Jets, Josh McCown talking contract parameters

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The Jets have plenty of questions for 2017. One could be answered soon.

Via Ralph Vacchiano of SNY, the Jets and quarterback Josh McCown have discussed contract parameters. Which suggests that his visit to the team is going well.

McCown would instantly be the top option under contract, given the presence of the young and unproven Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg. That could change, of course, based on the draft.

The Cowboys previously brought McCown to Dallas for a visit. He makes plenty of sense as the mentor and backup to Dak Prescott; however, signing McCown before resolving the Tony Romo situation could make it even harder to finagle a draft pick for a player who’ll inevitably be released if/when he’s not traded.

McCown’s visit to the Jets occurs with both Jay Cutler and Colin Kaepernick on the market. Per Vacchiano, the Jets remain interested in Cutler. They have no interest in Kaepernick.

Why they don’t is a different issue for a different post, but it likely has more to do with selling tickets and/or the political ideologies of ownership than Kaepernick’s current abilities. Currently, it appears that McCown is on track to become a Jet, putting the franchise’s offense in the hands of a well-traveled veteran who is underrated.

The only problem is that the rest of the roster could be overmatched.

16 responses to “Jets, Josh McCown talking contract parameters

  1. Florio:

    Why are you such a Kaepernick fan all of a sudden?

    If you were a GM would you make him your starter?

  2. McCown goes 2-2, gets hurt. Petty goes 1-6, Hackenberg replaces him and goes 0-5.

    Jets draft Darnold. He ends up playing on 4 different teams in his career with a 25-64 record as a starter.

  3. Nothing is a better illustration of how bad the NFL QB situation is than this guy, who’s had a 15 year career of mediocre-or-lower play – is still being fought over by multiple teams, and may well be the starter for the Jests this year.

    Did ticket prices go up again?

  4. Lets be honest. People like to talk about Kaepernick’s unpopular political stance, but if you took his stats over the past couple of years, you would see someone whose career is not going in the right direction.

    It is interesting that RGIII and Kap were considered the future of the NFL – and now both ar trying to hang on to their career.

    Being bad at your job, and taking potentially unpopular public stances is not conducive to finding a new employer….

  5. It will be fascinating to see if the Jets use a top draft pick for a QB this year. Jets seem to be in a no win situation (as in 0-16).

  6. As a Marine Dad, I hope no one picks up Kap. It will send a message that no one is bigger than the flag itself. He was getting paid millions while my son was fighting for his “freedom of speech” in Afganastan. I hope the owners send a message.

  7. Should grab Cutler. Dude gets a bad rap for not being a leader type but the talent is there. He was hung out to dry in Chicago. He would be the best QB the Jets have had in ages.

  8. If they sign him, which they shouldn’t, and win 5-8 games they will be even more screwed than ever. They will have blown the chance to draft a franchise QB in the 2018 draft. Best thing for the Jets is to go with one of the kids, tank the season and get to pick first or second.

    None, zero, zilch, nada of the guys they can sign will bring them to the playoffs let alone a SB. The position requires a complete rebuild. Some trade or free agent signing will not solve anything.

  9. mojodoa says:
    Mar 19, 2017 7:25 AM
    Should grab Cutler.

    Of all the options, Cutler is the absolute worst. He can destroy a team faster than Wrecks Ryan did.

  10. As a Jets fan, I just hope they don’t pay him much.
    The Jets need to tank, and McCown can help with that, he’s bad.
    But overpaying him weakens the future rebuild process.

    I want to see Petty and Hackenberg, that will guarantee the #1 pick.
    And both were drafted by the current GM.
    So he should be fired after the season.
    He’ll have had 3 years, and the team will probably be worse than when he took over.

    3 years is enough time to show if you’re worth retaining as GM.

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