Jets sign Mike Pennel

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The Jets have signed former Packer Mike Pennel to be part of their defensive line group in 2017.

If the Jets adding Pennel to the roster sounds familiar, there’s good reason for that. The Jets claimed Pennel off of waivers a day after the Super Bowl — the Packers dropped him in January and waivers did not run until the year was over — but he became a free agent last week.

Pennel’s agent announced the one-year deal that will ensure Pennel actually gets a chance to play for the Jets this year after their initial show of interest last month.

Pennel played eight games for the Packers last season as he served two four-game suspensions to open and close the year. He played 29 games in his first two seasons in Green Bay and has 40 tackles, a sack and a forced fumble for his career.

9 responses to “Jets sign Mike Pennel

  1. Every 5 seconds the Jets sign another player from FA. If the Brown are playing “Moneyball”, then the Jests are playing “Dummyball”. Are they rebuilding a 1 year team and then looking to jump ship from the NFL for 2018?? Seriously, I am not even trying to be a hater.

  2. Mike Pennel cheated, got caught, and opened the 2016 season on a four-game suspension that cost him money. He also let down his teammates.
    Mr. Pennel paid for his transgressions and got a second chance. OK, fine.
    But then he got himself suspended again. He missed the last four games, cost himself both more money and his job, while letting down his teammates a second time.
    I’m sure it’s a cheap, low-risk deal that fits right in with some of the other moves the Jets have made this offseason.
    Still, why trust a guy like that?

  3. Every 5 seconds? That’s their 3 rd FA signing after releasing 5 veterans. Pats have signed more than that and spent 80 mil more than them. Whats your point? You have to fill a roster, dude.

  4. Pennell will love playing in NJ where it’s a short trip across the river to feed his habit.
    The guy was not only suspended twice for drugs, he’s also a stiff. He simply isn’t any good.

    No wonder the Jets are in such a bad way. Signing this guy was a dumb move.

  5. Former starter, good at covering his gap and stopping the run. That’s why he was signed, to be a backup and help the linebackers make plays. Since the Jets want to move Richardson, Pennel might have to step into a starting role if their replacement plan goes awry, so it’s easy to see why he was signed.

    He’s not much more than a roster filler in my estimation, but it’s better to have someone with starting experience than someone without as a backup plan. Hopefully for New York he stays off the PEDs.

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