Rams land Connor Barwin

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Connor Barwin is going to play for Wade Phillips again.

The Rams announced on Thursday that they have signed Barwin. They did not announce the terms of the deal, but Adam Caplan of ESPN reports it is a one-year deal with a maximum value of $6.5 million.

Barwin moved to defensive end from outside linebacker last season and had 34 tackles and five sacks while starting every game. The Eagles released him earlier this month and he should be making the move back to his old position in Phillips’ 3-4 defense.

Barwin also played for the Rams’ new defensive coordinator when he was working for the Texans and had 11.5 sacks coming off the edge for Houston in 2011. The Rams would love to see that kind of production off the edge in 2017 as they try to make their second year in Los Angeles a more successful one than the first.

27 responses to “Rams land Connor Barwin

  1. Wish him well, great guy, still a very good player and I wouldn’t sneeze at 6.5 million but it’s going to be disappointing playing for a team with no fans.

  2. janvanflac says:
    Mar 16, 2017 6:38 PM

    I wouldn’t sneeze at 6.5 million but it’s going to be disappointing playing for a team with no fans.
    Disappointing for a guy to move from Philadelphia to LA? He’ll buy himself a house by the beach and a convertible and muddle through on his 6.5 mil.

  3. A mixed bag this offseason for the Rams in my opinion. Whitworth is a solid signing as long as he doesn’t go all Jake Long on us. Barwin is a solid move as is the DB from Denver Webster. Glad we resigned Greg The Leg too. And we have to keep Johnson…hopefully at a lower cap number.

    But $7 million a year for Woods and then Dunbar over Cunningham…Are Spags and Devaney back?

    Launching Hayes, Sims and Kendricks? That a lot of talent to replace…especially when there was a talent gap already.

    Ehh…What do I know. I thought we’d be good last year.

  4. Rams got a stand up guy to help represent the team on the field and in the community. Shame he didnt fit out scheme anymore. He has done SO much great work in the communities surrounding Philly. I wish him the best of luck.

  5. “He went from a play off contender to a bottom feeder. He’s definitely not looking for a super bowl ring”

    Pretty sure Philly was a last place team in 2016.

  6. Just by jettisoning Fisher last year they should win more games but man, no one coaches a team during a move like he does. It is an underappreciated skill set.

  7. Maybe the Rams can teach him how to injure players and knock them out for the season. It’s the only skill the Rams have had under Fisher

  8. Solid signing. Now I would like to see them draft a middle linebacker. Ogletree is a supreme talent but he is horribly out of place as an MLB . He’s much better suited as an OLB.

  9. He will coach in this league one day and be a good one. All Philly Phans wish him well. Good player, Great team mate and even better person for his community services and Charity’s. He is a stand up guy. Just a shame he doesn’t fit Philly’s 43 defense.

  10. This is a good signing IF you were a contender! Not sure taking a 30 year old when you are light years away from being a contender is the best way to build a team.

    Oh, Rams fans should not count on Quinn. He is coming off consecutive years of back & concussion issues!

  11. The Rams have put together a good coaching staff. Now they need to get to work on their front office. They need players, and Barwin isn’t a player.

  12. Going to play for the Goats is almost as bad as the Browns. He should have went anywhere else!

  13. He didn’t move from outside linebacker to defensive end. He moved from a non LEO in a 4-3 under to a defensive end in a regular 4-3.

    It’s a big difference. I’m sure it’s not to you, but it is.

    People here in Philly whining about his sack numbers didn’t seem to mind when he was covering wide receivers in space. Of course, 95% of them eat Mike Missanelli’s words as fact because they never played a down of football in their lives.

    Connor was a very effective player here, despite the drop in numbers. Vinny Curry has some big shoes to fill as he had a mediocre year and Marcus Smith is a joke. Eagles were looking hard at defensive ends in Mobile for a reason. They are now looking pretty weak at the position. Brandon Graham is a damn terror, but that’s about all they can count on.

  14. Best of luck to Connor, he will be missed here in Philly, a great team mate and a great Person . He will be an asset to your team and community .

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