Jared Cook signing with Raiders

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Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is going to have a new target for his passes when he gets back on the field this year.

According to multiple reports, the Raiders are going to sign free agent tight end Jared Cook. Cook also visited with the Seahawks and Vikings after it became clear that he wasn’t going to return to the Packers in 2017.

Cook, who was no. 74 on PFT’s Hot 100 free agent list, spent one year with the Packers and caught 30 passes in 10 regular season outings before going on to catch 18 balls during their three postseason contests. An ankle injury kept him from having more impact in the regular season, but Aaron Rodgers was fond enough of their time together that he called re-signing him a priority for the offseason.

The Packers signed Martellus Bennett and Lance Kendricks at tight end instead, leaving Cook to move on to join Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree as options for Carr in the Raiders’ passing game.

46 responses to “Jared Cook signing with Raiders

  1. If the Raiders don’t win the AFC West this season, something is seriously wrong.

  2. The Raiders are really putting together a good team and an explosive offense. Cook will help them a lot.

  3. Jared is a good guy. You’ll like him Oakland fans.
    His agent screwed up in GB. Ted offered 3 yrs and $16.5 mil.
    His agent was pushing for something over $20 mil.
    I heard $21.5 mil. Adios amigo.
    M. Bennett came in at $16 mil/3 yr

  4. I would have thought LB, CB, and S would have been a higher priority than a TE for the Raiders this off-season.

  5. he’s a good fit for the raiders I think he uparades the speed at that postion should stretch the field nice at the very least the other 2 tes they have got good hands but not as fast as cook so I think it’s a good fit

  6. Gotta love it …keep it going Reggie….maybe soon to be followed by a Zach Brown signing, and hopefully a visit from Johnathan Hankins

    Go Raiders…Go Reggie!!!

  7. Mr. Cook, welcome to the fold. There’s been a lack of consistency from Walford and injuries as well so thats why this is a great signing and a priority. Plus the FA TEs out there are not many.


  8. I really hope he’s not getting big money. The talent has always been there, but outside of a couple short stints, he’s never lived up to it. Cook has always had drop issues (I guess that follows suit with Raiders receivers dropping more catchable passes than any other team last year). 1 decent playoff run and an impressive catch later and the media acts like Cook is something special. I hope he proves me wrong.

  9. Not a Raiders fan.. But wow! Oakland could have done absolutely nothing this offseason, and been a contender next year. Now they’ve signed Patterson and Cook?? And Zach Brown soon? Quietly productive offseason.

  10. Another FA on a 2 year deal, Exactly the amount of Years The Raiders are at the moment committed to playing in Oakland.

    Beginning to think FA’s don’t want to sign with the Raiders as they don’t want to play in Vegas, And the ones that do are smart to sign on only to play in Oakland with the option to get out before going out to Vegas,

    I personally think the only ones interested in going to Vegas are the owners who are only thinking of profits and not the players who will have to live / survive out there in Sin City

  11. As a Packers fan I would have liked to see him back in Green Bay. Multiple stories as to why that didn’t happen, but ultimately, I’m glad we got Bennett instead.

    Oakland is quickly becoming one of my favorite AFC teams though, and I wish him, along with Raider Nation, plenty of success.

  12. Defense wins division titles, playoff games and Super Bowls. Your GOOOOOO REEGGGGGIE (so cute) seems to be ignoring this in FA. Why? Raider D was very soft last year.

    Wake me when GOOOOOO REGGGGGIE wins his first division title, first playoff game and first SB as a GM.

  13. Congrats Raiders and Cookie. Black and silver fans you got a solid TE and paired with Carr he should be able to pick-up where he left off late last year. The guy just needs a place to settle into for a few years and show the nay-sayers what he can contribute before ultimately retiring.

  14. Reggie McKenzie is a top 5 GM in the league, he is building a power house in Oakland, once he gets that secondary straight, Raiders will be contending for SB again……That offense will be scary if Carr comes back 100%

  15. The Raiders offense is a speedy silver & black Mini-Cooper, a Carr that’s going to Cook defenses like a Crab(tree) in a pot.

    That’s the best I could with those names. Good pickup.

  16. As a Bay Area Packers fan (and WI native) I’m happy Cook ended up in Oakland. Exciting young team and QB. Would love to see GB and OAK in Minnesota come Feb.

    Another factor towards what’s turning out to be a great number of draft picks for GB next year.


  17. I like it. I thought he was a class act with the Packers this past year and I was hoping he’d return but obviously, business is business and he left. Glad he went to an AFC team so I can root for him to have a good year.

  18. Doesn’t this guy have a problem with drops?
    They have enough his that drop the ball. If he can catch, I’ll be a fan.

  19. lunarpie says:
    Mar 16, 2017 9:58 PM


    Not going to happen. Raiders may make it but Packer defense may not get them into the playoffs. It’s Super Bowl LII. XXXXXII is your ladies dress size.

  20. Jared Cook will have a better year than Bennett.

    Not likely.

    Jared Cook career highs;

    52 receptions (20014)
    759 yards (alll the way back in 2011)
    5 tds (2013)

    Martellus Bennet averages the last 4 seasons;

    66 rec, 700 yards, 5 tds

  21. Reggie McKenzie is a top 5 GM in the league.

    You are joking, right? Top 5???? McKenzie is 30-50 as a GM. No division titles, one playoff appearance (where Brock smoked him), glad he’s not on my team. We win Super Bowls!

  22. It just goes to show that just because you have a couple of good games doesnt mean that your agent can ask for the moon. Yes the catch against Dallas was all world – but who got him the ball. Yes he can stretch the field but what about the drops and the fact that he missed a lot of time. Cook had a lot more to gain by staying in the Packer offense than he gains by moving to Oakland and he will find out the hard way. I think that Thompson’s signing of both Bennett and Kendricks is a genius move and cant wait to have them have both guys on the field at once – even when Cook and Rodgers were on the field together that worked with the Pack and Kendricks is faster than Rodgers. So long Cook the money may be a few bucks better but you will lose in the long run.

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