Cardinals bring back Frostee Rucker

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The Cardinals will have Frostee Rucker back for another season.

The veteran defensive end became a free agent last week, but has signed a new deal with the team. Rucker shared a picture of the contract signing on Friday afternoon.

It will be Rucker’s fifth season with the Cardinals and moved back into a reserve role last year after starting 13 times during the 2015 season. Rucker played 13 games again, but only started once and ended the year with 13 tackles and a forced fumble.

Calais Campbell’s departure means the Cardinals will have a different look on the defensive line next season. Rucker’s experience in the team’s scheme should help his chances of remaining in a backup role as younger players like Robert Nkemdiche, Rodney Gunter and any rookie additions step into bigger positions on the defense.

7 responses to “Cardinals bring back Frostee Rucker

  1. That’s a fantastic name. I want him on the Bears now. Just because of his name.

    “You see this cat Frostee is a bad mother-Rucker…”

    Congrats to the Cards!

  2. Over/Under Expert says:
    Frostee! Dude is a beast!

    In the dictionary, next to the word “Beast,” it should read: Most misused and overused adjective in football.
    Peruse any comment section and it’s “here a beast, there a beast, everywhere a beast-beast.”
    For many, a “beast” as it relates to football is a physical stud who is not only among the very best, he can single-handedly create chaos or take over a game all by himself. You must scheme specifically to try and stop, or at least control him.
    By that definition, there are a handful of “beasts” among the hundreds of talented starters in the NFL. J.J. Watt is a one. Von Miller is one. Kahlil Mack is one. There are others. Frostee Rucker is not among them.
    I have nothing against Mr. Rucker. He may have been a “beast” at USC. He’s certainly a good NFL player. But he appeared in only 13 games last year and averaged one tackle per game — as a reserve. No offensive coordinator has “FEAR FROSTEE — MUST STOP AT ALL COSTS!” written across the top of his weekly game plan.
    Frostee Rucker. Solid backup. Decent player. Terrific name. Not a beast.
    Let the thumbs-down commence.

  3. The guy is a pros pro. Great to have in the locker room and on the field for when the starters need a breather… Great signing…

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