Greg Manusky: We want to see what DeAngelo Hall has left

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Veteran defensive back DeAngelo Hall transitioned from cornerback to safety during the 2015 season and the move went well enough that he entered the 2016 season as the starting free safety in Washington.

His stay in that spot was a brief one as Hall tore his ACL in Week Three and missed the rest of the year. Hall will turn 34 this year and the combination of his age and a non-guaranteed $4.25 million base salary for 2017 led some to wonder if Hall would be back for another year.

Redskins defensive coordinator Greg Manusky suggested Hall will be given the chance to show he’s healthy enough to play a role on the team’s defense.

“Across the board we’d like him back to see what he has left,” Manusky said on ESPN 980 with Chris Cooley and Kevin Sheehan.

Hall said after the season that he’d be open to discussing a reworked contract that takes his recent injury history — he tore his Achilles in 2014 — into account. Doing so would likely improve his chances of making the team, although the Redskins might want to see him on the field before moving in that direction.

15 responses to “Greg Manusky: We want to see what DeAngelo Hall has left

  1. Troll DeAngelo all you want. Real Skins fans know he has been nothing but a high quality stand up guy since putting on a Redskins uniform. This real Skins fan was surprised to find that out about him.

  2. I have known DHall for almost 20 years. We both played football in Hampton Roads and we both attended camps together over the years. Back in the day, I never had a high opinion of D because I thought he was a pompous jerk, but since he has joined the Redskins, he has proven me wrong. I have seen him grow as a man over the years and he impresses me time and time again. He deserves any opportunity that he gets. Definitely one of the most talented athletes to ever come out of VA. HTTR

  3. C’mon Deangelo man….hang em up dude.Let the youngsters have a shot!

    I know he is a good guy and all but even his body is screaming enough is enuff!!!

    Camp casualty!!!!

  4. Hey at 34 years old, I love having him in the secondary…Eagles fan.

    Hampton is a well kept secret for producing professional athletes.

  5. i have always admired his competitive spirit. nobody hates losing more than this guy, except may tb12 and steve smith sr, but thats about it.

  6. I would just let him get 100% healthy and let him play corner opposite of norman I don’t think hall has the size for making Collisons with tight ends. he could even be a solid nickle corner

  7. not too many corners can play saftey at a high level like that. Charles Woodson did but can’t think of many other corners that made the switch recently and played it at a high level

  8. Just another shameful plug for Chris Cooley. He gets more air time on PFT then in DC.

    If you think that D Hall is going to beat out Su’a Craven at safety you probably also believe that the NFL is doing its players wrong by not legalizing marijuana.

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