Chris Baker found lack of Washington offer “hurtful”

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Defensive lineman Chris Baker picked the Buccaneers over Washington in free agency. Which wasn’t difficult because Washington didn’t make him an offer.

It was really hurtful learning that the Redskins didn’t really offer me a contract,” Baker told SiriusXM NFL Radio, “being that I was one of their best defensive linemen on their team for the last couple of years and really worked my way up from the practice squad to being one of the best linemen. And for them not to offer me was very hurtful, but I understand it’s a business and I’m very happy to move forward with the Buccaneers and I think I really have a bright future there.”

He also thinks the Bucs have a bright future.

“They’re just a few key players away from really taking that next step and becoming an elite team,” Baker said. “And, hopefully, myself and DeSean Jackson and the rest of the guys that came in and can help them get to that next step.”

The next step would be a playoff berth for the first time since 2007. They’ve become a trendy pick in recent years to bust through to the postseason, but they have yet to get there. This year’s additions could be the difference, especially with the ongoing development of Jameis Winston and Mike Evans.

19 responses to “Chris Baker found lack of Washington offer “hurtful”

  1. Great way of expressing himself truthfully without sounding nasty. Best of luck to a great NFL player in his new gig.

  2. Redskins were too busy trying to get a guy fired because he wanted to extend the QB before the QB broke out, and they had to cover for their ineptitude.

  3. Well Bruce Allen Just can’t stop thinking the Redskins are his team and is back to making all the wrong decisions as per usual for him. Lets not forget, the one common denominator is the Skins losing record and dysfunction over the many long years is?? You guessed it, BRUCE ALLEN

    Dear Cancer, I have found a new suitable host for you please work quickly the draft is coming.

  4. The temporary success that the Redskins experienced is now gone, the GM who actually knew what he is doing was fired and they are now back to dumpster fire status.

    Be glad you are outta there and get happy.

  5. As soon as this team seems like they are going to turn it around, they give it all away.

    No GM, no long term deal on your QB, letting keys go, it sounds like Danny Boy has not changed.

  6. Chris was an okay player, but some Skin fans overrate him a lot. Chris was a JAG on a terrible D-line, so being average looked good. He had a lot of personality and did amusing dances, so a lot of Skin fans liked him.

    A lot of Skin fans think that Baker’s “swaggy dance” equals being an elite talent on defense.

  7. Maybe it’s because you took too many plays off and would disappear for most of the game, especially in the fourth quarter. Good luck with this guy Tampa. Tons of potential, but is more worries about his celebration dance than actually winning

  8. The sad truth is that under Scot, they were retaining our own, but now we/they are back to and letting homegrown guys walk while we sign shiny new toys that they know very little about. Really discouraging.

    That being said, letting thirty plus WR’s walk, while we get younger. I’m actually good with that. That being said, if we let Kurt walk, I’m gonna blow my mind!!

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