Buccaneers sign Nick Folk to compete with Roberto Aguayo

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It hasn’t even been a year since the Buccaneers not only used a second-round pick on a kicker, but traded up for the privilege of doing so.

Now, they’ve brought in a veteran to make him earn his job, or to replace him.

According to Peter Schrager of the NFL Network, the Bucs have signed former Jets kicker Nick Folk, to come into camp and compete with Roberto Aguayo for the job.

Folk has been a perfectly serviceable kicker, making 27-of-31 field goals (87.1 percent) last year, compared to Aguayo’s 22-of-31 (71.0 percent).

But even if the Bucs keep a thumb on the scales of this competition (to avoid the embarrassment of wasting picks on a kicker), Folk is good enough to push Aguayo, which may be what he needs. Of course, he’s shown he has the mechanics of kicking down, but it’s often a job of confidence, and his has to be sagging.

Once the most accurate kicker in college football history, Aguayo struggled last year, and became a punchline who was booed by his own fans before he kicked in his first regular season game.

11 responses to “Buccaneers sign Nick Folk to compete with Roberto Aguayo

  1. It’s no fun to watch automatic field goal kickers. Not knowing whether a kicker is going to make it or not keeps the game exciting. The league should make it more difficult to make a FG.

  2. wont be surprised when I’m reading about how the patriots traded a 6th rounder for Roberto and how bill sees something in this guy..

  3. Worst draft choice in recent memory. 2nd round pick on a kicker??? Dude shouldn’t even be on the team after kicking 71%. I know all about crappy drafts but kickers, any kicker, shouldn’t be taken before the 5th round. Bucs probably would’ve been a playoff team if he could’ve hit the 85% mark. Sad.

  4. Even the Browns would not draft a kicker in the 2nd round……….what the heck was Tampa Management thinking…

  5. At least they can admit they messed up by drafting him. I know he sucked last season but Tampa cuts wayyy to many draft choices too early. Hopefully we roll with 2 kickers into the season to let the dude practice more to get better instead of just cutting him

  6. @stillabucsfan: zero percent chance of that happening.

    This is a good move. Folk is a good kicker who I’ll be happy with if Aguayo doesn’t make it. But I have a feeling Aguayo wins the competition and has a fantastic year.

  7. Folk is a good and proven kicker. He’ll do even better kicking under more favorable weather conditions. Unfortunately for him, we all see Aguayo “winning” this competition and Folk will be thanked for his contributions.

  8. giving up draft picks to move up and take a kicker in the second round just shows the incredible genius of the Tampa GM. This guy really thinks outside the box, and that’s what you want in your general manager.

    I’ve heard he is thinking of taking a long snapper in the first round this year, and I applaud that move. Think about it- a good long snapper can play for your team for 10 years or more. And when you find one in the draft, you want to be sure you can get him before your competition does. Taking him in the first round, nobody is going to beat you out. Think about it.

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