Dontari Poe has $500,000 weight bonus

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Dontari Poe has 500,000 reasons to get to 330 and to stay there.

Per a source with knowledge of the deal, Poe’s one-year contract with the Falcons includes a half-million bonus tied to Poe making weight on a consistent basis. Failure to meet his goals will eat (pun not intended) into his $8 million base package.

The contract otherwise pays $7.5 million fully guaranteed for 2017. Poe also can make up to $2 million in incentives based on playing time, sacks, and making it to the Pro Bowl. (The incentives are classified as “not likely to be earned,” which means they’d count against the cap in 2018 if earned in 2017.)

The weight clause makes Poe the second guy this week to tie the size of his gut to the contents of his wallet. Seahawks running back Eddie Lacy has seven different $55,000 weight targets from May through December, with a total of $385,000.

The specifics of Poe’s $500,000 weight bonus aren’t yet known. Given that Poe has specifically mentioned 330 pounds suggests that 330 is the ultimate target.

27 responses to “Dontari Poe has $500,000 weight bonus

  1. God I’m gonna miss him at Arrowhead. Falcons just got themselves a hell of a guy. If he hadn’t had a couple of back surgeries it would have been a lot harder on the Chiefs to make contracts work for him and Berry. I wish him nothing but the best and hope his back issues are done and over with.

  2. This says it all. You have to pay these guys incentives to do what they should already be doing.
    What a joke. Too bad Lombardi isn’t still coaching. He’d make guys like Poe get in shape and stay there, or they’d be gone.

  3. If he keeps his calorie intake under 10,000, which is 4x more than a normal male, and exercise moderately, he would lose about 40 pounds in 2 months.

  4. So the NFL has really become that soft of a league.. these guys are no longer motivated to have a top tier physique and do it for the love of the game.. now you have to literally pay these guys 100s of thousands of dollars just for them to lose weight, just for the hopes of them playing to a certain potential… probably a lot more motivated and hungry kids in the draft not sure the 8mill is really worth it.. wish someone would pay me 500k to lose 20lbs.. seriously think of that statement.. unreal the NFL is really a circus some of these guys are just sad, some will say oh he’s a smart business man, but at the same time if they have to wave a 500lb steak in front of you for you to get on the treadmill, think it’s time to hang the cleats..

  5. Heavyweight wallets literally. Stay the hell out of the refrigerator and no problem. Same goes for Poe and Lacy.Cut down on the greasing for financial success.

  6. Y’all saw his jump pass, even at 350 dude has some hops. He’s a freaky athlete but definitely played much better in KC at 330 than 350. He’s not a run stuffer, he’s a monster who just goes after the ball. Hope he’s healthy and gets that next big payday.

  7. Isn’t this guy a nose tackle? His job is to eat up blockers. He’s supposed to be big. Idk why teams are suddenly so obsessed with playes weight. A nose tackle and a power runner. This is crazy

  8. Half a million just for cutting out the cheeseburgers and doing some cardio. Talk about a no brainer. A lot of people would do anything for that amount.

  9. Would’ve loved him in Zimmers defense. Oh well, good job humiliating the packers!

  10. Glad he didnt stay in Miami. Guy has a bad back, is 50lbs overweight and needs a sundial to time his 40 yd dash..

  11. It’s baffling to pay huge money to keep a professional athlete under 330, I would have thought that being paid millions to begin with was motivation enough for an athlete to be in the best shape possible to play his position but I guess I’m too old fashion…
    How about fining him if he doesn’t show up at the appropriate weight? That would make more sense, no?

  12. nyneal says:
    Mar 18, 2017 10:49 AM
    This says it all. You have to pay these guys incentives to do what they should already be doing.
    What a joke. Too bad Lombardi isn’t still coaching. He’d make guys like Poe get in shape and stay there, or they’d be gone.

    He’s a DT man. He’d be fine on just about any team but dome teams (like the Falcons) tend to like smaller/faster guys on the D line.

  13. There’s $500,000 he’ll never see.

    Seriously, if the NFL was serious about player health and safety, they’d make a player weight limit. When I was a kid the game was played very well with ‘gigantic’ linemen who weighed 280 pounds. Cap the weight at maybe 290 now and not only will player injuries likely go down, but the players will live longer.

  14. Right. That’s like giving a beat cop a $2 million incentive not to eat donuts, which would also fall under the “not likely to be earned” classification. I don’t blame Poe or cops. Donuts are good!

  15. just start training with a wrestler problem solved him and lacey both. wrestlers know how to make a weight class they could give some good advice but really all they need Is the dedication..sweat pants and hoodie on while ridding the bike

  16. So, this day and age of the modern player comes down to this – don’t stop off at Krispy Creme three times per day and we will reward you. I liked the Vince Lombardi approach better – fined for every pound over your target weight. That sort of makes them responsible grown ups, don’t you agree?

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