Vikings fullback Zach Line to visit Jets

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If you hold with those who believe the Vikings are “toxic,” right now, you can understand why players might flee.

So of course, the latest free agent to hit the road is going to see a franchise that isn’t exactly known for stability.

According to Tom Pelissero of USA Today, Vikings fullback Zach Line is headed to visit the Jets.

Line has spent the last four years with the Vikings. He has 13 career rushes for 25 yards, seven receptions for 103 yards and three touchdowns.

The Jets wanted to add a fullback to help their running game, but stood back while the big fullback money was flying last week (such that fullback money flies).

13 responses to “Vikings fullback Zach Line to visit Jets

  1. Vikes offense under Schurmur won’t use the FB, so all Viking fans knew they wouldn’t resign him. In fact, all of those players leaving were not resigned for a reason. Vikes didn’t want them or didn’t feel they were worth the money other teams are paying them. #noschizm

  2. Come on, enough with the absurd ” Toxic” talk. Good special team player. Plays hard.

  3. Even as a Vikings fan I’m a little confused why this is a story worth mentioning. He’s one of those guys that’s just kind of there; Jerome Felton was the last Vikings fullback worth discussion.

  4. The only reason Zach Line would leave is if the Vikings didn’t want him back, which would only happen if they were dropping the fullback position from their offense. That’s a pretty big indicator that Adrian Peterson won’t be back.

  5. whatjusthapped says:

    Just how bad are things in Minnesota that Zach Line would choose (without a gun to his head) to go to the Jets?

    It’s not that things are bad in MN. It’s that he’s looking for a contract to play football.

    He’ll make more than you will, assuming the Jets sign him.

    The NFL, even at league minimum, is a pretty good job.

  6. wib22 says:
    Mar 15, 2017 10:23 AM

    like rats fleeing from a sinking ship.

    Remind me again how many Packers have left for greener pastures in the last week?

  7. We had a large number of free agents this year in the middle of the pack talent level. They can get a good contract if someone really wants that position and so are vulnerable to loss. The question isn’t “why are so many players leaving?”, the question is “did these players have a role in the long term plan.

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