ESPN hires Rex Ryan

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Former Jets and Bills coach Rex Ryan won’t be in the NFL this year, but he won’t be unemployed.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that Ryan has signed a multi-year contract to appear on Sunday NFL Countdown.

It’s unclear whether Rex’s arrival means that someone else will be out. Richard Deitsch of recently reported that ESPN will be slashing from the payroll in the coming months “tens of millions” in salary paid to “staffers many viewers and readers will recognize.” Persons with expiring contracts are “particularly vulnerable.”

Randy Moss, Matthew Hasselbeck, and Charles Woodson joined the show last year, along with Trent Dilfer. Ryan will either expand the roster of analysts to five, or someone is going to get the short straw.

118 responses to “ESPN hires Rex Ryan

  1. #1 sign of a slow football news day is that “Rex Ryan Hired By ESPN” is being reported.

  2. Good, should accelerate BSPN’s death spiral. Soon they’ll be panhandling outside Obama’s mansion hoping for old bracket picks.

  3. Rex is finally somewhere he actually has a chance of succeeding lol. Good luck to him. It would be great if they could pair him up with Matt Millen. They could compare stories about how they each wrecked their teams….

  4. This guy gives me a headache, and I will absolutely not watch any show in which he is spewing his opinions.

  5. Why so much negativity for this? I saw the headline and was actually very excited. Rex is good at talking, he should make an interesting commentator. Jokes aside, being 0.480 in regular season and 0.667 in playoffs as a head coach who never had a real franchise QB playing for his team, and always had to play 2-3 times a year against the Patriots, is very respectable as well. I would expect him to be an upgrade over any of those other guys at ESPN, not to mention half the head coaches in the league. -a Pats fan

  6. Rex can tell us who won the offseason. As we know, last year it was the Bills…..this year, sorry Rex, Pats own it.

  7. It’s not a matter of if but when he becomes annoying.

    And I actually like him, but this is still very likely.

  8. I haven’t watched any of ESPN’s shows, other than when the Steelers or OSU Buckeyes play, since ESPN came out as being pro-Obama and pro-PC.

    They can’t blame Disney either b/c ESPN was already a far left-leaning cesspool when they were with ABC.

  9. Lets face it, his mouth has always been entertaining to say the least, and he does like to run it. So in all seriousness this has good chance to be a win/win arrangement in all directions.

  10. Am I the only one who likes this hire? I guess the question is, is ESPN getting the “Lets go eat a GD snack” Ryan or the boring one in Buffalo..

  11. Is this a desperate attempt to stop the loss of subscribers?

    This sounds like a perfect fit though; a network whose broadcasters are made up mostly of over-aged frat-boys whose primary purpose is to draw attention to themselves bringing aboard another showboat. Will they sign Colin Kaepernick if he can’t find a team willing to sign him?

  12. Another quality hire by ESPN.

    If he does anything except give respect to BB and TB on national TV, he has lost all respect.

    Nobody knows who they are more than he does.

  13. Honestly, this is a good move by Rex. He comes across on TV as a likeable guy… at least he did in Hard Knocks with the Jets. Rex should really send HBO a box of flowers after landing this gig.

  14. ESPN keeps re-polishing that turd. If they want to get back all those viewers they lost to the NFL Network (myself included), you need to get rid of Berman. He’s unbearable to watch. I ever turn off the Monday Night game at halftime so I don’t have to listen to him for even a few minutes.

  15. margoadams says:
    Mar 17, 2017 1:06 PM
    Wait till they find out he likes Trump. ESPN will put a muzzle on him.


    Rex will probably replace Sean Spicer before he even debuts on ESPN.

  16. Oh gawd.

    I’m sure Mr. Sub-.500 has a lot of knowledge to drop. About coming up short time and again…

  17. I’d rather see him as a color analyst for AFC games on CBS, I think he would be great!

  18. Why not hire his buffet & NFL defense destroying brother as his side kick? The two of them have set back quality NFL football for years.

  19. donterrelli says:
    Mar 17, 2017 1:25 PM

    Get Trent Dilfer out of there. I have to change the channel when he starts talking.


    You mean when he starts yelling?

  20. metitometin says:
    Mar 17, 2017 2:52 PM
    How can ESPN hire a traitor that loves Trump? Anyone that loves Trump is a traitor. Goodbye ESPN


    yesterday Trump had a luncheon with Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, at which Trump shared what he claimed to be an “Irish Proverb”, leading into it saying it was a good one that he liked and “had heard for many, many years”.

    Later, after Irish twitter users shared their skepticism, a WH spokeswoman said that the proverb was originally supllied in an email on March 8 by the State Department via the National Security Council “as building blocks in advance of this event”, and were ultinately used in the prepared remarks for the luncheon.

    So which was it…..years and years, or 9 days?

    Just goes to show you, eating a bowl of Lucky Charms is not sufficient preparation for a meeting with the leader of the Republic of Ireland.

  21. Fan boy army, if you hate espn so much, why do you watch? They provide immediate updates on sports I follow and it is a service I pay for and appreciate. Maybe you should focus your hate on Goodell? Nobody is smarter or better than fan boy army, right? Your mommy is calling, Time for Peanut butter jelly sandwiches, milk and cookies, and snuggles with your plush toy teddy bear, your only true relationship. Happy nappying!

  22. I don’t like nor do I watch any of the pregame BS … a waste of time.

    GronkLikePizza says:
    Mar 17, 2017 2:35 PM

    I’d rather see him as a color analyst for AFC games on CBS, I think he would be great!
    I agree and think he would shine here for a while … or do the world a favor and replace Gruden PLEASE!

  23. Osg, 2 interviews a year (when he played Patriots) was more than enough of Rex. Oh well, Woodson probably gets the axe due to his speech impediment. It was painful to listen to him talk.

  24. Hot air, bravado, and bravo sierra will do it every time. I do not watch ESPN so I will not have to worry about watching this NFL gas bag.

  25. Remember when Ray Lewis was hired and everyone thought he would be awesome since he’s such a talker? But no he’s not.

    And remember when Tony Dungy was hired and people thought he wouldn’t be that good because he’s quiet? But he’s really good!

    Rex is a talker but being a Bills fan, I’ve always noticed the man is annoyingly scared to death of ever offending players. So let’s see if he can cut that out and be interesting.

  26. I know he’s quite annoying, and he blusters more than anyone else in the league, but I can’t say that he got an entirely fair shake in Buffalo. Granted, he did bring much of that on himself with his mouth, but he was cut a year or two before he or any other coach could have expected to fully complete the transition to the team he wanted.

    He wasn’t the best hire because the scheme that carried that team, Jim Schwartz’s 4-3, was perfect for the personnel they had. Rex likes to run multiple fronts but much of it is rooted in a 3-4 set. That was a huge transition for that team to go through, both in terms of scheme and roster turnover. So again, he might not have been the perfect hire because his scheme didn’t fit the team, but once he was hired, he should have been at least given a chance to do what he wanted with the team schematically.

    The Pegulas brought him in only because he liked his personality, then they got impatient and fired him because of his personality. If he had kept his mouth shut, he probably would have stayed longer, but I don’t buy for a second that the Pegulas didn’t expect him to be professional when they brought him in. Rex is Rex. I wonder how much about football they know if they expected such a huge transition from their old team to his version would have been either quick or smooth…

    So yeah. Believe it or not, I’m not a big Rex fan, but my main point here is that I wonder about how good owners the Pegulas are going to end up being. Rootin’ for ya, Bills fans, hopefully McDermott will be a good hire.

  27. donterrelli says:
    Mar 17, 2017 1:25 PM
    Get Trent Dilfer out of there. I have to change the channel when he starts talking.


    Trent Dilfer has more SB wins than Tony Romo, Dak Prescott,Alex Smith, Andy Dalton, Derek Carr, Cam Newton, Dan Marino, The Bills, The Panthers, The Eagles, The Jags, etc…. He also has the same # of SB wins as Aaron Rogers. Need I go on?

  28. Lastnight on one of the tourny channels, Bruce Pearl said something about a big beautiful wall, that Mexico would pay for….. CBS, his fellow analysts looked so uncomfortable and triggered, I wondered how long Bruce had left in his seat.

    ESPN multiple that by 100 with Rex Ryan.

  29. Rex will shine in the preseason and fade badly as the regular season progresses. Ratings wise he will finish in a familiar spot, dead last or pretty darned close.

  30. He better not wear an American flag on his lapel or they will railroad his ass out of there for being – racist, populist, nationalist and every kind of ‘ist’ they can come up with at MSNBCESPN.

    Good luck to him. Hope he does well but that network is unwatchable

  31. Just another reason on top of the already gigantic pile of reasons for me to not watch ESPN.

  32. It was bad enough he couldn’t coach, now we have to listen to his bad and uneducated comments about the game. If this is about ratings, well they just lost a lot of viewers with this hiring.

  33. metitometin says:
    Mar 17, 2017 2:52 PM
    How can ESPN hire a traitor that loves Trump? Anyone that loves Trump is a traitor. Goodbye ESPN


    It slways amazing when someone hates everyone and everything that isnt anti Trump while still believing that Trump is the problem dividing this country. His health plan might stink, his budget might be a foolish travesty, but he is not the problem thats dividing the country.

  34. I knew it, and in fact, predicted it. ESPN, Fox, and the NFL Network love hiring big mouth know-it-alls.
    I don’t get it. How this fat load has everyone fooled that he’s this football genius is beyond me. He had two lucky years with the Jets, and then the walls caved in. It was nothing but a circus. Then he went to the Bills and managed to take a very good defense and turn it into a lousy defense.
    His old man was a good defensive coach, but he was a lousy head coach. And he was a big mouth jerk. Both of his sons are living off his reputation, and they’re big mouth jerks, too. Worse, they’re even lousier coaches than he was.
    Forget ESPN. The morning show they have stinks and most of their other studio shows stink, too. They used to have good people on their shows but they replaced them with these cookie cutter jerks who think they are more important than the games and players they comment on.
    I’ll give you an example about their morning show. The other morning they had Mike Daniels, Packers DT, on. They didn’t ask him one question about Jared Cook leaving and them signing Martellus Bennett, or about Eddie Lacy leaving, or about T.J. Lang leaving. The dizzy woman who hosts the show asked him some stupid question about something which had nothing to do with football at all, and they were all giggling like school children.
    I started watching ESPN in the very beginning when they were only covering rodeos and bull fighting from Mexico, and they were only on about 10 hours a day. For my money, they should go back to that stuff because it was better than 90% of the crap they put on it now.
    Rex Ryan. Geesh. It makes me want to puke.

  35. He’s not there to kiss any of Berman’s toe rings either!

    He will be entertaining for a few shows then he’ll run out of attention gathering comments and get annoying…

    Anyone but Tom Jackson…

  36. With no talent to play, no money to own, and no brains to coach in the NFL.. Rex is gifted with a hall of fame mouth! Go ahead Rex, relax and “talk” about football. That’s as close to the game you should have ever been allowed. You rode on the all world defense Ozzy Newsome built, and single handedly destroyed the Jets and Bills. Your inferiority to Bellichick has been both fun and sad to watch. Keep Mrs Ryan or you will have no rings to kiss.

  37. ESPN needs to hire a competent CEO and a cogent strategy to appeal to real sports enthusiast and able to resist hiring buffoons looking for cameras.

  38. Good to know I’m not the only one turned off by the nonsensical hiring and programming by espn. I was surprised so many others avoid watching the “leader in sports entertainment.”

  39. realtruthteller100 says:
    Mar 17, 2017 6:18 PM
    tbh i dont see him being anything other then a ARCHetypical nfl analyst. i guess its possible he could come in and try to cause havoc similar to a wrestingling HEEL.


    When they need someone to handle retractions and apologies. As long as he can stay up until 2am there is no one more perfect.

  40. tbisgod says:
    Mar 17, 2017 1:36 PM
    Went further BB in 2011 and 2012. Not many coaches can say that

    Sure – like they played the entire season vs the Pats!
    Give me a break

  41. “walker1191 says:
    Mar 17, 2017 1:16 PM
    This guy gives me a headache, and I will absolutely not watch any show in which he is spewing his opinions.”

    Feel the same way about Michael Irvin and Dion Sanders.

  42. tformation says:
    Mar 17, 2017 2:06 PM

    Honestly, this is a good move by Rex. He comes across on TV as a likeable guy
    Wen? Where? Everything I’ve ever seen confirms that he is a delusional windbag with a massive ego.

    And now this guy is going to provide expert analysis? He couldn’t do that in two failed coaching stints.

  43. They still don’t hold a candle to the solid crew on NFL Network. I didn’t even turn them on this season. ESPN will never recover to the glory days of Ditka, Parcells, Berman, Tom Jackson. Never should have done away with NFL Primetime either, it was must watch TV.

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