Bears sign defensive tackle John Jenkins

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The Bears added some size up front, giving a shot to a guy who could help their run defense.

According to a tweet from his agent, veteran defensive tackle John Jenkins has agreed to terms with the Bears.

Jenkins, a former third-round pick of the Saints, spent last year with the Seahawks. He played nine games there.

Jenkins battled weight issues when he was in New Orleans, but could be a valuable member of a rotation in Chicago.

14 responses to “Bears sign defensive tackle John Jenkins

  1. Goal line defense could be formidable with Jenkins, Goldman, and Hicks up front. 3 guys north of 320 lbs. Will make it hard to do anything inside against them.

  2. Overwhelming negativity towards this guy from fans of his former teams. Basically that he’s a big fat stiff. I hope it turns out for the Bears, but I won’t hold my breath.

  3. Please don’t hold your breath. This guy is terrible. Terrible at stopping the run and rushing the QB. Despite his size, he consistently gets manhandled and pushed back 5 yards off the line. When Rankins returned from injury last season, the Saints’ run defense improved immediately. All of the long runs up middle last year came when he was in the lineup.

  4. The guy is being brought in as a back-up. Goldman is the starting NT and isn’t going anywhere. Nothing wrong with taking a risk on a guy who could provide roster depth at a position where bodies like that aren’t plentiful. Bears still have Terry Williams too, so Jenkins is no lock to make the roster. Based on the reactions above you’d think Pace tried to sell this as a huge addition. Relax, people!

  5. He played well as a rookie and then everyone watched in amazement as he got pushed around like a 100 pound corner on the D line. Don’t get excited Bears fans. You told us this about Olin Kreutz when he came to the Saints. We thought we got a great center. We got a turnstile.

  6. Change of scenery might be good for him. Jenkins was absolute stud at Georgia, and played well his rookie year. Then he apparently cut conditioning out of his life and lost any burst or agility on the field. He still has ability to be a backup or rotational guy, and his size will definitely be helpful in goalline sets, but the Bears need to inspire him or keep an eye on his conditioning if they want more than a depth chart addition here.

  7. Len Woods says:
    Mar 17, 2017 5:05 PM

    For such a massive guy, he was pretty underwhelming in New Orleans. Don’t get too excited, Bears fans.


    We are in the middle of a complete and total rebuild. No Bear’s fan thinks that this guy is the key to a Superbowl run dude.

  8. He was great in his rookie season. Been garbage ever since. It’s like he proved what he was capable of then just decided to stop trying anymore. Very frustrating.

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