mouth shut and prove it Datone considering you average 2.25 sacks/year…

  8. Shame he had to waste his first years in the league on that putrid GB defense

  9. Ah, 9 sacks in 59 games is equal to less than 4 sacks per season so that’s not exactly setting the world on fire. Of course, if he were any good, someone other than the Vikings would be after him.

    He can be as hungry as he wants but don’t tell me that the Packer offensive linemen don’t know his skills (or lack thereof) after 4 years on the same practice field every day.

  10. Ha!! Datone Jones is a riot. The guy was a first round bust and he’s talking like he’s Reggie White.
    He must be drinking the water in Minnesota, because already he’s delusional!
    The only way he’ll even see Aaron Rodgers is by watching highlights on ESPN of Aaron throwing TD’s against the Vikings!

  11. Well, it can’t hurt to have someone who knows Rodgers very well. Not sure it’s going to help much, but it can’t hurt.

  12. It will be interesting to see how he does in his previous (natural?) position as a 4-3 DE. He’s extremely athletic for his size.

    Honestly, I see him as a situational pass rusher where he can use his speed. I don’t know that he has the strength to go toe to toe with O-linemen for 3 downs.

    Then again, his speed is why GB drafted him and all they really tried to use. Now that he’s matured, some time in the weight room might bring out newfound strength.

    We shall see…

  13. I’m sure he’ll look cute in purple.

    And as a bonus when he walks out of that goofy stadium he’ll be able to pick up as many dead birds as he needs to fix lunch.

  14. I love how packers fans only see the positive in the perpetual negative. Teddy T wasted a first rd pick on this guy! Now it will take a team with a real defense to build him back up.

  15. Datone should be a fine backup defensive end in a 4-3 system. Kind of makes you wonder why the Packers would want to draft someone like that in the first round, though.

  16. Another short lived moral victory for the self-worth challenged skoltrolls.

    To quote H. L. Mecken, “in human history a moral victory is always a disaster.”

  17. Based upon last year’s statistics, he has a 1/16th chance of sacking Rodgers.

    Oh, I forgot how good Rodgers is at eluding a rush; let’s make that a 1/32 chance.

  18. The Phantom Stranger says:
    Mar 15, 2017 9:25 AM
    Datone should be a fine backup defensive end in a 4-3 system. Kind of makes you wonder why the Packers would want to draft someone like that in the first round, though.


    Packers (and a lot of 3-4 teams) typically select underqualified (for the NFL) 4-3 DE’s in college to make them OLB’s.

    Datone’s biggest problem is his leverage – he can’t use it. Doesn’t use it. Will bear watching as a 4-3 DE.

  19. Wow! Aaron is quaking in his boots. Will he even show up for training camp with Datone waiting for him wearing purple?!

    This is obviously the final step in putting together the long-promised decades long Vikings Super Bowl dynasty.

  20. Frazier28/7 says:
    Mar 15, 2017 10:01 AM

    shouldn’t be too hard.


    Are you kidding me. Ask Grady Jarret from the Falcons. “The packers get away with a lot”. Thanks NFL refs, for taking care of the NFL’s owned and operated team. How can the NFL get away with owning part of a NFL team? doesn’t seem fair to the other 31 teams.

  21. Dude played his regular position for two years and did so poorly, necessitating his role change. Did that just as poorly. He should concern himself with chasing bad QBs….like Bradford…first.

  22. Going to be fun watching Datone jump off sides, get called for unsportsmanlike penalties and nearly make a play on occasion.

    He was really good at all those thing in GB.

  23. Why do so many people think he’ll be better in a 4-3? He’s too small for a traditional end, and too big for a linebacker. This was a poor move on his/his agent’s part, but I’m sure a lot of it was the interest just wasn’t there for this first-round bust. Look at his stats over 4 years…pretty awful. Good luck taking one of the most elusive QBs in the league down.

  24. Sounds like some good old fashioned back and forth among guys. Everyone has to realize these players aren’t fans, right? They play for money, not for a team. They are basically in it for themselves. Jones wants sacks because sacks equal more dollars. Same with every player on every team.

  25. Hey if this guy needed any fine tuning he came to the right coach. I believe the Vikings signed him because they knew that he can compete if he had a different environment and a new instructor that can alter his old bad habits into efficient production. I like this signing a lot and if goes as planned it can be a big factor of dominance in a already awesome defense.

  26. fmc651 says:

    Are you kidding me. Ask Grady Jarret from the Falcons.
    If an NFL player or two says it, especially the well-respected Grady Jarrett, it has to be true.

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