Dolphins re-sign Jermon Bushrod

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The Dolphins are bringing veteran Jermon Bushrod back for another season on their offensive line.

Bushrod became an unrestricted free agent last week and had time to shop for other offers, but they either didn’t materialize or weren’t to his liking because the Dolphins announced that Bushrod has re-signed with the team on Thursday.

Bushrod moved from tackle to guard last season and made 16 starts for Miami on the right side of their line. His play left something to be desired for much of the year, but moving Laremy Tunsil from left guard to left tackle following the trade of Branden Albert will likely keep Bushrod in consideration for a starting job.

The Dolphins signed former Bear and Cardinal guard Ted Larsen as a free agent and bring back Kraig Urbik and Anthony Steen as other options on the interior of the line.

14 responses to “Dolphins re-sign Jermon Bushrod

  1. Depth, Depth, Depth!!!

    Our biggest weakness last season was a lack of Depth. Bushrod is a total pro and good for the locker room. He brings his lunch pail to work everyday!!

    His versatility is what i like about him as well. He can play G or bounce it back out to his natural position of T if needed and even in an Emergency, play C.

    Good signing. Its a long season and even as one of the old men on the line, he played all 16 games. He can start the season and maybe groom his replacement(a rookie from the draft).

    Welcome back Jermon!!

    Fins (on the) Up!!

  2. He’s at least a year past his shelf life by now. But I guess the Fins gotta do what the Fins gotta do.

  3. Tunsil, Larsen, Pouncy, Bushrod and James….could be worse. I’m sure they will draft a G but this move maybe gives them some leeway from drafting one high and spending those first few rd’s on defense. I still think Steen can win that RG spot from Bushrod, he’s got the skills.

    Love how the #newmiami front office is no longer blowing their cap on 1 or 2 players and they are being smarter with the money. They are setting a value on a player/position and sticking to it. In the past they would have paid Poe $11 mil under Ireland.

  4. bassplucker says:
    Mar 16, 2017 5:32 PM
    He’s at least a year past his shelf life by now. But I guess the Fins gotta do what the Fins gotta do.
    Eight of Miami’s games next year are against 3-4 defenses, so at least one guard is off on every play. When one considers the money being spent on free agent guards this year, signing Jermon makes a lot of since. Unless of course one wants to overpay for someone outside of the team, and that’s not how Miami operates any longer.

  5. I like the signing…I thought it would happen later on after the draft but maybe Miami heard that someone else was interested.

    The signing means that Miami may Only have one new OL starting. Retaining 4 out of 5 of your starting OL isn’t bad. Albert had to go because of injuries. Now they need to hit on an OG in the draft and make Larsen a backup utility type player.

    The Starting OL being good is very important for us….remember last season when all starting OL were playing how good we were rushing and protecting Tennehill. Our winning percentage went way high when all five starters were playing. The OL success is very important for us I for one don’t take it as unimportant.

  6. With all the big names now the dream team Patriots have to beat everybody by 50 to not be considered chokers….. Chip.. Chip

  7. deenchaz says:
    Mar 16, 2017 7:11 PM

    Patriots fans are like their coach ,spying on Miami news and leaving assinine responses

    Sorry…but Patriots fans are more than willing to give Miami fans all due credit for all the nonsense posted by the Maimi fan and Patriots troll who uses these usernames:


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