Lance Briggs admits concern about potential of CTE

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Lance Briggs spent 12 years in the NFL, and he admits he’s worried about what that means for him down the road.

The former Bears linebacker and CSN Chicago contributor is participating in a CTE awareness campaign, and said in a video titled “Lance Briggs: Time of My Life” that the fact he’s showing no signs doesn’t mean he’s immune.

You get worried,” Briggs said in the video. “I get concerned for myself. And even though I’ve never had any suicidal thoughts or anything like that, for it to happen to some great men and great football players, I know that I can’t separate myself from that crowd.”

That said, he volunteered for 29 years of football, though he knows more now about the potential problems than he did when he began.

“Football comes down to a choice: You understand the dangers and the harm,” he said. “If that young man or whoever it is wants to play football, there will be football. Health issues are something that go hand in hand with a sport like this.

“For a lot of these guys who have played football for so long, the head injuries will continue to mount. We’re all going to need that medical care. We’re all going to need to make sure we’re cared for throughout the rest of our lives.”

In addition to his broadcast work, Briggs said he’s working on his bachelor’s degree to keep his mind active. But he also knows that 29 years of playing football can take a cumulative toll.

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