Nick Foles gets $7 million guaranteed within five days of signing

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Some may call it a financial apology.

Two years after the Eagles abruptly dumped Nick Foles onto the Rams, and despite a couple of rough seasons in St. Louis and Kansas City, the Eagles have given Foles a solid contract to return as the backup to Carson Wentz.

Per a source with knowledge of the contract, it’s a two-year, $11 million deal, with $7 million guaranteed within five days of signing. The payments come in the form of a $3 million signing bonus, a $1 million fully-guaranteed base salary in 2017, a $3 million roster bonus that becomes fully guaranteed five days after the contract is signed.

The roster bonus makes it more likely that the Eagles will keep Foles in 2018, at a base salary of $4 million. (Then again, they didn’t keep Chase Daniel for the second year of his contract, despite $5 million in guaranteed base salary for 2017.)

The contract also has incentives of up to $2.5 million for 2017 and 2018 based on a variety of factors and a 2018 escalator of up to $6 million based on a various factors.

The deal includes three phony years on the back end, a cap management tool aimed at keeping the number as low as possible in 2017.

20 responses to “Nick Foles gets $7 million guaranteed within five days of signing

  1. For a team like the iggles, who people can’t stop gloating about their so called genius GM: They sure are poor at throwing monies at average players. The Daniel contract was ridiculous, the Bradford deal was understandable, only because to sign a franchise type qb you obviously need to pay them a certain range per year. Now they pay Foles, who pretty much no one else but KC and Philly had any value on him makes the GM seem like an idiot. Not to mention the reach at signing Smith and Jefferey, knowing full well you run a .500 team at best, and Jefferey, after your 6-10 upcoming season, is going to go to the highest bidder. He even said as much when he signed with you strictly for the money. If he wanted good money, but had any serious desires to play in the post season, do you really think he’d have settled for you guys? LOL! Good luck trying to trade Daniel, no ther GM is dumb enough to pay a #2 or 3 qb that insane amount this year, some starters aren’t even there. They will be forced to outright release him, and someone will sign him for somewhere between the veteran minimum, and 2-3 mill per, based on another teams desperation.

  2. Good for Foles. His problems his last year in Philly were no offensive line and a coach who didn’t care. Hopefully Wentz stay’s healthy but i feel Foles can be a great backup.

    The rams were in worse shape than Philly when Foles arrived, had some of the worst offensive personnel in the league and had the losingest coach in NFL history at it’s helm only because he had experience in moving a team ….. Great reason to throw out there for having a horrible coach/gm (you know Fisher had the last say in personnel despite him trying to throw his hand picked GM under the bus before he got fired).

    The only negative at the moment is hoping that Chase Daniels finds a team willing to pay him 5 mill for this year.

  3. St. Louis was a mess and after seeing the offensive woes last year you know Foles was not the problem. He was fine in KC and should of been an option as a starting QB for a team like Buffalo/Cleveland.

  4. If you always wanted to be a multi-millionaire, but don’t have the talent to do it the conventional way, come here and be a QB for either Arizona or Arizona State.

    You two can ride the rocket of mediocrity to untold riches. Just follow the leads of Osweiler and Foles, who never have to work again after parlaying journeyman talent into obscene wealth.

    Looks as if the NFL likes the NBA model where you don’t have to be actually good at your job to be set for life.

  5. What is up with the Eagles and overpaying their backups? Guys– let me give you some really inexpensive advice: if Carson goes down, your season is over. If Carson stays upright, you have a chance for a winning record. Spending $7Mm on Daniel or Foles is throwing money away because you aren’t winning squat with Wentz on the sidelines.

  6. The Eagles are the only team in the NFC East that has never won the Super Bowl.

    The other teams in the NFC East have MULTIPLE Super Bowl Rings

    Cowboys 5
    Giants 4
    Redskins 3
    Eagles No Super Bowl Rings

  7. He’s a solid back up on any team but I’m surprised all the needy teams out there one of them didn’t make him a starter. In St. Luis there was no line and in what few games he enjoyed in kc he was arguably better than Alex at times

  8. Saying that Nick Foles had a “couple of rough years” in St. Louis and Kansas City is a bit of mis-characterization. He had ONE rough year with the Rams. Last year he was actually very good in KC:

    36-55 passing (65%) 410 yards, 3tds, 0 interceptions, 105 passer rating, 2-0 record as a starter.

  9. angrygreenbird says:
    Mar 18, 2017 9:47 AM
    What is up with the Eagles and overpaying their backups?

    $5.5 million per year is actually a little below average for a proven veteran backup.

    Brian Hoyer is making $6M per year in San Fran and he never had a year CLOSE to what Foles did in 2013.

  10. bathroombenlovemachine says:
    Mar 18, 2017 10:02 AM
    The Eagles are the only team in the NFC East that has never won the Super Bowl.

    The other teams in the NFC East have MULTIPLE Super Bowl Rings

    Cowboys 5
    Giants 4
    Redskins 3
    Eagles No Super Bowl Rings

    18 19
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    There are 21 year olds were not born yet the last time the Cowboys or Redskins won the Super Bowl. You really zinged us there.

    1960 and 1995 are both ancient history.

    Maybe they should put up a ‘We did not suck in 1995’ banner every year.

    Playoff wins under the current division format:
    Philly 9 with 4 NFCCGs and 1 SB loss
    New York 8 with 2 NFCCGs and 2 SB wins
    Dallas 2 wins with ZERO NFCCGs
    DC 1 win with ZERO NFCCGs

    DC and Dallas fans should be pumped! Their teams have not been relevant in any way since before the division you describe was formed in 2002.

  11. if the starting qb is making the rookie scale then you can pay for more at back up to be the mentor and win games if necessary–although I wouldn’t consider Foles a good candidate for that role.

  12. Foles started 8 of 11 Rams games against playoff teams.
    This was during a season where they were moving.

    Belichick was 6-10 when Cleveland was moving.
    Maybe he struggled too?

    If Foles struggled in 2014 to a 6-2 record and he struggled in KC to 2-0 in the games he played. Sign me up for some of that 8-2 struggle which is the same record as his 2013 season.

  13. I don’t really understand the hatred for this deal unless it is just anti-eagle trolls out there. The back up figure is totally fine with me because it is cat friendly and Nick could easily step in for Wentz if necessary

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