$3.4 million guaranteed at signing for Latavius Murray

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Latavius Murray is now a Viking. He may be a Viking for only one year.

Via Ben Goessling of ESPN.com, Murray’s three-year contract has $3.4 million guaranteed at signing. Another $5.15 million that is guaranteed less than fully at this point becomes fully guaranteed on the third day of the 2018 league year.

That gives the Vikings a chance to decide based on 2017 that they want to move on.

The deal has a total value (with incentives) of $15 million over three years. So the Vikings have hardly broken the bank on Murray, and they’ve hardly made a clear commitment to him.

The deal underscores the soft nature of the running back market, which doesn’t bode well for Adrian Peterson, Jamaal Charles, or any of the other players looking for jobs in an industry where plenty of rookies who can move the chains flood the market every year.

30 responses to “$3.4 million guaranteed at signing for Latavius Murray

  1. That’s seems awfully cheap for a RB of his skill set who is entering his prime. To me it seems the Vikings got a great bargain.

  2. As a close friend of the organization Murray offers MINN a blend of MacKinnon (speed, shiftiness) and Asiata (size, power).

    Assuming he understands the offensive line scheme, he should be posed to a solid year.

  3. pardonmyjake says:
    Mar 16, 2017 12:04 PM
    As a Vikes fan; it’s a lot less than 18 million for a guy that had a fumbling problem

  4. Good deal for Vikes. Hardly any risk in the deal and I fully expect them to draft another RB this year. Murray gives them the flexibility to grab value either a RB or O line depending what is available.

  5. pardonmyjake says:
    Mar 16, 2017 12:04 PM

    thats alot of money for a guy with a fumbleing problem
    Vikings are used to paying a ton of money for fumbling running backs. This is the best deal in years for their backfield.

  6. As a close friend of the organization Murray offers MINN a blend of MacKinnon (speed, shiftiness) and Asiata (size, power).

    Assuming he understands the offensive line scheme, he should be posed to a solid year.

    ***offense of line

  7. @Wisconsin’s Favorite Son Jeffrey Be Dahmed says:
    Mar 16, 2017 12:04 PM

    Why can’t my Packers have good running backs?

    Because they understand that the NFL is a passing league now and they have the best QB in the conference, unlike the Vikings who are stuck in the 70’s

  8. Murray better hope Teddy Bridgewater is not back under center as defenses will put 11 men in the box and stuff the run.

  9. thats alot of money for a guy with a fumbleing problem

    Ya, because 2 fumbles last year is SO terrible compared to other backs out there. It’s about the average, if not lower.

  10. great savings in cap room not super huge now add a rookie RB…Mixon or the TN RB… I would be excited if Karrem Hunt is picked. Hes not the best but does everything really good! What our team needs..

  11. 1969nflchampionskansascitychiefs says:
    Over the past 45 years; the Lions and Chiefs rank 1 and 2 with the least amount of postseason success… congrats! I think they only have 1 postseason victory in the past 20-25 years… it’s pathetic. How many times have the Chiefs lost after a 1st round bye?

    At least you had that thrilling victory against the Texans two years ago…. maybe that can be your warming blanket for the next 40 years of 1st round exits.

    BTW – Have fun in cap hell with your GM… how much are you paying 3 washed-up LB’s this year… 40 or 50 million? Can’t wait to watch Reid construct another 14 minute drive, down by 15, with 14:01 left.

  12. Great deal for the Vikings. If Murray doesn’t set the world on fire and their rookie is ready to take over the primary role in 2018, they can move on. If Murray is still valuable, they can keep him at a reasonable price.

    I’m just so relieved to be out from under the oppression of the Adrian Peterson regime.

  13. Hope the Viking O Line can make big holes for Murray because those are the only yards he can get. Once he gets hit he drops to the ground, rarely does he ever break a tackle. Good luck.

  14. It is like I said in a previous post. They brought Murray in as a bridge RB. They will draft a RB and let him start in 2018 or 2019, more likely 2018. Boy, this RB market is soft, and it will become softer.

  15. Do not understand the idiocy of these types of contracts. Who benefits when the player has the poison pill in his second year. If he does well he either has to renegotiate or gets cut and finds another team. Does the agent make the money on this portion of the contract? The team is taking little risk as the money isnt guaranteed. Just think that it is stupid to put that stuff in writing as it means nothing to either the team or the player – might as well just say we will bring you back next year if you do well and dont get hurt.

  16. “1969nflchampionskansascitychiefs says:

    The Vikings have ZERO Championships.

    I’d just like to point out your user name is incorrect as is your statement.

    The 1969 NFL Champion was the Minnesota Vikings. Did you do any research or are you an undercover Packers’ troll? Minnesota beat the Browns to become the champs.

    Yes, the Chiefs won the Super Bowl, but that was before the Super Bowl was used to determine the NFL Champion. That started the following year. It is also why you often see when they talk about the Super Bowl era in statistics, they reference since 1970.

    Get a new username and stop peddling your alternative facts.

  17. Remember when Beaterson’s dad said the Raiders had a great offensive line compared to that of the Vikings? Murray is a career 4 yards/per carry running back at Oakland. How cruddy will he be in Minny?!

  18. well I have to say 5 million dollars APY contract still puts Murray in the top 10 pay for RB’s in the NFL…..I really have to say Raiders did not want to pay that much for a part time RB-maybe he will get to play a lot more for the vikings if he can stay healthy, which has always been an issue. I wish him the best- I would have to think Oakland was somewhere around 2 to 3 APY to 4 max w/ incemtives…..bottom line its a pretty deep RB class and maybe we can find another guy in the 6th rd like we did with him

  19. packertruth says:
    Apparently there is a Viking sympathetic monitor who dislikes my posts I can just imagine what dribble you said.

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