Martellus Bennett: It will be interesting to see how I’m utilized

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Packers tight end Martellus Bennett has been a good quote everywhere he’s played and he’s gained a lot of knowledge about how to communicate with quarterbacks over the years.

Bennett has played with Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Jay Cutler and Tony Romo, leading him to say that he speaks “several different quarterback languages” during a conference call on Tuesday. Bennett added he just needs to learn which one Aaron Rodgers speaks and that the two men have been in contact to get on the same page.

All of that moving around has also given Bennett experience in a lot of offenses. He was asked how he expects he and fellow tight ends Lance Kendricks and Richard Rodgers will be used by the Packers next season.

“I don’t know, I can do a lot of s—,” Bennett said, via “All of us are a little bit different, so it will be interesting to see how I’m utilized this year.”

As long as he and Rodgers find common linguistic ground, it’s a pretty good bet that Bennett will be utilized early and often by the Packers.

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  1. As a Patriots fan, I can tell you that he will be a serious upgrade over Cook. He’s a good all around player. He can be used to block in the running game or on short or medium route patterns. They’ll figure it out. He’s better than he showed in the playoffs because he was playing hurt for much of the time after Gronk went down.

  2. Rodgers loves his footballs overinflated so you may want to get some reps catching beach balls.

  3. He’s a good, reliable Tight End. Tremendous blocker. But to be fair here, he’s not an offensive upgrade from Jared Cook. However, I think that with the firepower the pack have on offense, it won’t matter.

    But if times do get desperate, I wouldn’t be expecting this guy to carry the load offensively.

  4. You cheeseheads will love Mr. Bennett . He plays hard , plays while injured without complaining and is always available with an entertaining quote. Based on his dancing ability , as shown after the AFC Championship Game, I believe his first “Lambeau Leap” will also be a success .

  5. Let’s not worry about the offense……it’s shaping up just fine.

    Where are the headlines for the defense?

  6. um maybe its just me but during the interview process that would definitely be a question I would ask as far as what the plan was if im Bennett. I guess the money outweighed him being happy with his role in the offense.

    he should’ve learned from watching how happy or lack there of jimmy graham is in that offense who is a far better receiving TE than Bennett

  7. He’s a very talented player – better than any TE GB has had since the days of Keith Jackson and Chmura. BUT, he also has a mouth on him and he does stupid crap. That isn’t tolerated in GB – TT ran Sitton out of town on a rail for stating his opinion on things.

    Bennett’s personality fitting the “boring by design” public persona of the team is the one thing I’m concerned about.

  8. leatherface2012 says:
    Mar 15, 2017 9:23 AM

    Then study harder and don’t run the wrong routes.

    Running incorrect patterns is normal and acceptable with the Vikings, I guess. It isn’t in Green Bay.

  9. 250dollarnflowner says:
    Mar 15, 2017 9:26 AM
    can he catch an on side kick? defend a hail mary 2 pt conversion?

    He can kick a chip shot field goal. So can I.

    Wide Left.

  10. Bennett “ it will be interesting to see how I’m utilized this year.”
    One of my pet hates, and it is the offseason, so… Many people say “utilize” instead of “use” to try to sound clever. Generally speaking, “use” is nearly always the best word, but there is a (nowadays, almost forgotten) difference in that “utilize” is more specific, meaning to make good use of (especially in an additional or originally unintended context). For example, to say “the designer could not use the new computer program”, might suggest they lacked the skill, but to say “the designer could not utilize the new computer program” would instead infer that the new program lacks the necessary functionality. Bennett’s “utilized” could (just about) be acceptable if he knew he wasn’t going to be used as a TE, but even then, frankly, “used” still adequately covers his meaning because we already know he’s specifically talking within the context of football game functionality.

  11. When you purples go on about the Packers losing the NFCCG it equates to a sniveling child, after having his nose rubbed in the dirt, sobbing “Oh yeah? Well, that other kid beat you up one time!”

    Atlanta absolutely beat up the Packers. They played a masterful game and flat-out kicked the Pack’s butt. What you fail to realize, in all your sniveling, is that it doesn’t even hurt. It hurt then, but it doesn’t hurt now. They earned it, fair and square. Hats off to the Falcons. We’re over it… and greatly enjoying your ongoing and everlasting sniveling.

  12. can you imagine just how terrible the packers would be without rogers? 1-2 wins. maybe. ted sure is lucky that picked saved his job for 15 yrs because that’s all he’s done to build a team

  13. When you are as generally hated buy teammates and coaches to be on 5 teams in 7 years I guess you would have to pick up a few things… like moving boxes, a me first attitude and paycheck mentality.

  14. 250dollarnflowner says:
    Mar 15, 2017 11:18 AM
    can you imagine just how terrible the packers would be without rogers?

    They wouldn’t be as bad as the Vikings, would they?

    Now you’re scaring me.

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