Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne heading to Jets

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The Cowboys have now lost their second cornerback in the last 15 minutes.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Morris Claiborne is signing with the Jets.

With Brandon Carr heading to Baltimore, it’s a double hit for the Cowboys, who were expecting free agent losses this offseason since they’re so tight against the salary cap.

Claiborne had some interest from the Ravens as well, but goes to a spot where all he’ll have to do is fill in for some guy named Darrelle Revis. (The way Revis played last year, that’s not going to be that hard. But thematically, the point stands).

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  1. Correction (why do I have to do so many of these for you): Dallas wasn’t expecting FA losses due to being tight to the cap. It was expecting FA losses because the market has been bonkers and the team isn’t interesting in paying large money for second- and third-tier talent, a strategy employed by many teams aiming to win for years to come. Dallas easily could have retained Claiborne and/or Carr, but also clearly lost interest as soon as their prices got too high.

  2. Smh…..just hope they dont try that…its not about money bs. Im a phillyvfan and even i know ,after last season, if u leave dallas for the ravens and especially THE JETS thats the only reason u leave

  3. LOL!

    Another 1st rd CB BUST for the Jetsies! Pats offense set to drop 40+ each game this year, if not 50+.

    Football gods have been watching, Jetsies. More payback coming.

  4. As a close personal friend of the team, Morris got upset when Jerrah reopened The White House for Zeke and his female possee, believing the Cowboys have no dedication to winning, only debautchery and women of the night.

  5. Maybe Jerey is planning on converting Romo to play CB opposite of Nolan Carrol. Looks like Dallas will be drafting CB/S with their 1rd pick.

  6. They will be alright they have randy gregory, hes very reliable.

    I think it will be a much different year for cowboys, playing a first place schedule it might be a long dissapointing season.considering most fans have sb expectations.

  7. As long as it’s a team friendly deal I like it. Kid is kind of a one year wonder. Mac usually structures the deals so the team can get out after a year or two if the player under preforms .

  8. I said it once, Ill say it again. Wow did they blow a golden opportunity last year. Number 1 seed, One and Done. SMH

    They have kicked the can down the road for way to long.

  9. It will be interesting to see how Dak does now that there will be more pressure on the quarterback to put up points and his o-line isn’t as good.

  10. This off season is going perfect for the Boys – I liked Carr but needed to move forward without him and Claiborne and bring fresh legs in house. With Joe Baker as secondary coach Claiborne had arguably his best season until of course he ripped his groin. Remember that play he basically took three steps and stopped and then dropped – dude is glass.
    Everyone who says they kick the can down the road has no idea – The Boys pay for their own talent – they don’t go outside to sign high priced trash like every other scrub team. They also don’t renegotiate deals on players who will not be with the team Tyron Smith, Travis Frederick and Sean Lee all will be part of Boys long term plans. Hence this is why the Boys don’t need 50 million to sign other teams scrubs.

  11. Dallas was not going to pay big money to keep someone they can’t rely on. Mo never could stay healthy. They gave him a one year deal last year to prove himself and he got hurt again. Carr is just slow and not a good cover guy, never worth the contract they gave him. Let some other team be the sucker and pay.

  12. I’m not sure where the comp picks rank at the moment but I count 5 guys that are pool worthy;

    McClain 5m per year
    Leary 9m
    Church 6m
    Claiborne 7m (estimate)
    Carr 6m

    Not sure Wilcox, J.Crawford, Ryan either don’t rate or will be cancelled by other Cowboy signing.

    Since the cap is 4 picks there is room for another outside signing. Overall the Cowboys were wise to let these guys walk at these prices. Leary clearly the best player but his knee is suspect. I don’t think they get a 3rd rounder in the system. 4th, 5th, and two 6th would be about right. I haven’t tracked all the team offsets so far.

  13. Good Job, Jerry.

    trade your life away to be able to pick him . Then let him and Carr leave in free agency two weeks to the date knowing you have to cover not only Odell Beckham , but Brandon Marshall. …….And then there is Shepard too. I repeat, I cannot stand the Dallas Organisation. But I love the players that deserved to be loved!

    good luck!

    Go giants!

  14. Claiborne showed a lot of promise this year. He was arguably a top five corner the first 8 games of the season but there are too many question marks with him to invest in a long term deal. Dallas secondary may take a step back this season but Scandrick, Carroll, and the kid Brown are adequate to above average corners. It is really their pass rush that needs improvement. If they shore that up this secondary should be fine.

  15. Ty Law still needs payback from watching Mark Sanchez and the Jets go to the 2011 and 12 Championships while Tommy and his boys stayed home. Those were good times. He’s also upset about the late 2015 loss that cost NE homefield and another SB. Don’t worry, you’re Mom’s making meatloaf tonight. Its all good.

  16. Ranked as the #12 corner in the NFL last year by Pro Football Focus. Was ranked top 5 before his injury. Has had injuries, but one of the better corners now in the AFC East. Good value signing for Jets.

  17. No problem. This draft is stocked with cornerbacks, there’s a dozen with a first round grade.

  18. Eh,…neither Carr nor Claiborne lived up to the hype. They both got over paid. How many interceptions did they get together? Carr had the worst contract in the NFL. Time to go young on this D. That secondary wasn’t any good the year before ,….so what was different in 16? Maybe the return of Scandrick, B Jones at S and Brown’s emergence as a quality CB…..?? It certainly wasn’t Carr all the sudden being a shutdown corner for the 50 mil he got from Dallas. And Claiborne has never given the Cowboys a solid full year…ever. There are some good CBs in this draft to be had and for a fraction of the 12 mil these two got collectively for 17′. Jerry might not be done wheeling and dealing either,

  19. Sometimes subtraction with forced addition is both refreshing and
    needed. Claiborne came into camp and he was given the starting job.
    This was a big mistake. Reality check …when drafting a player don’t
    believe college position coaches. Claiborne was never really pushed
    in college because he was so talented. When he arrived in Dallas
    he was given the job without the understanding of the week to
    week grind. In addition he was never pushed as a college player.
    When he started to play in the NFL from week one teams knew he was soft both mentally, physically and his preparation was way below
    that of what is required for a starting corner back. This included his
    weight training which helps prevent injury and also helps fight off injuries. He was pounded by physical wideouts and schooled by many
    others because of lack of preparation.

    He finally got the message late in his 3rd year and began to show
    some improvement, however, he always got hurt.
    The frustrating thing is he is starting to finally understand what it takes to be a big time CB and now he will move on . He has talent
    Not a lot of natural toughness. If he stays healthy he will be a good signing, but he is not a shut down corner.

  20. As a philly fan anyone who says this——>
    ” Carroll, and the kid Brown are adequate to above average corners” (as jkb0162 did) about Carroll is either being a “homer”.. Doesnt know anything about him or has very little knowledge of. The game. Idk if the stats show he is bad but the “eye test” damn sure shows he is just not good.

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