Ravens sign Brandon Carr


Brandon Carr is heading to Baltimore.

Carr, the veteran cornerback who played the last five years for the Cowboys, has agreed to a four-year deal with the Ravens. According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the way the deal is structured it’s more likely to end up being a two-year, $12 million contract.

A nine-year veteran, Carr has started all 16 games every season of his career. He played four years in Kansas City before signing with Dallas.

The 30-year-old Carr is the No. 104 player on our list of the top NFL free agents of 2017.

26 responses to “Ravens sign Brandon Carr

  1. don’t get me wrong.. It’s not like we’re losing Deion Sanders but damn, we’re getting poached son! Losing a lot of depth…. Can’t afford a lot of swings and misses in this draft…. This is a byproduct of several horrible deals Jerry made (the Romo and Carr contracts specifically..) which pushed us right up against the cap…. Hopefully, this won’t happen as much with him fading into the black, or rather the Johnnie Walker Blue Label….

  2. It is very hard to get excited as a Ravens’ fan – are they even trying to field a team with a chance to win it all?

  3. “nflrule says:
    Mar 16, 2017 4:03 PM
    Get ready for very mediocre,uninspiring play.Dude is very average.”

    In other words, it’s an upgrade.

  4. Well, that leaves them with a cap space of $4,715,380. Unless somebody is waived, etc., their FA is finished. BTW, I looked it up. I knew they were about done.

  5. tylawspick6 says:
    Mar 16, 2017 4:03 PM

    Waive Webb and sign another overrated/overpaid has been.

    Ozzie for Exec of the Year!
    Webb has already been waived. He’s dead money.

  6. I guess they are paying 6 million a year for durability, not performance. I have been watching him for 5 years and it’s very rare that he makes a play on the ball.

  7. Correct you see more of the back of his jersey than the front….fresh start with Anthony brown scanman and Nolan carrol

  8. The Ravens had $7.2M in cap space before signing Carr. Waiving cb Kyle Arrington would save $2.1M in cap space. Ozzie can add some more pieces with that money.

  9. Love how the cowboys fans were soo happy with his signing thinking he was a shutdown DB when everyone else knew he was nothing but a slightly above average DB on a good day.

  10. People who don’t watch the Ravens regularly don’t realize what a void they’ve had at corner opposite Jimmy Smith since Webb got injured a couple of years ago.

    Believe me, Carr is an upgrade.

    And playing with Smith and the best safety tandem in the NFL will make Carr better.

  11. Anyone who says he can’t play is only a casual fan. Carr is not the greatest, for sure, but he’s a solid number two. He’d been playing mostly zone schemes in Dallas, but his original strength is straight man to man, which Baltimore will use much more of. Might have lost a step since coming into the league, and he doesn’t create turnovers, but he will do a solid job holding down most receivers in the league and won’t make stupid mistakes. It’s better than what Baltimore has had in the last couple of seasons, I think it’s good signing for the Ravens. They just need a number one to pair with Carr, that will certainly help their issues in the secondary.

  12. He was getting tired of being owned by OBJ and didn’t like hearing Marshall was coming to town either.

  13. Don’t forget the butter with that toast. When putting together a highlight reel hyping the WR, it usually has Brandon Carr as the supporting actor. Ask Odell Beckham jr.

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