Saints bring back Chase Daniel for a visit

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Chase Daniel’s career could be coming full circle.

Adam Caplan of ESPN reports that Daniel is visiting the Saints.

Undrafted in 2009 and cut by Washington in September of his rookie season, Daniel landed with the Saints and remained there for four seasons. They would have liked to have kept him around as the backup to Drew Brees, but the Chiefs made a strong offer and Daniel went there on a three-year deal in 2013.

After that contract expired, Daniel signed a deal with the Eagles that made him the highest-paid backup in the NFL, at $7 million per year. With Nick Foles returning to Philadelphia, the Eagles had no further use for Daniel.

The Saints may. With Drew Brees now 38, Daniel could be groomed to take over whenever Brees retires. Given the manner in which Brees has been playing, however, he could stick around even deeper into his 40s than Tom Brady does.

18 responses to “Saints bring back Chase Daniel for a visit

  1. This is Jimmy Garoppolo’s future. And we’ll all be talking about what fools the Brownies were.

  2. Breese is only sticking around to pad his stats and the Saints are dysfunctional enough to go along with it. They should have drafted his successor 4 years ago and he would be ready to take over by now.

  3. This guy has the life. He’s been in the league for 7 years and makes 7 mill a year. In 7 years, he’s thrown for 480 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT. Life couldn’t be easier.

  4. At the end of 2017 Chase Daniel will have earned over $26,000,000 playing football.

  5. Brandon in Northwest Suburbia says:

    Mar 19, 2017 6:02 PM

    Groomed to take over? Huh? He’s going to be 31 this season we aren’t talking about a rookie. They’d be choosing him over McCown as the backup. Nothing more, nothing less.


    Completely agree. Daniels started 1 game in 2013 and 1 game in 2014. He will be 31 this season. He has thrown 78 passed in 8 NFL seasons. I don’t think any team in the NFL thinks he is like to be starter material in 2018 or 2019.

    Kudos to Daniels for making a lot of money in an NFL career without wrecking his body or brain.

  6. The genius of Chase Daniel will soon be realized. His seventh season will be the charm. I can see him taking over for an injured Brees and leads the Saints to another 7-9 season.

  7. Chase, if you truly want to be a starter you’re going to have to go to an organization that has no committed starter. That’s gonna be your best chance.

  8. I love my team but their really upsetting me already.

    We have arguably the worst D in the league but we sign an OG, WR, and are bringing Daniel in.

    So far we have signed the kid Klein from Carolina and brought in Butler for a visit. NOT GOOD ENOUGH…..

    Man I hope SP and ML are scouting the defensive players in this draft pretty well cause I don’t see much improvement on D yet.

    Every time I see a picture of Loomis’ face I literally almost have an aneurysm…..

  9. Brees is indeed still putting up big numbers, but it’s been a bit misleading lately.

    He has been quite inconsistent. The Saints faithful are starting to grow concerned about his performance…..especially in relation to his gigantic salary. I’m honestly surprised they haven’t moved him yet.

    Brees has been good to New Orleans and vice versa, but the Saints brass really needs to be thinking about the future. The current roster is not winning a Super Bowl and they’re paying Drew him 22 million a year.

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