Browns skip pro day, schedule private workout with Deshaun Watson

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The Browns weren’t there yesterday when Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson conducted his pro day workout.

But don’t worry, they’ll have plenty of time with him.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Browns have scheduled a private workout with the national championship MVP in advance of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Cabot also reports they conducted a private workout with “another one of the top quarterback prospects” on Thursday.

To run the risk of spoiling the next few reports, let’s just assume they’re going to conduct private workouts with DeShone Kizer, Mitchell Trubisky and Patrick Mahomes as well.

Picking first and 12th and lacking a quarterback for the future, it’s clear the Browns are in the market for a passer out of this draft, unless they make a play for Jimmy Garoppolo or some other quarterback.


15 responses to “Browns skip pro day, schedule private workout with Deshaun Watson

  1. For Browns fans sake, I hope they don’t reach again for a quarterback. It’s not their greatest need and it’s extremely unlikely that a QB will be the best player available at the spots they’re picking. They need to ignore the media – Kessler is a fine stopgap for a rebuilding season or two, and he just may develop into something better than that, but only if you build a complete football team.

  2. Watson’s agent needs to tell him to look horrible on purpose.

    Seriously. Why in the hell would you want to get drafted by an abjectly dysfunctional franchise that routinely crushes the careers of quarterbacks?

    And here’s the kicker…’s in beautiful CLEVELAND.

  3. what has Jimmy G done for anyone. What is funny is how much of a system new England is….. yea it works for them, but look at all the bust players and coaches that turn out once they leave. Stay far away from Jimmy G Cleveland.

  4. Unless some team does something really stupid ahead of them, they should be able to get him at 12.

  5. even 33 is a option for watson..I just wish I got the feeling that browns cared of Watson cared they both skipped each other’s events like straight up

  6. The way this draft is shaking out, the Browns should have their pick of any of these QBs at 12 and at least one of them out of Watson, Kizer and Trubisky is likely to be there at the top of round two.

    So let’s sit back and watch in amusement as the Browns lose their minds and draft one of them at #1.

  7. Well since they can pick 2 of the top 12, let’s just hope they focus on the two that fills their needs, be it QB or a kicker. Whoever they take won’t cripple any other franchise in the NFL so stop bellyaching about the Browns and their choices.

  8. If the Browns are seriously considering Watson, why in the world
    would they skip his Pro day ? As a team, don’t you want as much
    information as possible ? He might become the face of your franchise.
    Even if you plan of scheduling a private workout, you don’t miss a chance
    to watch a QB perform in the spotlight and feeling the pressure.

  9. If Watson, his agent, and advisors are smart they don’t allow their client to be selected by the Browns. The Browns are still a dysfunctional organization that will destroy Watson ability to grow and develops into pro ready and successful NFL QB. Hue Jackson is not a QB guru! Jacksons playing calling was the worst that I have ever seen from an HC who’s supposed to be an offensive genius. Hue continually put his QBs in bad position all season with his play calling. There was no way that Griffin or any other QB was going to be productive in his offensive. If Watson and Jimmy G. are smart that let it be known that there is no way that they are playing for this team. Hue took no blame for the failure of this team, he put it all on the QBs and thru Griffin under the bus. Hue had a QB that had not played any football in a year and had a history of injury, but Hue did nothing to protect Griffin or any of his QBs with his bad play calling. If the OL can’t protect then you need to call plays that get the football out of his hands quickly. Hue did nothing to help or protect these QBs they all were injured and unproductive.

  10. Maybe the Browns are finally getting smarter. If you already like a guy, you hope he has a terrible workout so that he slips to you later in the draft. If you’re trying to find players by watching a workout, you’re in deep trouble. There is this amazing new discovery called game film, where you actually get to watch the guy play football. It’s like the teacher giving you the answers to the test.

  11. I think Watson would do better with hue than jimmy g just sayin..I want kessler to start say 1 but watson as the number 2 right behind him

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