Mike Mularkey feels Marcus Mariota’s pain

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Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota might be limited for part of the offseason because of his broken leg.

But at least he’s ahead of his coach.

Via Jim Wyatt of the team’s official website, Titans coach Mike Mularkey is in a walking boot and using a scooter after having toe surgery.

“Marcus got a good chuckle out of it when I told him,’’ Mularkey said. “I told him I’ve been needing the surgery for a while, but there weren’t any scooters available. I had to wait for him and some of the others players to give up a scooter before I could have the surgery.”

Mularkey had surgery to repair a torn tendon in his left big toe nearly two weeks ago. He’s in a cast for six weeks, meaning he’s on crutches now while making the pro day scouting circuit.

Mularkey’s no stranger to surgery — this was his 14th — and said both he and his quarterback should be ready for training camp.

“Marcus is making progress, and I’m just getting started,’’ Mularkey said. “But when the players are back, I’ll be back. I’m not getting a lot of sympathy. It’s a lot of ‘you’re getting old.’”

At least he’s able to laugh about it, which wasn’t the case when Mariota went down and ruined their shot at the playoffs back in December.

6 responses to “Mike Mularkey feels Marcus Mariota’s pain

  1. Seems like they’re having fun. The fact that the players like him is probably a big reason why Mike was kept on. The Titans improved last season (which wasn’t hard considering the year before), but further improvement is expected this season. They were one game away from winning an easily-winnable division and blew it. They came out flat against the Jags and and got rolled. Not taking anything away from Jacksonville, since they obviously came to play, but I think alot of the blame for that goes on the coach. The team didn’t seem ready to play. It’s like they were looking ahead to houston. Jacksonville has made some serious moves in free agency, and owns a high pick in the draft, so there might be a four-way problem in the AFC South. Could be a very interesting division to watch this coming season. Mike better have the guys ready or it might not take JRob long to find his replacement.

  2. Make no mistake … the Titans didn’t miss the playoffs because Mariota got hurt. Jacksonville was crushing the Titans in that game and my favorite quarterback was having one of his worst outings. It was clear they would be eliminated long before Mariota went down.

  3. The AFC South is the worst….it’s like no team actually wants to win the division. The Colts owned it for so long the other teams don’t know how to close the deal. The Texans should dominate this hapless division for a while…..but I am not sure. I suspect they will find a way to screw it up.

  4. I am not a Titans fan but from an outsiders point of view they look like they are going in the right direction.
    Dumping Jeff Fisher was a real good start.
    They have two 1st round picks and this draft is loaded with CBs and Safeties.
    Shore up that leaky secondary and give Mariota another WR and they will be better than a lot of teams in the NFL.

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