Instead of releasing Jeremy Zuttah, Ravens trade him to 49ers

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Chalk up another win for the leaking your intent to cut a player in order to find a trade partner that allows you to get something instead of nothing in return maneuver.

Wednesday morning brought word that the Ravens were planning to release center Jeremy Zuttah. On Wednesday afternoon, though, the Ravens made a different announcement.

They announced that they have traded Zuttah to the 49ers. They will package their sixth-round pick with the veteran in exchange for the 49ers’ sixth-round pick. The 49ers pick is No. 186 overall while the Ravens were slated to pick 12 slots later.

John Urschel and Ryan Jensen are in-house candidates to replace Zuttah in Baltimore.

Daniel Kilgore started 13 games at center for the Niners last season and remains under contract to the team. In a statement announcing the trade, 49ers General Manager John Lynch said the team believes “that you can never have enough good offensive linemen” and that competition will bring out the best in everyone on the roster.

19 responses to “Instead of releasing Jeremy Zuttah, Ravens trade him to 49ers

  1. He was PFF’s number 14 center out of 37 last year. I’ll take it – we need improvement on the line. Hopefully, we can sign a good guard before the draft.

  2. And the Ravens got something when they were ready to settle for nothing to get 2.4 mil in additional cap space. And they move up 12 spaces in round 6. Not bad.

  3. Good luck with Zuttah. I have no idea how PFF rates their O-linemen, but Zuttah wasn’t cutting it last year. He was the clear weak link on the Ravens O-line. Without Yanda next to him, he will likely be even worse.

  4. ravensrooster94 says:
    Mar 15, 2017 5:32 PM

    And the Ravens got something when they were ready to settle for nothing to get 2.4 mil in additional cap space. And they move up 12 spaces in round 6. Not bad.
    I read on the Niners site that it frees up 5.8 Mill for the Ravens because they traded him and didn’t cut him.

  5. Moving up 12 spots in the 6th round is as close to getting nothing for a player as you can get. But it’s still something, so props to the Ravens F.O.

  6. PFF graded Kilgore poorly in several games last year.
    Maybe he will improve another year down the line after a bad leg injury.
    He was highly regarded before the injury.
    We swapped 6th rounders so this move costs next to nothing.
    We need more depth behind Hyde too.
    You know he will miss a few games with an injury.
    Happens every year.

  7. Decent deal for both teams. Ravens save some cash and move up 12 spots in the 6th while the Niners get a OL that somehow was selected as a pro bowl alternate this past season despite being so horrible according to some, and all they had to do was move down 12 spots in the 6th.

  8. ilovemyravens says:
    Mar 15, 2017 5:37 PM
    49ers must truly be desperate to trade for that guy. He’s been ridicuously horrible t he last 2 years.

    Now you’re hating just to hate. The guy ranked 14th among starting centers last season and was a Pro Bowl selection. Don’t start dissing the guy just because he isn’t on your team anymore.

  9. J. Zuttah isn’t all that good of a Center, he gets overpaid and gives up pressure on the QB rather easily, he could REALLY struggle in the NFC-W with the caliber of guys he is going to have to block. The 49ers are going to be VERY WEAK at OG as well with the 49ers moving Kilgore to RG , and Garnett to LG. Garnett has been a bust to date, Kilgore is not only heavily injury prone but he sucks at OG!!!! The 49ers are going to struggle protecting the backup #2 QB they have as their STARTING QB,

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