Raiders’ radio announcer hints they could sign a retired running back

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Raiders radio announcer Greg Papa hinted on his show Thursday that Oakland is looking to lure a running back out of retirement to bolster their offense.

“They are talking to a certain running back,” Papa said on 95.7 The Game, via the San Jose Mercury News. “I’ll have to hold this for tomorrow. . . . He did not even play in the NFL last year.”

That immediately led to speculation that it could be Marshawn Lynch, who’s from the area and has said he always wanted to play for the Raiders. Lynch, however, has indicated that he’s done playing. And the Seahawks would still have the rights to Lynch if he were to come out of retirement, so the Raiders could only acquire him in a trade, not as a free agent signing.

Other well-known veterans who didn’t play in an NFL game last year but at least in theory could be back include Ray Rice, Karlos Williams, Bryce Brown, Pierre Thomas and Rashard Mendenhall.

Papa said he would have more to say on Friday’s show, which is odd: If he has legitimate news that the Raiders are going to sign someone, he should want to report it before a competitor does. So there may not be much to this. But it’s at least possible that the replacement for Latavius Murray will be someone no one is thinking about.

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  1. This doesn’t sound like something Reggie would take a risk on AT ALL. The only way Reggie lets this happen is to give him an almost 100% incentive-based contract, and that’s only AFTER he proves he can still bring it.
    I don’t see it…..

  2. Karl’s Williams is still very young and did not play due to be out of shape. He blamed it on his wife being pregnant. Lol. So he’s had a whole year to better himself and before he left he looked promising. So if this is the case I think it would be good for the men in black.
    ( go pats!)

  3. Papa is about as legit and down to earth as they come. I’d be very interested in hearing what he has to say. My guess is Lynch.

  4. For all intents and purposes Adrian Peterson did not play last year. I wouldn’t assume it meant retired running back.

  5. I’ll bet they are talking about Jammal Charles. He didnt really play last year, not really. He was just up in Seattle. And Papa didn’t necessarily say that the back was retired just that he didn’t play last year.

  6. I’ll admit that the recruitment of a retired running back (assuming that’s indeed what this is) by the savvy and typically pragmatic Reggie McKenzie is certainly unorthodox, nevertheless it is not outside the realm of possibility. In fact, McKenzie has on occasion demonstrated the willingness to not only think outside the box, but to actually take what at least appear on the surface to be arguably risky moves. I recall for example having to endure a great deal of abuse and derision from a considerable number of fans (the majority of whom were in fact fellow Raider supporters) when I enthusiastically defended RM’s recruitment of free agent wide receiver Michael Crabtree. The opposition to what was widely considered at the time to be a reckless endeavour was fierce and often downright vicious as I read retort after retort dismissing Crabs as “useless”, “washed-up”, “selfish”, a “draft bust” and a “locker room cancer” while calling for “the incompetent buffoon” Reggie McKenzie’s resignation. Yet I held my ground knowing that Crabtree was a gifted talent who was the victim of a conservative offensive system and inconsistent, sub-par quarterback play which rarely targeted him, favouring the far less athletic Anquan Boldin, in part due to his limitations as a deep threat on post patterns (the deep ball was a skill that neither QB during Crabtree’s tenure with the team was particularly adept at). Toward the end of his ultimately unsuccessful years with San Francisco, Crabs was being used almost exclusively as a coverage-drawing decoy for Boldin & newcomer Stevie Johnson to the point that he became virtually invisible & on the threshold of becoming a forgotten footnote in the annals of NFL history; in short, Crabtree was being neglected to death by the 49ers. And further complicating matters was the fact that Crabtree was attempting a comeback from a ruptured achilles, an injury that few athletes ever fully recover from). However, I remained convinced that there was a marquis wideout waiting to emerge in MC (as Reggie McKenzie evidently did as well, thank goodness!) and with a halfway-decent quarterback, he could make sone serious noise, hopefully for my beloved and wide receiver-needy Oakland Raiders! You can imagine therefore just how elated I was to hear that Reggie was planning to sign MC and have been perpetually elated ever since as he has gone on to dramatically exceed even the most liberal of prognostications as a vital & perpetually productive clutch receiver for Derek Carr and the Raiders’ offence.

    So Marshawn Lynch may indeed be an unconventional target and an out-of-character (yet not unprecedented) risk by Reggie McKenzie, but to definitively exclaim that it’s not something that he’d consider “AT ALL”? I beg to differ. In fact, this particular risk sounds EXACTLY like something Reggie would do under the current situation & circumstances. The Raiders need a power, “bell-cow” type of running back now that the overrated (and overpaid as it turns out) is no longer with the organization; someone who can break through the middle & shed tackles (unlike the aforementioned Murray) to pick up those critical yards after contact. And while DeAndre Washington and Jalen Richard are both promising young tailbacks, they are still a year or two away from even being considered for a #1 role in the offence as exemplified by their dramatic dip in production when Murray was sidelined with injury. At this point, they’re both speedy backs with plus receiving skills best suited to third down situations & spot usage in support of a marquis power back. Enter Marshawn Lynch, one of the absolute best in the business during his illustrious career with the Seahawks. I can’t recall the number of tines I used to watch this guy tearing apart defences & seemingly picking up huge chunks of yardage at will while thinking “why couldn’t the Raiders get this guy?”; well maybe now they CAN! If Marshaun Lynch is in even half-decent shape right now, this could actually happen! He’s not that long out of the league and is well-rested & (I’m assuming) 100% healthy. In fact, if he were to cone back & play for Oakland, he’d be playing with a body that’s effectively 2 years younger than it’s age, having averted the prospective abuse of 32+ NFL games.

    Can you imagine? No?? Well I can! And so apparently can Reggie!

  7. Lmao! In the tine it took me to write that comment, a report has surfaced confirming the now rampant speculation.

    Seems it’s TRUE!! The Raiders are in talks with Marshaun Lynch to return in 2017 as the team’s starting running back!!

    Wooo HOOOOOOOO!!!

  8. So just shut up, show up, and win! Seems to be the marshawn way and exactly what our offensive line needs. This is a quiet chemistry type O that Perfectly fits what Carr is trying g to do.

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