Brian Hoyer: I’m not content to be a backup, I can start for 49ers

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Brian Hoyer wants to be a starting quarterback, and he’s gone to a team where he thinks he will be.

Hoyer said on PFT Live that his priority in free agency was finding a team where he believes he’ll earn the starting job, and after talking to 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan he believes the 49ers are that team.

“I’m going to have a really good opportunity to go in and be the starting quarterback, and that’s all I’m looking for at this point in my career,” Hoyer said. “I’m not ready to sit there and be content going into the season being a backup. I wanted an opportunity to compete for a starting job.”

Hoyer said Shanahan hasn’t promised him anything, but Hoyer believes that having played for Shanahan before, he’s going to have a leg up on any other quarterback the 49ers might bring to camp.

“I can go in there Day One and call the plays. I don’t have to learn a whole new system,” he said.

Hoyer has started 27 games in the last three seasons, so it’s not like he’s unaccustomed to starting. But for most of his career he’s become the starter only because another quarterback ahead of him on the depth chart either got hurt or played poorly. In San Francisco, he thinks he can take the reins from the first day, and lead the 49ers going forward.

62 responses to “Brian Hoyer: I’m not content to be a backup, I can start for 49ers

  1. You have to admire any of these undrafted quarterbacks who make NFL clubs, become good backups, and then even manage to be marginal starters. That is no knock on this guy. He has a great story. That playoff start with Houston was ugly though and cost him credibility.

  2. “It’s not too hard to fill the shoes of a man who’s barefoot” – Ronnie James Dio on replacing Ozzy Osbourne in Black Sabbath.

  3. Good luck. I always liked Hoyer and I hope he fonds some sustained success…althogh it may not be with the 9ers.

  4. Good luck, Hoyer. Solid player that will instantly make the 9ers a .500 team. He was 7-3 under Shanahan with the Browns before Ray Farmer texted down to put in Manziel.

  5. Well, with the niners, you won’t ever be in a position to choke in any game !!!

  6. …and really, how low is the bar set to say you should start for the 49’ers? You’re better off being on the bench, less chance of physical injury and still cashing a check.

  7. I see this happening over the course of the next 18 months: GM Lynch: “Brian we’ve traded for Kirk Cousins”
    Hoyer: “Fine, I want out….NOW!”

  8. Something is just wrong. He just keeps changing teams and changing teams. Either he’s not a good locker room guy, he’s has an over inflated view of his abilities, or maybe both.

  9. Don’t understand the Hoyer-hate. Dude was undrafted but had some smarts and was trained up to competency by Belichick. Despite never really having a team built around him and despite starting on some poor-ish teams, despite often coming in as backup, he’s posted a .500 career record with average personal stats. Put a good team around him and you’ll nudge above .500 with an outside playoff chance. No, he’s no Brady, but plenty of average QBs (Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, Hostetler, Rypien etc) have won just as many SBs as Favre, Brees and Rodgers = 1.

  10. Hoyer will start…….. team will draft a rookie in round 1 or 2 ……. at about the 2 – 7 point, the front office will order the rookie to take over …….. there will be the inevitable imp0losion.

  11. From Matt Ryan to Brian Hoyer ..that’s a bigger letdown than blowing a 25pt lead in the Super Bowl.

  12. Jim Harbaugh was a smart man running away from this dumpster fire of an organization. What a mess.

  13. “Brian Hoyer: I’m not content to be a backup, I can start for 49ers”

    Whoopdifriggindo, any QB can start for the Santa Clara 49ers.

  14. As long as you are so content checking down, you better learn to be content being a backup.

    The story of his career is 6 yards when you need 8, a field goal when you are down by 2 touchdowns.

    I think he could be a starter if he was less satisfied with the safe play (and his stats) and was willing to take a chance when the needs of the team demanded it.

  15. I forget – is this Hoyer’s 8th team in 10 years, or 9th team in 11 years? Does he even bother to unpack?

  16. I’m sure Matt Barkley is also looking at the 49ers’ roster and thinking he should be their starting QB. Both guys are good enough to start in the NFL. I don’t think either one has reached his full potential, especially Barkley. Competition is supposed to bring out the best in everybody. Kyle Shanahan will get these guys to a higher level. I still think they’re taking a long look at Trubisky, but that’s part of what the makes the draft exciting. It’s a new era in San Francisco.

  17. He has the right attitude. If he didn’t have confidence in himself then he’d just be wasting everyone’s time and money.

    If you don’t have confidence in yourself then how can one expect others to have confidence in them?

  18. I’m gonna keep it polite. All I see in my mind is that gutless performance in the playoff game against KC whenever I see or hear his name. He earned that #2 jersey.

  19. All of you smart guys, ragging on a guy who’s made something of himself, has already beaten the odds. I hope he does make it, and that all of you “vending machine salesmen” in this comments string move fast up your own career ladders. God bless him, and god bless you.

  20. he’d still be starting in houston if it wasn’t for that playoff game; he ended the regular season pretty solid.

  21. If San Fran can surround him with players I think we will do OK. If, on the other hand, the focus is defense (Texans) or no focus (Bears) maybe not so much. Remember this, he did have a 10-6 record in Cleveland as a starter in 2013 and 2014.

  22. tonebones says:
    Mar 16, 2017 10:17 AM
    I’m sure Matt Barkley is also looking at the 49ers’ roster and thinking he should be their starting QB. Both guys are good enough to start in the NFL. I don’t think either one has reached his full potential, especially Barkley.

    Wow. You’re an easy grader. Hoyer hasn’t reached his potential yet? He’s 31, he’s been in the league 9 years. I like Brian Hoyer, but as a competent stop gap, not as an up and comer who hasn’t reached his potential yet.

  23. Dude has two good years under his belt in Shanny’s offense. If Hyde and Juszczyk can be effective in moving the chains, it might work out OK for Hoyer. Anything is better than the past few seasons.

    Those 5,000 Niner fans in the stands each November might mushroom to 10k is the team can win 6

  24. He can be a starter……..for a few games until his limitations get exposed. He can do a few things in short spurts, some heavy play actions and quick timing throws, things of that nature. But when he has to start consistently dropping back and reading coverage and finding windows downfield, he’s gonna crumble and the whole offense will sputter. We’ve seen it everywhere he’s been.

    There’s a reason he’s never held a starting opportunity he’s been given. Because he’s nothing more than a bandaid, or in this case, a bridge to either a top pick next year or Kirk Cousins.

    Really good backup. Bad starter.

  25. I know how this song goes. It sounds pretty good at first. Catchy. Then it starts to sound repetitious and predictable. And after a few weeks, you wonder how this was a hit, and you’re ready to move on to the next big thing.

    Brian Hoyer is the Macarena of the NFL.

  26. A starter? You were never a starter. yes you started but you sucked at it. How many chances does this guy thinks he gets to prove himself. He just aint that good.

  27. I’m a 49er fan, I’m totally happy with having Hoyer next year. He’s a huge improvement to what we’ve had, and I think he’s the best option available. A competent starter who you didn’t have to overpay, who knows the new system, that, from what I’ve heard, is a pretty complicated system. Who should they have signed? Cutler, Glennon? Romo and Cousins were the best options, but they aren’t coming to SF. They’re rebuilding, you’d have to be a total fool to think they’d go from what they were the last few years, to becoming an actual contender in their division. As a 49er fan, it’s really good to see a qb that’s hungry, that’s really wants to EARN a starting job.

  28. He better hope the Niners don’t face any adversity this year or ‘Lil Shanny will pack up and cry his way out of town like he did in Cleveland.

    But a well-oiled, respected organization with such model of ownership couldn’t ever have any issues, right? This should go pretty smoothly.

  29. Hoyer needs a solid run game to be effective. When he started in Cleveland, he ran a playaction system and it was effective until Alex Mack broke his leg and the run game fell apart. When they had to rely on Hoyer without defenses having to respect the run, his play suffered quite a bit.

  30. Sorry man. You have had 27 starts in the NFL and haven’t been able to distinguish your self from a starter and journey man back up. That’s on you! Enjoy your paychecks and don’t complain. You are a starter only in your mind.

  31. Ronnie James Dio, the Brian Hoyer of Metal.

    “It’s not too hard to fill the shoes of a man who’s barefoot” – Ronnie James Dio on replacing Ozzy Osbourne in Black Sabbath.

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