Six weeks later, still no sign of Tom Brady’s Super Bowl jersey

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Six weeks already have passed since the Patriots won Super Bowl LI. Six weeks also have passed since someone stole quarterback Tom Brady’s jersey.

Much was said and written about the whereabouts of the $500,000 item in the aftermath of the game. In recent weeks, nothing.

So where does it stand? Glad you asked, even if you didn’t.

“We know that there are many agencies working on it and I think we are all hopefully optimistic that it will get resolved soon,” Patriots spokesman Stacey James told PFT via email on Sunday.

When PFT interviewed Brady last month, he was due to speak to someone about the situation. The precise status of the investigation isn’t known, and few are saying anything about the things that are being done to find it.

The universe of potential culprits is fairly small. The thief has had plenty of chances to find a way to discreetly get the thing back to Brady without ending up behind bars.

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  1. On the plus side, my lucky Judge Berman jersey is still going strong. Roger that!

  2. Purely hypothetical dilemma: a guy gets word to Brady that he has the jersey and has an offer of 1/2 million dollars for it. The guy then tells Brady that he will send $400,000 of the proceeds to Brady’s favorite charity (Best Buddies in case you are wondering), but the catch is that the guy will get to keep $100,000 and the buyer will be able to display the jersey publicly because they have received Tommy’s blessing. If you were Brady what would you do?

  3. This story is a sure sign that free agency is slowing down. Nothing to report today.

  4. for all we know that jersey could be in North Korea or Russia right now lol or It could be within a mile radius of bradys home we may never know

  5. Its gone man. I wish I could just say “let’s move on” but I realize that’s not gonna happen, this story will drag on through training camp before dying out in September. Of course if the Pats repeat as AFC champs we will be hearing about it again next JAN/FEB

  6. Prior to the next “big game”, take five minutes and sew a small tracker into the collar of his jersey (or anybody’s jersey that might be a target for thieves) so that it can be found if somebody decides to add to their memorabilia collection.

    It works well for tracking my pet, so certainly something similar can be done to minimize the risk of this happening again. With all of the money the NFL spends on whiz-bang technology you would think this nut would have been cracked by now.

  7. Brady should work out for a couple hours in a matching jersey, telling Giselle not to wash it afterwards. Then he can get on Facebook with a selfie holding the jersey and post, “Holy Smokes, guess what I found in the bottom of the dirty clothes bin?”

    Problem solved. Brady can frame the jersey on the wall as a momento of his great victory over the Falcons while also having the deep satisfaction of screwing the thief (if there is one) out of half a mil.

  8. Why would that jersey reappear?

    Brady is using that for his retirement checks and he intentionally stole his own jersey.

  9. Good. I feel better about a passionate fan cherishing it for the rest of his life, as opposed to Brady, who’ll stick it somewhere and it’ll be forgotten.

    I’d be much more concerned over a missing ring than a jersey.

  10. Ted Wells should be investigating. He’ll decide who might have more probably than not could have taken it and go from there…. without the jersey or any other proof, of course.

  11. Jimmy Hoffa is wearing it, buried behind the grassy knolls next to the second shooter and the Seahawk guy who drew up the pass play where Lynch didn’t get the ball.

  12. “many agencies working on it”

    What does that even mean? How many keystone kops does it take to find a missing shirt? Just a guess the NFL will institute some sort of *uniform police force* moving forward.

  13. The jersey is virtually worthless.

    The chain of possession has been broke, so you would never be able to actually prove that the jersey is authentic. I don’t care if Tom Brady himself stood on top of Gillette Stadium and screamed to the heavens that he was in possession of the jersey, with the detail of the reproductions it can never be proven. Also if you have the actual jersey, it’s stolen property. You are insane if you think you can sell it.

  14. Certainly someone on the Atlanta Falcons….must have been….generally aware of the scheme to steal the Patriots equipment.

    Start asking for personal cell phones. The first member of that organization to claim that the NFL has no right to see their personal telephone can be assumed to have stolen the jersey.

    The NFL needs to protect the integrity of the game and Atlanta needs to lose their 1st round draft pick in 2017 and their 4th round draft pick in 2018.

  15. ariani1985 says:
    Mar 19, 2017 3:58 PM

    This does not sit well with 2 yard tom.

    “2 yard tom” is a term used by those who can’t count higher than 2.

  16. Like raiderinva, I agree that the jersey is pretty much of no real valule anymore. The provenance is shot. Unless you can get Brady’s DNA off the jersey, AND find some unique, identifying mark that is on the jersey and clearly shows in photos of him wearing the jersey during or immediately following the game, there is no way it could be conclusively proved it was the game worn, Brady jersey.
    Maybe it’ll show up on Antique Roadshow 40 years from now with some kid saying his grandfather always said it was from Brady’s 5th Super Bowl; but he’s not sure how he got it.

  17. A jersey worn by the GOAT SYSTEM QB will fetch for a pretty large sum of money someday. The thief has no incentive to return it at this time.

  18. Reminiscent of the line in the Bourne Identity … “Great police work!” Houston’s finest is on the case with the Texas Rangers both of whom look like two of the three stooges. What an indictment of the stadium, NFL and Texas law enforcement!

  19. Brady just have to win SB number six to devalue that jersey. Which reminds me I have an old wicked fourth ring shirt. I might just have to doctor it soon. It’s fairly new.

  20. Just another trophy to the black markets highest bidders. You have to remember we are appalled at ISIS for destroying ancient artifacts although a lot of it that is not trashed on propaganda video is sold to Americans on the down low…

  21. No way, Brady must have it. Cause the HOF would’ve wanted it and this is all his way of saying go screw to the NFL corporate organization that started the witch hunt….

  22. This is not a problem as he will be getting another one this year. There is also no truth to the rumor that the jersey is hanging in Roger’s secret basement room

  23. I am gonna guess that, who ever has this jersey is not going to cough it up now. There is no way that the person holding it could ever sell it, for anywhere near what it is worth.

  24. I hate to say it but whoever took it might have, once it became a big media sensation, destroyed it. Since it had become too hot to try selling and even having it around offered some risk, burning it would at least insure that it was no longer something to get caught with.

  25. Its either hanging in a gold leaf frame with glass on a deep mahogany wall….or Brady has it.

    Stolen paintings are often displayed in plain sight, by a private owner of it, very few eyes ever see it.

    The super bowl game jerseys had a limited run by Nike, unique fabrication and identifiable stitching to prove its authenticity. DNA from sweat and possible hair fibers could prove that it “the” jersey that Tom Brady wore. A serious owner (possessing ) the Jersey likely has already had this done and documented.

  26. They should have searched the backpacks that some in the media had like the attendant told Brady. Unfortunately, the two crack security guys looked lost.

  27. ariani1985 says:
    Mar 19, 2017 3:58 PM

    This does not sit well with 2 yard tom.
    And this is the best skippy can do nowadays.

  28. I hate to say this but this man has everything in this life and more, who gives a flyin f&$k if he ever finds His jersey? Brady sounds like a little baby about this whole thing. Does it suck? Sure but I hope whomever may have it now is a huge Brady fan and appreciates it. If someone stole it to profit it’s not like he can do anything about it l. It’s kinda like when fat Fran-cess stole pee wee Herman bike and pee wee was so relentless on finding it that Francis realized he would never enjoy it so he paid his goon to get rid of it. I’d like to see tom Brady go on a zainy adventure to get his jersey back. Now hat would be fun!

  29. Seems to me people are saying “it can’t be sold now”
    Implying that the person who took it is there, somehow still hanging on to it.

    In the Art world, when valuable art is stolen, it is stolen on request.
    It’s not out of the question to think something like this has happened with the shirt.

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