Report: Johnathan Hankins looking for $10 million-plus per year

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Defensive tackle Dontari Poe signed with the Falcons on Thursday and that leaves four unattached players in the top 50 of PFT’s Hot 100 list of free agents.

One of those players is defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins, who became a free agent after playing out the final year of his four-year rookie deal with the Giants. There hasn’t been much discussion of Hankins since free agency opened a week ago, however, and it appears his contract demands are playing a role in creating that quiet market.

Jordan Raanan of reports that Hankins is asking for more than $10 million per year. Poe and Bennie Logan, who signed with the Chiefs, both got $8 million on one-year deals. That length is also reportedly an issue for Hankins with Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reporting that Hankins is looking for a multi-year agreement.

If those are Hankins’ demands, he’s not finding any buyers and deals don’t often get bigger the further you move away from the start of free agency. Poe took visits with three other teams before signing in Atlanta, so there may be a landing spot for Hankins but it does appear he’ll need to recalibrate what he’s asking for to get something moving.

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  1. The DT market has been slow/soft thus far. $10Mil/yr is to much at this point free agency. Teams that would have thrown that type of change around have already done so. Maybe a $8Mil 1 yr deal is the way to go at this juncture. And it is the guaranteed money that counts anyway, not the $/yr avg.

  2. Miami should sign him to a three year contract at 6 million a year guaranteed with performance incentives for the remaining salary.

  3. I’m sorry John I know your counting stats are slightly better then Bennie’s but your not worth as much as him. You certainly aren’t worth more. Anyone who have watched you to play can clearly see that. Logan is impenetrable I the run game. Top 5 in that category for a DT. You aren’t. Your Good, well above average in fact, but not elite.

    Yes you do get more sacks but that is more the case of the players around you then you your self. During your years in NY you didn’t have much talent around you on the d-line. You basically had 1 healthy year of JPP, which was his down year and nothing else. Logan had Brandon Graham,. Viny Curry, Connor Barwin, and Fletcher Cox with him. Point being Logan would more often then not be the one blowing up the line, but getting robbed for sacks by his teammates. You didn’t have much competition for your sacks so you got to finish them. Bennie didn’t. It was good for the team. Bennie would throw his man or men back, be about to get to the QB, but then have Barwin or Curry fly through the hole he created and get the sack.

    What I’m trying to say is just because Logan has slightly less sacks then you doesn’t make u a better pass rusher. Watch the tape. Logan is Superior in every way.

    Poe is to, but he plays adifferent position so it would be unfair to say that he would be better, the same, or worse as a DT as you and you vice versa as a nose tackle. I will say though that Poe was a much higher rates nose tackle (maybe the best?) Then you were a defensive tackle. Mike of that what you will.

    I’m not saying your not a great player. I’m just saying your not more money then Logan or Poe. Would I take ya? Hell yeah. Would I want you for more then 5 an a 1/2 on a one year deal? Nah.

  4. Wow that’s way to much to ask for..6 mill a year is the top for him. Maybe 7 milL but 10 mill is out of this world. You need to be a defensive player of the year candidate yearly to ask for 10 mill a year.. I would like to see my team the Redskins get him for a affordable contract.

  5. He can keep looking… and looking… and looking…

    Strong year for defensive linemen in the draft means less leverage for vets in FA.

  6. 44 tackles, 3 sacks and 1 forced fumble is worth 10 mil a year now?

    Who knew ?

  7. Some of these guys are clueless. Adrian Peterson still thinks hes going to get 9-10 mil a year so there he sits with no deal. Hes going to have to sign a 1 year 4-5 mil deal if he wants to play again. Hankins isn’t going to get as much as Poe.

  8. it also says alot about his agent. Why he’s not getting his client to understand where he stands from a dollar standpoint in the process is criminal. Athletes in most cases are the last ones to know their limits

  9. I am so glad the Dolphins negotiated for a lengthy time with Poe and then let him walk. It was reported that he wanted a 3 year deal! The $8M is not absurd for a decent player, but the Dolphins always do stupid stuff like that in the past. No value. Most of you claim to not know who Hankins is, but he is good and YOUNG. He is easily going to get $6-8M. The Giants defense was much improved because this guy is a load and keep LBs free. I hope he comes to his senses and is willing to take creative offers. I would love to see him in Miami, but not at stupid prices. The Falcons are SB worthy and paying a 1 year deal is smart for Poe.

  10. Washington will sign him. They love our 2nd contract DTs. Cornelius Griffin, Barry Cofield, who am I missing?

  11. Hankins is a BEAST
    He is entering his prime and will only get better.
    People that know football know he is one of the better DT’s in the league. But 10 million per season ???? He would not even get that if was the only DT on the market.
    Come back to the Giants on a 1 year 5 million prove it deal then next year, go get your 10 million somewhere else!

  12. Look–if the Dolphins refused to give a player they KNEW was good in 2016 (Olivier Vernon, who just happens to also be from S. Florida) a ten mil a year deal so that he went to the Giants–and keep in mind Vernon is a DE, not a DT–giving Hankins (and yes I know Fins fans want the guy) ten mil a year FOR A DT! is crazy!

    No more than at most 8 mil a year for this guy, Dolphins! (I mean, Jordan Phillips does take plays off but he isn’t that bad!).

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