Terence Newman says he’s playing in 2017, close to signing with contender

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Cornerback Terence Newman may be 39 years old, but he’s not ready to hang up his cleats just yet.

In an interview with Bruce Murray and Brady Quinn on Sirius XM NFL Radio, Newman said he intends on playing this season and is close to signing with a team he expects to compete for a Super Bowl next season.

I’m planning on playing,” Newman said. “So, hopefully, we get something wrapped up in the next couple days. … There should be a deal imminent. I can’t break that part of it to you, but there is a deal that’s imminent, that’s in the works and in the next day or two, it should come out.

“The only reason I’m playing the game right now is because I want a ring.”

Newman has played the last two seasons with the Minnesota Vikings where he’s started 26 games over that span. He’s had 100 tackles with four interceptions and 20 passes defended over the last two years.

One place that could make sense for Newman (and fit the Super Bowl contender moniker) is the New England Patriots. If New England deals Malcolm Butler to New Orleans (or elsewhere), Newman could help fill the void left by the trade and Logan Ryan’s departure to Tennessee. They wouldn’t be the only team to fit that description but it could be a possible landing spot should the trade of Butler come to fruition.

16 responses to “Terence Newman says he’s playing in 2017, close to signing with contender

  1. Dang. was hoping he’d come back to Minnesota. Pretty big indictment on the Vikings franchise to say you want a ring and a ring only and not go back to the vikings

  2. steelers….they need cb help…i doubt bill b will sign a 39 year old corner back.When he could get a cheaper replacement in the draft

  3. Yeah, the Minnesota Vikings, duh! Right now, all 32 teams believe they’re contenders, none except the Vikings can roll out an excuse for not making the post season that, not only is 100% accurate, but makes all other 30 teams that aren’t world champions reasons look like childs play. The injury bug. The Vikes were a favorite to go far in 2016, until they lead the league by like a 3-1 margin over everyone else in key starters games missed via injury. In comparison; we can name any team off and apply these injured numbers to their 16′ season and they would joined all of us on the couch watching this past superbowl. The Pats & Falcons are obvious to head the list, as well as Dallas, Green Bay, Seattle. None of them even sniffs .500 had they faced the injury bug to the Vikes degree, period. That said, the only team in the league where you could place the run for the super bowl label on the as to why Newman would join would be the Pats. The other 31? There’s no logical reason why the Vikings can’t be slotted #2 there.

  4. The Vikings have let two corners go now – Mr. Newman and Captain Munnerlyn. Must mean they see big things ahead for my man Trae Waynes.

  5. It is pretty obvious what he is implying…

    He will love Green Bay. Plus, he doesn’t have to get burned twice a year by Jordie anymore after he signs.

  6. ‘Sounds to me like he’s coming back to the Vikings”

    Lol maybe in that alternate universe the Barneys live in where they “compete for the Super Bowl” every year.

    To the rest of the NFL world saying he’s going to a team that will compete for the championship means he’s not going back to the Vikes.

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