Why won’t Browns take a chance on Colin Kaepernick?

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Six years ago, then-Raiders coach Hue Jackson wanted Colin Kaepernick. One year ago, now-Browns coach Hue Jackson was willing to give up a third-round pick to get Kaepernick, and to pay him $7 million or more per year.

This year, the Browns could get Kaepernick for no trade compensation and a bargain-basement contract. But they don’t want him.

Doug Lesmerises of the Cleveland Plain Dealer argues that they should. The football reasons are undeniable; at the quarterback position, the supply doesn’t meet demand — especially given the trade demands of teams that have quarterbacks they’d be willing to move.

From a football standpoint, if the Browns wanted Kaepernick a year ago there’s no reason to not want him now. They opted to focus on Robert Griffin III, and that experiment didn’t go well. They seem to be interested in getting Jimmy Garoppolo (and maybe Kirk Cousins as the fallback), which suggests they aren’t sold on any of the incoming rookies.

So why aren’t they willing to give Hue Jackson a chance to do what Jim Harbaugh did little more than four years ago with Kaepernick, making him into a Super Bowl starter? The most likely explanation is the political firestorm Kaepernick started by refusing to stand for the National Anthem and the reasons he supplied for his decision. Apart from concerns about a percentage of the Browns fan base objecting loudly to Kaepernick’s presence (if they’re still hanging around after years of ineptitude, it’s not like signing Kaepernick would get them to check out), owner Jimmy Haslam’s personal political beliefs quite possibly resulted in Kaepernick becoming disqualified from consideration.

A Republican who gave heavily to the effort to elect Jeb Bush and whose brother is the Governor of Tennessee, it’s possible that Haslam has found a way to make his disdain for Kaepernick known in the building in the same way Haslam made known his affinity for Johnny Manziel. Haslam could truthfully say he hasn’t instructed his football employees to not sign Kaepernick, in the same way Haslam truthfully can say he never instructed his football employees to pick Manziel.

Being the boss means not having to ask for something so expressly. Haslam, through stray comments or random questions, can make his views easily known. With the Kaepernick situation emerging last August, Haslam’s private reaction (whatever it may have been) to the situation would also say plenty about his potential reaction to the football people making Kaepernick one of the football players on the team Haslam owns.

This same mindset possibly accounts for the failure of other quarterback-needy teams to give Kaepernick a call. The Jets, owned by a man who supported Donald Trump well enough to become the ambassador to the United Kingdom, likely won’t be giving a job to a player Trump has directly called out.

Other teams should at least be kicking Kaepernick’s tires as a potential starter, from the Texans to the Jaguars (if they’re not sold on Blake Bortles) to the Broncos (who would have traded for him a year ago if he’d taken a pay cut). The fact that no one has even brought him in for a visit suggests that something more than football is influencing the process.

Hopefully, he’ll get a fair chance to compete for a roster spot and for playing time. Although Ron Jaworski’s assessment that Kaepernick could become one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time may be badly off the mark, Kaepernick isn’t so bad that he shouldn’t at least be getting a chance to show what he can still do.

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  1. “Why won’t Browns take a chance on Colin Kaepernick?”

    Because he sucks and, on top of that, they don’t need the baggage that comes with him.

  2. This is only marginally about politics if at all. The simple fact is that Kap can’t play at an NFL level anymore. The fact that he chose to kneel down for the national anthem didn’t help, but if he could play it wouldn’t matter.

  3. You honestly had to ask that question? Nothing could be more obvious, and I, for one, completely agree with The Browns and the other 31 teams that are avoiding him. I’m all for second chances, I just want his to occur in Canada.

  4. Because he sucks as a QB.
    The league figured him out, he had no answer or ability to evolve himself and he is toast.
    He knew his career was in the dumpster and THAT is why he went into his little protest act.
    Now that no one wants to sign him he and others can blame racism instead of just admitting that he lost his job based on his production (or lack of) just like any other NFL QB can.

    If he can no longer play, he did this image suicide to himself and not one team wants to talk to him then why even bring him up anymore?
    Let him fade away just like the hundreds of other NFL QBs that were once a flash in the pan.

  5. Just like it was his “right” to express his opinion. It is the team owners right to hire whomever they want. No story here, he chose to take that path, he should have known there may be consequences…

  6. Squid is a cheap self serving fraud and was an obnoxious jerk long before he started squatting. Don’t try to make him a martyr. He made it into a race issue because of the QB competition with Gabbert. The majority of the team is black so he knew it was in his interest to divide the locker room and take the competition away from being based purely on merit.

  7. Haslam is a con man who stole millions of dollars from his PilotFlyingJ customers, no doubt using some of the money to help buy the team. He should be in jail, not owning an NFL team.

  8. Because a blue collar city like Cleveland has fans that want no part of an entitled jerkoff like crapernick.

    Yeah he’ll stand now that he wants paid – so transparent.

    Ownership knows his average talent is not worth the fan base backlash!

    I sincerely hope no one signs him.

  9. 1. He’s garbage. 2. He would alienate a large percentage of the fan base (if I were otherwise a diehard Browns fan, this would be all that I need for an excuse to tune out the team)

  10. Question: “Why won’t Browns take a chance on Kaepernick?”

    Answer: Maybe because they are tired of being the Browns?

  11. If they’re going to sign a QB they want it to be an upgrade over Cody Kessler and Kevin Hogan.

  12. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait until every single manufacturers political affiliations are made public so I know which toilet paper is liberal and which toilet paper is conservative.

  13. Oh my God, you guys still haven’t figured it out.

    Nobody wants Kaepernick because he’s terrible. He’s lost back there behind the Offensive Line. He’s a one read quarterback that waits for his receiver to get open and then throws it. If that guy doesn’t get open, he starts running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.

    The whole kneel-down thing isn’t the reason. It certainly cemented his situation now, but if he was any good, do you not think someone, SOMEONE, would take a chance on him? We’re talking about a league who gives convicted criminals a second chance. Winning would cure everything and make everybody forget about the kneel-down.

    And stop with the whole “he took them to the Superbowl” bs. Geez, they would have won that Superbowl with Alex Smith. And maybe the following year too. Joe Flacco has won a Superbowl, Eli Manning has won two, Peyton Manning won a Superbowl when he was less than average compared to when he was great. Trent Dilfer, Phil Simms, Brad Johnson. On and on and on.

    You guys give too much credit to the QB when the team wins. And too much blame when the team loses.

    32 teams out there, and not one is willing to take a flier on a supposedly great QB.

  14. Last year, Who Jackson wanted RG29 when nobody else did and paid the clown $7M ! Now, peeps are saying the Browns should sign Kapnick, when nobody else will, and pay another clown. Huh???

  15. Haslam is just like the rest of the Republican power brokers. He/they would rather do what’s best for themselves than what is best for the greater good.

  16. Hey PFT, do you remember when his political motivations could not have possibly been linked to anything that reduced viewership of the NFL?

    But here now you suppose that one of the owners believes it will negatively affect his organization?

  17. Simple. They just got done with the RGIII experience.

    QBs who can run really have little incentive to develop pocket skills in JV, HS & College because they can just out-run trouble. So they pretty-much don’t.

    Yet in every decade a few teams decide they can build the rare running quarterback. And since it’s rare, teams aren’t used to it, so those QBs succeed for a bit. However, the NFL catches up and the cycle repeats: peak early, fail, and learn the hard way that the NFL is the wrong place to learn pocket skills.

    What kills me in all this is how the press, fans, and to some extent, NFL GMs keep failing to learn this lesson.

    Running QBs who succeed are super rare. And most that do tend to have played in an offense where running was more the exception than the rule and they were trained as pocket passer. And that’s very uncommon in HS and College ball.

  18. ancient-mariner says:
    Mar 19, 2017 5:05 PM
    Tebow 2.0
    Tebow is a God fearing Christian. Kaep is a hypocrite. Oh, and Tebow is employed, too.

  19. Maybe now he will understand the difference between “taking a knee” during a game and doing so while the national anthem is played…

  20. 1) The Browns were 1-15. Their fan base is loyal but as discouraged as anytime in their history
    2) The Cavs are defending Champs, The Indians lost in Game 7 of the Wotkd Series and Ohio St is about to compete for a college title.
    3) Kaepernick is not a good QB
    4) Kaepernick’s on again, off again protest alienated the casual NFL fan base and especially turned off a blue collar town like Cleveland. Signing him only further turns off the fan base.

    Any questions?

  21. Stop with the “given a chance” monologue. He had his chance to compete last year and proceeded to kneel his way out of town. If you are having a problem drawing fans why would Cleveland want to irritate the remaining ones and bring this clown in. Stop this liberal “chance” crap and let him move on to the CFL, McDonalds or wherever. No team wants him and the distractions it is going to bring. If you think he should be given another chance why don’t you petition your favorite team to bring him in??

  22. Everyone keeps talking about the politics, but everyone seems to forget that the dude has flat out stunk the last few seasons. RGIII played great his first season and the browns took a chance, we see where that got them. Maybe if Kap went back to his old diet and conditioning his play would pick up again and someone would want him. Being there are currently no rewards to get with the downside of the political firestorm I don’t see him playing next season.

  23. “Shouldn’t at least be getting a chance to show what he can still do.”

    Everyone already knows. He can stare down his primary read and if that isnt open, he can take off running like a chicken with his head cut off or fling it out of bounds.

    A year ago the 49ers put him on the trade block and the only two offers they got were for a mid round draft pick and the 49ers to eat half his salary. The protests are the only thing that have kept him from being another dime a dozen generic NFL backup QB.

  24. How would his jersey sell? I didn’t see that forced into the article like the marshawn Lynch ones

  25. Hey Florio, maybe it’s simply because he sucks? So what if he threw 16 TD’s and 4 INT last year? He was playing in Chip Kelly’s super-conservative, 2-yards-per-play offense that didn’t involve taking shots downfield. He was still 1-11 as a starter last year.

  26. There is absolutely no way the Browns sign this guy. Who reports this stuff? Not every city is as lame and/or liberal as the west coast cities. Cleveland will have no part of this entitled loser.

  27. Because Krap stinks!

    How many times do they need to do stupid things at QB?

    Manziel, RG Me, Krap?

    Especially when Garoppolo is there to be had!

  28. The wheel that squeaks the loudest gets changed, that’s why. Politics, nor ostentatious religious displays, have no place in sports.

  29. The 49ers have to shoulder some of the blame for not dumping him last year before the season when Elway was hot for him and before his protest gained national attention but as Harbaugh has pointed out, when it comes to building a ball team, what Trent & Jed know could not blow up a small balloon.

  30. Maybe because he showed himself to be anti-American, pro-attacks on police, and an anti-white racist.

    Plenty of patriotic QBs you can sign if you want to win a handful or less games.

  31. People make life changing decisions everyday…..he made his and his life in the NFL is over
    Forget the fact that his game is garbage and Geno Smith would have been a better fit and that’s really reaching the bottom of the barrel but his politics are the main reason he is out of a job.

  32. God Bless America. I would not sign Kap if he paid me 7 million dollars. Just people exercising their right on who they employ.

  33. Kaeps a wrap

    As a 9ER fan. I can telll you I’ve seen enough passes at wide open WR’s ankles and overthrown passes from Kaep.

    I’ll take my chances with Hoyer

  34. It’s simple. Kaepernick is very similar to RGIII, who the Browns got rid of. A very athletic QB with a nice arm but is always looking to run as soo. As the play breaks down instead of keeping their eyes downfield.

  35. You damn right well know why. If you have forgotten all you need do is read the comments on previous articles. Outside of New England, where they would never be so tone deaf as to let him attach the word Patriot to his name, there are only a few team’s front offices with the coin to survive the fan backlash that would come with signing him if/when it went south. The Browns are not one of them.

  36. IF, and I do mean a big IF Kraep had been 100% sincere on why he was choosing to take a knee, why did he not vote? why, when he was getting ready to hit the open market did he suddenly change his mind and state he would not be taking a knee this year?

    His commitment to his cause took a serious credibility hit.

  37. Isn’t he way skinnier now and not nearly in the shape he was in his heyday with the Niners? I mean if he walks into the building and has the body of Joe from accounting, then he is probably not the QB you need.

  38. The answer to your question boils down to these few words: Because he’s a turd.

  39. He choose to make a political statement. Which is his right, but he did it while on the job at his work place.

    His employer has the right to expect him to be concentrated on doing his job not being a distraction for the job to be completed by him or his coworkers. Future employers are evaluating the commitment he has to his job vs other interests. If the distraction is worth the risk.

    I expect him to get an opportunity after the draft, when someone has a hole at qb. But it will be on their terms not ck’s

  40. I disagree with the premise that if the Browns wanted him a year ago, they should sign him now. One year has passed and if you watched him at all, you know that he has regressed to the point of no return. Simply stated, he sucks!

  41. This Steeler fan remembers Dan Rooney accepting the role of ambassador to Ireland under the previous administration, which, if I remember correctly, was a big fan of social justice. I also seem to remember something called the Rooney Rule. Yet I don’t see the Steelers signing this Kap. Did they become Trump supporting racists this year?

  42. The Browns are an iconic NFL team. Of course the fans are still hanging around. And we’re everywhere. Travel around America and beyond. You’ll find Browns Backers bars everywhere.

  43. Browns are trying to establish a New England type of atmosphere, where you fill the locker room with players who love football and put the team first.
    Kap doesn’t love football, and puts himself first not the team.

  44. It has nothing to do with his political beliefs or his talent. It simply because no team can find a helmet to fit over the giant afro he grew when he decided he wanted to start identifying as an oppressed black man, instead of an entitled white boy from the suburbs which is reality.

  45. Jim Harbaugh took a chance in starting Kaepernick over Alex Smith. The Niners still made it to the Super Bowl with a very strong defense and a pretty good running game (Frank Gore and Kaepernick). Smith isn’t a great QB but he is good. Harbaugh wrongly guessed that Kaepernick had a higher ceiling for performance than Smith. Harbaugh was wrong.

    Kaepernick had a good TD-INT ratio but that was mostly because of the Niners short passing game under Kelly combined with the Niners being behind most every game (teams would get ahead of the Niners and then just sit back, giving Kaepernick everything underneath and he still couldn’t take much advantage of it; look at his low Yards/Attempt and completion percentage).

    If Kaepernick could go through his progressions and throw a good deep ball, leading to 250+ yard games with 0-1 INT and the ability to guide an offense to take a lead early in a game, there’d be a lot of demand on the market for him. He could be super liberal, super conservative, a vocal atheist, a vocal religious extremist, or even a former criminal. If he was a good NFL QB there’d be demand for his services. It’s just that he’s not a good NFL QB.

  46. what a moronic post. Again an outsider who doesn’t have details trying to give his opinion. As stated Kaepernick SUCKS!!!!! Secondly, his problems started WHILE Harbaugh was there not just after. Thirdly, its time they either groom their existing Kessler, get a QB with no baggage and draft the best they can. They and we as fans don’t need another LONG shot. We need a better team and stability. Oh, and Hue maybe ole Hue has limits with what he can work with and knows it. Finally, the team needs a leader not a distraction. Thats all ole Kappy is now.

  47. Not only is he a polarizing figure – he SUCKS as a quarterback. If you are the Browns the last thing you need to bring in is another QB failure.

  48. He’s sucks and would have a job if he did t.

    Harbaugh did not do anything but cloak his inadequacies as a QB with Gore and NFL best oline and defense. You can have a brain dead QB when you nail down those things.

  49. Employers do not have to give reason why they do not hire someone. This will be the case in the NFL for Kaepernick. One can speculate all they want. On as to why no one wants him.

  50. While I’m not going to argue that Kaep is football-wise anywhere near the level he was a few years ago, if you believe that his skills are significantly low enough to not get any interest while guys like Glennon, Foles, Hoyer, McCown and Barkley are getting signed, then you’re delusional.

    The lack of interest in him due directly to his stance on kneeling during the anthem, and that’s a damn shame. He chose to exercise a first amendment right and perform a peaceful protest- one that didn’t affect anyone, but himself. And when people tried to call him out and say, “Talk is cheap! What are you doing about the supposed injustices?” He put his money where his mouth is and has made donations not just in money but in his time to various social organizations.

    Meanwhile, you can beat the hell out of a woman but still get some moderate interest (as long as there’s no video of the incident).

    Priorities are seriously messed up around the league and amongst its fans when a peaceful protest (that was everntually supported by a number of players around the league) is deemed more toxic than things like assault or drunken driving.

  51. Here’s why no team will take a chance.

    His skill set has diminished to the point where he is painfully average.

    There are better quarterbacks still available.


    1-11 last year as a starter

  52. I read about half of these looking the REAL answer, didn’t see it…so, simply put here it is:

    “They are still trying to wash away the after-taste (fail) of the QB-FKA ‘Johnny Football’– and *NOT take another big bite of a slice of a same dish, called “Bad, Selfish QB Sideshow & Circus.”

  53. The Browns are already the worst team in the NFL why sign a Turd 3rd string QB like Krapineck who is delusional and thinks he’s a superstar QB? The Browns need to improve not get worse.

  54. If they wanted to waste another year trying to rehab a washed up option QB they could have kept RGIII

  55. Because they have 3,246 draft picks and only valued lineman positions high enough to pay for in the first round of free agency. If there was a market for any free agent QB’s I could understand people saying they should grab them now but there really isn’t. There’s way more free agent QB’s than there are positions for them and that includes backups.

    Because of this a lot of QB’s still on the market aren’t going to see a new team until after the draft plays out. This also means that they will be worth a lot less meaning the longer Cleveland waits the less likely they’re going to have to pay a lot for Kaepernick or any other QB’s services. That’s why you’re getting so many rumors about possible trades. Cleveland has all the ammunition in the world to literally get any QB they want that isn’t a franchise commodity for their team or any QB in the draft they want. Free agent QB in a poor market for free agent QB’s are a dime a dozen so why the hurry?

  56. Their are better qbs still looking for jobs. What is the liberal media’s obession with him getting a job? He sucks and he is toxic. Hw should not be on a teams roster. What don’t you get? Kind of obvious unless you have an agenda to keep this going. I think the media will keep harping on this and we know why.

  57. The guy broke no team or league rules by refusing to stand for the national anthem. Whether you dislike him for that action, it isn’t as though he has attacked someone physically, taken advantage of a woman whilst intoxicate, or taken drugs.

    It is within Kaepernick’s own interest to not sign with a team just yet. He knows that QB needy teams will look heavily at this year’s draft, and there will be teams who don’t get their guy.

    At that point his phone will start ringing.

    There is little incentive for him to sign with a team only for a QB to drop unexpectedly into their laps come the draft. That would mean that Kaepernick would either be a stand in for a season, or dropped straight into a QB competition where the coach may decide that starting the rookie – regardless of who might help them win now – will give him more time to rebuild the team before people start calling for him to be fired.

    Kaepernick is young enough for a team to draft around him to provide protection or weapons. Love him or hate him, let’s see what his employment status is at the beginning of June.

  58. He doesn’t have a clue on what he’s protesting just like the other snowflakes in this country. I’ve never seen such a group of cry babies. You’ve heard of our Greatest Generation, Kaepernap generation is known as the clown show generation. We would be speaking Japanese or Russian if his generation were in charge during ww1 or ww2.

  59. dmnirican says:
    Mar 19, 2017 6:54 PM
    While I’m not going to argue that Kaep is football-wise anywhere near the level he was a few years ago, if you believe that his skills are significantly low enough to not get any interest while guys like Glennon, Foles, Hoyer, McCown and Barkley are getting signed, then you’re delusional.


    All of Foles, Hoyer, McCown and Barkley are getting paid a lot less than Kaepernick was paid last year. Of the group, only Hoyer seems like a probable starter (others are all backups or, in McCown’s case, a low priced veteran QB starter if the Jets don’t pass on him) and that’s for the Niners at $8 million/year for 2 years. That’s a big savings for the Niners compared to Kaepernick.

    Glennon is the only QB in the group who got a medium level starting QB deal ($15 million/ year for 3 years), and that’s probably because the Bears were desperate for a QB, Glennon is 2 years younger than Kaepernick, Glennon has a healthier history (no surgery compared with Kaepernick having had major shoulder surgery), and Glennon has (rightly or wrongly) been viewed as having good potential (unlike Kaepernick who is viewed as having established he isn’t good).

    Maybe Kaepernick is asking for too much money or is seeking to be a starter. If he looked for $4-$6 million/year as a backup maybe he would get signed somewhere. But maybe he is still expecting more than $10 million/year and a starting role. I don’t see that happening.

  60. He hooked up with some white-hating, Muslim chick who convinced him to go vegan (thus altering his body strength and size), brought shame on his team and generally sucks as a football player.

    Gee… why don’t all teams wants Sackorpick?

  61. Actually, Kap still can be productive if in the right system….Truth be told his days in the NFL are over…The NFL hierchy and most of the fan base are staunch conservatives at heart… Players are equivalent to horses at the Kentucky derby to them…..If they get hurt, commit suicide, experience social/economic injustice nobody cares…..”shut up, get out there and contribute to a win in some shape form or fashion. Heck, I am paying you millions a year boy”, (per your avg NFL coach/GM/owner/fan)…….

  62. “Why won’t Browns take a chance on Colin Kaepernick?”

    “Being the boss means not having to ask for something so expressly.”
    Ok, if you can’t answer # 1 then you just have not paid attention to the sport you cover.

    As for #2, that mindset only applies to poor/ineffective bosses that require some form of plausible deniability or are those who cannot lead.

  63. Even though the 9ers are the laughingstock of the league, letting Krapper walk was a clear indication they want to improve and ultimately win. It might take 5 years, but there’s a good chance Lynch is committed.

  64. Take all the politics out of it and let’s just look at it from pure football business. He hasn’t looked good on the field. It may be in part to a bad team but his mechanics seem off. Maybe a good coach/mentor can change that. He definitely would be a good backup to have on the bench.

  65. The left wing sympathizers are extra sensitive that their boy Kaepernick doesn’t have a job. Must be the Russians’ fault.

  66. The Browns do not have enough leadership and Lap has shown he isn’t strong in that department. Even when he was making his stance it was about him, not the team. He made no real effort to bring awareness to his cause and thought that just sitting during​ the anthem was enough. It showed me poor judgement. Either you have a cause you want to help solve or you just made it up because you were sulking on the sidelines and didn’t want to admit to it. The Browns can not risk bringing in someone that barely invests in their cause to make the team better.

  67. “From a football standpoint, if the Browns wanted Kaepernick a year ago there’s no reason to not want him now. ” – REALLY? If you don’t stand for the national anthem in Cleveland… you will get showered with garbage as police look into the stands to see if someone might be slightly intoxicated and needs assistance. This man is toxic. NOW he’s going to stand because all of the world’s injustices are fixed or he wants to get paid? You can’t have it both ways. I would rather lose without him then lose with him. He doesn’t want to be here either. His brand is tainted. He’s garbage now. Want proof? The Browns won’t even sign him.
    Doug Lesmerises isn’t worth the ink it takes to read him.

  68. Why won’t Browns take a chance on Colin Kaepernick?

    Maybe because the Browns still have a smidge of dignity left.

  69. Nonsense. His unpopular national anthem protest had nothing to do with it. If he could still play worth a dang, seveal teams would be lined up for his services. The NFL is scarce on average qbs.

  70. The man took a knee during the National Anthem nearly every week.

    Far as I’m concerned, he should never play in the NFL again. He’s he isn’t exiled.

  71. Elections have consequences.

    Colin “elected” to disrespect the country, be pro-attacks on police, and engage in anti-white racism.

    His act has no place in the new pro-America.

  72. Florio – quick tutorial on the Browns. Whrn they want to pass misinformation they use Mary Kay because she’ll buy anything. When they want to put their side out, they use Pluto, because he is the dean of Cleveland sports reporters. When they want a trial balloon before they try something, they don’t discourage a smart reporter who knows football from a good idea. I know you like Grossi, but can you say has been?

  73. Apparently Florio missed Kaepernick’s game in Buffalo. He was 13 of 29 for 187 in the blowout 45-16 loss. I mention it not only because I watched the game (Bills fan) but because Kaepernick was unable to clear the low bar set by Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Jets against Wrex Ryan’s awful defensive scheme. If there was any team where Kaepernick could have shown that he has anything left to offer a team it was against Buffalo. Instead, Kaepernick stunk up the joint. No one should be bringing him in to start or even really compete for the starting role.

    Oh, and then there’s that whole “the U.S. is an awful country” thing that turned off record numbers of football fans.

    So he stinks and he makes people want to do something else with their Sundays. The question isn’t why some team hasn’t taken a chance on Kaepernick but rather why on earth would any team take a chance on him?

  74. It could be that the Browns saw him play the last 2 years and saw how bad he was. How is Kaepernick an upgrade from RGIII? Mediocrity plus the PR baggage Kaepernick brings is not worth the headache.

    By the way, what that reporter from the Cleveland Plain Dealer writes and wants means pretty much nothing. NFL teams don’t do what their beat reporters say they they should do – if they did, then the Browns are in much worse shape then even what they appear to be.

  75. Coach up Osweiler.. that Texan Qb whisperer couldn’t coach peewee football


    Yes this! Thank you!

    O is a guy who was very inconsistent last year in a new system (with a big contract) with a coach (O’Brien) that some quarterbacks including Tom Brady have had some differences with. When O’Brien was the offensive coordinator in New England he and Brady famously had a well publicized shouting match in New England. Brady who some think is the GOAT quarterback of all time took the fall and fell on his sword claiming that he was at fault for losing his cool with O’Brien.

    Last year O’Brien and O had an argument and that was cited by some sources as one of the reasons O had to go.

    Give Hue Jackson a chance with O please. He turned Andy Dalton into a star and rookie Cody Kessler played well last year too.

    O’Brien has been through a lot of quarterbacks in Texas over the last few years. Romo should be cautiously weary.

    Give O a chance!

  76. Football is great, because it’s the one place you can get away from politics. Well not anymore– thanks media!!!

  77. Because they don’t want him…pretty simple answer. Some of these sportswriters crack me up…they think because they believe some player should be coveted by a team, therefore the team should belly up to the bar. Sorry, but it just doesn’t work that way. I’m sure Jackson & the Browns have valid reasons for steering clear of Kap. It’s their prerogative. Stop trying to play GM and let it be. Yikes.

  78. Kaep created his own political problems. You can be a Diva is you’re an all pro. If you suck, you get cut.

    The Browns simply don’t need more QBs that can’t play.

  79. Please, vote this comment down!

    I am completely fed up with all this ‘anti American’ rubbish!

    Everyone has their own thoughts and his beliefs, and every time somewhere in America or the rest of the world someone fights to protect those those thoughts or beliefs, they are quite rightly protecting Kaepernick’s.

    To say that a certain individual is not allowed to have such thoughts or beliefs is as un-American as you can be.

    So what if he didn’t stand for the national anthem – his minor individual protest didn’t prevent any of the other players or fans from standing.

    So what if he made comments about the police – he is just of many thousands of Americans who also made such comments.

    As an American it should be any individual’s right to make a comment or protest in anyway they see fit as long as it isn’t illegal or has the potential to physically harm themselves or another person.

    Instead, I have read so many racist, bigoted, political, nationalist, and un-American comments on this post alone!

    Before you start shooting from the hip at Kaepernick, perhaps you should look at yourself in a mirror!

  80. Kaepernicks freedom of speech rights which are constantly defended by Mr. Florio and others works only one way apparently. There are costs for irresponsible, inflammatory speech which is the way it should be. Kaepernick had a right to sit down just as the owners now have a right to keep him sitting on the outside looking in. His actions have consequences and just because the media loves his message does not mean that it resonates with anyone outside their naive bubble.

  81. Why don’t you talk with your favorite team, the Jets, they don’t have a QB. It must be tough for you these days, Clinton, the Jets, Zac leaving.

  82. Who cares.

    Why dont they take a chance on Ryan Fitzpatrick, hes better than Kaepernick?

    Why didnt they take a chance on Nick Foles? Hes better too.

    They passed on better QBs than Kaepernick this offseason. Give the Browns a little credit here. Bringing in Kaepernick doesnt solve anything for them. They’re still in the same boat of needing a QB whether hes on the roster or not.

  83. “The Browns could get Kaepernick for no trade compensation and a bargain-basement contract. ”
    As irritated as I am by his refusal to stand for the national anthem, I’m all for it. All these people saying he can’t play are ignoring the fact that there’s no risk involved unless they can’t handle a little fan backlash. And if they can’t handle that, what can they handle? Do it.

  84. I do not understand why NFL management, their broadcast partners and the sports media can’t grasp reality: fans do not want any of the above using football as a vehicle for social or political awareness, nor do we want it from players. We treat a game as though it’s critical to the existence of mankind because it provides a compelling distraction from the responsibilities and externalities that actually are.

    Team owners, management and coaching staff get it. Then again, they have the burden of locker rooms to manage and seats to sell.

  85. Kaepernick opted out of his contract with SF or he’d have a job. He made his own bed. Cry, cry, cry.

  86. Fact: Then GM Trent Baalke granted Kap’s request to seek a trade, but he also said that the Niners have no intention of trading him. If the Browns were willing to give up a 3rd round pick, so what? It makes no difference.

    Is Kap available for a bargain basement price and no compensation? That is debatable. We don’t know what his contract demands are and how little he will sign for. The Browns said they don’t want him. That is their prerogative of course, but there is no hint that Kap wants the Browns either. So, the feeling could be mutual.

    Hue Jackson had Johnny Football, who was the best QB they had, and he dumped him and signed RGIII for millions. That is not a smart move, and it shows that he is not a good decision maker.

  87. I think teams who want a QB to improve their chance of going to the Super Bowl (e.g. Houston and Denver) are waiting to see if Tony Romo will be cut. Perhaps they are also negotiating with Dallas for a trade. Their second choice may or may not be Kap, but it is too early to know what Houston and Denver may do. The Jets are also in the market for a QB, so it will be interesting to see how things will turn out.

  88. Wow. Does Florio know who has played QB for the Browns for the last 5 years? Kaep is more of the same. Maybe they are finally getting smart and looking to go a different direction.

  89. jim699 says:
    Mar 19, 2017 6:58 PM
    Is anyone going to miss Kaepernick if he doesn’t play this season?



    I didn’t miss him last season

  90. I don’t get why they dumped Griffin after one injured year.

    Expecting a quick fix is insane. It takes a few years to build a contending team. Cleveland doesn’t seem willing to do that with a coach or a quarterback.

  91. “Why won’t Browns take a chance on Colin Kaepernick?”

    Because he can’t throw.

  92. Throwing interceptions, playing losing football and using the free speech rights people died so you can have to rip the country that made it possible is no way to go through life.

  93. FLORIDA you hire you want for your business and but out if other people’s businesses nd decisions who the hell are tou to dictate the teams they should go after him…the guy is a coward he only changed his tune because he didn’t have a job be a man make yr decision and stick to it

    I’m a 23 yr season ticket holder for my team if my team signed him I would not renew my tix

  94. It’s saying something when the QB-desperate Browns are not even interested in Kaep.

    Go to the CFL, you pathetic SJW.

  95. Funny how so many people on here like to imagine that Kaepernick “sucks” but…

    1) Kaepernick ranks second in Lowest Pass Interception % in NFL History at 1.8%. Aaron Rodgers ranks first with a percentage of 1.5%.

    2) Kaepernick ranks #17 all-time in Career Passer Rating at 88.9 just ahead of (18) Carson Palmer, (19) Derek Carr, (20) Daunte Culpepper, (21) Jeff Garcia, (22) Andrew Luck and (23) Matthew Stafford.

    3) Kaepernick has the 5th highest Touchdown to Interception ratio in NFL history at 2.40 to 1, which is just ahead of (6) Steve Young, (7) Peyton Manning, (8) Tony Romo, (9) Drew Brees and (10) Matt Ryan.

    4) Kaepernick’s 2016 Touchdown to Interception ratio was 4 to 1. He threw 16 touchdowns and 4 interceptions while starting 11 games. Alex Smith, the quarterback Kaepernick is most compared to, for obvious reasons, threw fewer touchdowns and more interceptions than Kaepernick (15 touchdowns and 8 interceptions) while starting all 16 games. This was accomplished while throwing to the worst receiving corps in the NFL according to Pro Football Focus.

    The NFL must be a really easy league to play in if a player who sucks can accomplish these things.

  96. I bet his white adoptive parents are so proud that they gave him a good life and he turned around and gave them the bird! Maybe he can get a job shinning the boots of all the troops that are protecting his right to be a jerk!

  97. Enough . What Kap did with the protests has clouded the fact that he is a poor excuse for an NFL QB . Just stick with the undeniable truth that he is not going to work out as a starting QB in the NFL. I believe he started the protests to get back in the spot light and obscure the obvious short comings of his skill set. So glad he is no longer on the 49ers. 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!!

  98. When you’ve played QB in the NFL and even the Browns won’t call you anymore, it is time to think about playing in the CFL. Or Arena football. Or join Tebow in a baseball uniform.

  99. “He’s terrible and a team cancer. Why would anyone want him?!”

    Now he’s a “team cancer”? I haven’t heard anything like that. I get that a lot of fans don’t like him. And really, he’s not been very impressive as a QB for quite some time. But do you have to pile on unsupported accusations just because you don’t like the guy?

  100. “I don’t get why they dumped Griffin after one injured year.”

    Because that’s the only kind of year you get from Griffin.

  101. Its not just politics. The reason teams wont take a even long shot chance on catching that lightning in the bottle is because if it doesnt work out (and all signs say thats likely it wont) they can find themselves trapped. Kaep was falling on the Niners depth chart getting closer to cutsville when he started his protest. Suddenly it was a PR problem for the Niners if they cut him. There is good argument to be both ways whether or not that was his intention. But no one can deny the timing was very convenient regardless of intention. So the business people are looking at that wondering if he played his team so they couldnt cut him. Even a GM that is unsure of what the motive and intention was there they still have to weigh the possibility. And its not just salary at risk, getting stuck like that can tie up a roster slot the team needs for other things. To the business guys it is that angle more than any of their political opinions of his protest that is scaring them off from taking even a chance.

  102. Florio
    “Six years ago, then-Raiders coach Hue Jackson wanted Colin Kaepernick.”

    Are you smoking dope? 6 YEARS ago? In the NFL 6 years is a lifetime. 6 YEARS ago teams wanted RG-ME. How does that look now? Like many QB’s who start quick and then when defenses exposes them you see their warts and Ole Krappy has more than his share. Cleveland has gone down the road of castoffs with hopes of turning them around way to long. Kapercrap has proven to be a backup and most. Who needs a backup with drama to boot? Kapercrap needs to go away period. To miss on a draft pick is one thing. To sign and waste time on a proven BUST is flat out stupid. Its time for the Browns to quit being stupid. Move on….

  103. I don’t think you have to whine foul on the little guy. Since when has the NFL let a moral stance keep them from putting a good player on the field? Besides, he’ll be on a roster as soon as a qb is injured.

  104. If you are asking the question then answer me this.
    If he was good enough for the Browns to give him a look then he should have been good enough for the 49ers to hang onto. But they didn’t. Its not like there is a wealth of talent in their QB room.

    Answer. He sucks.

  105. 49ers are Kaap’s best bet. His political stuff is pretty much mainstream in SF.

    Maybe Raiders as a backup for the veteran minimum. Makes more sense if they stay in Oakland (where politics wouldn’t be a problem) than if they move to Vegas (where it might be — although Kaap would have a year or two to rehabilitate himself before that move was made.)

  106. Kaepernick gambled his career protesting. Now its time to Pay the Tab. It didn’t change a thing, now he’s unemployed. What have we learned? You don’t mess with the American Flag!

  107. He has talent but did not put in the work. He then became exposed as 1 dimensional and has not developed the tools to counter what defenses are doing to stop him.

  108. “Why won’t Browns take a chance on Colin Kaepernick?”

    The same reason they don’t take a chance on Payton Manning, Matt Forte, or Andre Johnson. It’s not 2013, anymore.

  109. The whole assumption of the article is that Kaepernick can still play at a high level but won’t get his chance because of outside politics. I think that assumption is not correct as teams can clearly see that he cannot play at a winning starter level anymore whatever his politics. It is very likely he is going to have to go to another league and show he can still play at a high level to get another chance. The only problem is the CFL is not a cake walk for US quarterbacks as it is a completely different game where you have to be a even better passer than in the NFL to thrive.

  110. Robert says: “The Raiders are going to sign him”,
    Have you even watched football over the last few years, the Raiders have been building a team through free agency and the draft of players that put the team first and that enjoy the game of football. The game has clearly passed Kap by, as said before, a quarterback that only plays with two options behind center 1. Stare down your first read and when he’s open throw it at his feet or out of bounds. 2. Tuck the ball and run, never survive in the NFL. The Raiders will definitely not sign Kap and I doubt the other 31 teams will either. I think if he still wants to play the CFL is his best option…

  111. Why are so many of you claiming it has nothing to do with his protest WHEN YOU PERSONALLY hate him for his protest? That is some real cognitive dissonance.

    Anyone who put up a 16:4 td to int ratio would get consideration as at least a camp body. Come on. Are you people really keen on luing to yourselves?

  112. The NFL is in the entertainment business.

    Colin Kaepernick is not only NOT entertainmenting anymore he has become quite offensive to most Americans that are true patriots.

    The 32 NFL owners now find themselves in a position that signing Kaepernick is just too risky for the image of their billion dollar franchises.

    In other words… Kaepernick has used his 1 Amendment rights to talk himself out of well over $100,000,000.

    Too bad he didn’t figure out that the fans and the owners could use their 1st Amendment rights to decide he no longer belongs in the NFL.

    He got to say everything he wanted to. No one sued him for it. The Press and the NFL allowed him to use their platform to make his point.

    The Fan’s used their rights to inform the owners that there would be a heavy price to pay if you chose to employ this Kaepernick guy.

    End of career for Mr Kaepernick.👏

  113. Does it really matter? Kaep isn’t gonna set the world on fire next season regardless and the Browns are gonna Brown next season regardless

  114. The Browns dodged the Kaepernick bullet last season.
    They saw last season and were glad they dodged it.

    Kessler is a better QB who brings zero baggage.

  115. “From a football standpoint, if the Browns wanted kaepetnick a year ago there’s no reason to not want him now.”

    Dead wrong. From a football standpoint his play was absolutely putrid. He couldn’t even look average in a system designed EXACTLY for qb’s like him. Chip Kelly was fired trying to get something out of Kap, and if he couldn’t do it in that system no one could.

    Combine that with his toxic personal beliefs and there’s little chance he ever starts for a team again.

  116. PFT comments section. Always good for a laugh on a Sunday evening …

    It’s obvious he’s being blackballed for expressing his 1st amendment rights. It’s the same right that allows you to comment in here saying how terrible he is and how wrong he was for kneeling. Personally, I think it was a brave decision and I respect him for sticking to his guns the entire season, despite the backlash. Everyone seems to love the 1st amendment until they disagree with what they have to say.

    He’s said he will stand next season, whether that is to make himself seem more employable or not is really irrelevant he’s made his point and now its time to move on and do something about it, which he is doing with his humanitarian work

    As a fan of the game i feel the way he has been treat this free agency period sets a very scary precedent going forward. Toe the league mandated unwritten line or else you can’t play. Any suggestion that he isn’t one of the top 64 QB’s in the league and thus deserving of a back up role at a minimum is crazy.

  117. harrisonhits2 says:
    Mar 19, 2017 5:03 PM
    Haslam is a con man who stole millions of dollars from his PilotFlyingJ customers, no doubt using some of the money to help buy the team. He should be in jail, not owning an NFL team.
    He’s not the only one.

    Is this article an attempt at trolling? The guy sucks plain and simple. DC’s figured him out long ago and he’s not accurate enough to make them adjust their tactics.

  118. No one wants Kaepernick for two reasons:
    1. He hasn’t played well enough to demand the kind of money he wants.
    2. He angered millions of Americans with his misguided actions of disgracing our National Anthem and the American flag.

    Those are the reasons, and no amount of excuse making will change them.
    I hope no team ever signs him again. Let him go to Canada or the Arena League, if they want the piece of garbage.
    I will never watch any sporting event which he is a part of. I know other long time NFL fans who feel the same way. Every time they put his ugly puss on camera my blood boils. I hate anyone who tries to tear this country down. Especially privileged idiots like Kaepernick.

  119. He made his bed and now he’s laying in it. Plain and simple.
    You have freedom of speech, but ya gotta realize that there just may be consequences for what you so freely want to speak

  120. Same situation as Michael Sam: Liberal media thinking it can identify pro football talent and are trying to shame some team into taking on a mediocre player.

  121. blowfishes says:
    Mar 19, 2017 9:12 PM
    Please, vote this comment down!

    Yada yada yada

    Before you start shooting from the hip at Kaepernick, perhaps you should look at yourself in a mirror!

    Ok, I looked in the mirror and Im a bad qb too, in fact Im worse that K. So I guess I have no right pointing out how bad he is because I am worse. I think that the point being made?

  122. He stinks.

    He’s divisive.

    He’s a dummy.

    Jay Cutler is the same, I don’t see him getting scooped up quickly either.

    If either of these players were great someone would be all over them.

  123. So it’s Haslam’s fault (and the fault of other owners who supported Donald Trump for President) that Colin Kaepernick isn’t getting another chance? Are you serious?

    Kaepernick has only himself to blame for his plight. It was his decision to take divisive action while playing for a team that was suffering through a disastrous season. It was his decision to open his mouth and bash the United States while praising a mass-murderer like Fidel Castro. Yes the leftist-dominated sports media desperately tried to paint Kaepernick as a hero, but the rest of the nation outside of the media bubble wasn’t buying any of it.

    Kaepernick is reaping what he has sown. Any effort to blame his plight on Donald Trump is laughably stupid.

  124. “From a football standpoint, if the Browns wanted Kaepernick a year ago there’s no reason to not want him now.”

    I can think of three reasons not to want him now.

    1 – He’s proven that he’s not very good.
    2 – He brings unnecessary baggage.
    3 – As you pointed out yourself, they already tried an experiment with Griffin, it’s time to stop experimenting.

  125. Always hated him for being overrated, being in love with himself, kissing his biceps, making one read then taking off running…then came his little protest. It’s one thing to draw attention to yourself by kneeling for the anthem, but at the end of the season when he said he’d stand next year – could you be any more of a transparent fraud? “Me me me me me me me.” I hope he never gets another job.

  126. The Browns won’t take a chance on him because he’s a nut case. His views about America haven’t changed and he’d be a cancer in the locker room. Make no mistake about it, he did this to himself and I applaud Haslam for calling him out to his employees.

  127. ===========================
    enlightened1ne says:
    Mar 19, 2017 10:11 PM
    Funny how so many people on here like to imagine that Kaepernick “sucks” but…

    1) Kaepernick ranks second in Lowest Pass Interception % in NFL History at 1.8%. Aaron Rodgers ranks first with a percentage of 1.5%.

    2) Kaepernick ranks #17 all-time in Career Passer Rating at 88.9 just ahead of (18) Carson Palmer, (19) Derek Carr, (20) Daunte Culpepper, (21) Jeff Garcia, (22) Andrew Luck and (23) Matthew Stafford.

    3) Kaepernick has the 5th highest Touchdown to Interception ratio in NFL history at 2.40 to 1, which is just ahead of (6) Steve Young, (7) Peyton Manning, (8) Tony Romo, (9) Drew Brees and (10) Matt Ryan.

    4) Kaepernick’s 2016 Touchdown to Interception ratio was 4 to 1. He threw 16 touchdowns and 4 interceptions while starting 11 games. Alex Smith, the quarterback Kaepernick is most compared to, for obvious reasons, threw fewer touchdowns and more interceptions than Kaepernick (15 touchdowns and 8 interceptions) while starting all 16 games. This was accomplished while throwing to the worst receiving corps in the NFL according to Pro Football Focus.

    The NFL must be a really easy league to play in if a player who sucks can accomplish these things.

    You missed one statistic:

    Record: 1-10

    (Only win against….the Los Angeles Rams, 4-12)

  128. Because not one billionaire owner or his dad or granddad has every done anything corrupt that might harm an American.

  129. How He Got Rich: Bidwill inherited the Cardinals from his father, Charles. Charles was a wealthy Chicago lawyer, and according to the book From Sandlots to the Super Bowl: The National Football League, 1920-1967, he had connections to Al Capone.

  130. Pegula’s fracking hasn’t impacted one blue blooded American in Pennsylvania. Not one.

  131. Rampant administering of Opioids hasn’t resulted in one player being disabled or dying.

  132. Kap is definitely way more disgusting than capital level federal criminals like Haslam…. Haslam and Pilot Flying J are currently under federal investigation for allegedly scheming customers and shortchanging them on fuel rebates.

  133. @ zinnsand21 says:
    Mar 19, 2017 6:19 PM

    Jaworski said Kap could be the one of the greatest of all time? Whew that was a miss…

    Jaws is like that crazy uncle we all have or have heard about…the one who drinks way too much then sing show tunes.
    Or as is the case with Jaws it was his head being bounced off the Vet turf causing these whacky observations.

    There ought to be a separate thread dedicated to nicknames for Kraperpick/Kancerthrowsapick/Onetrickponyick

  134. enlightened1ne says:
    Mar 19, 2017 10:11 PM
    Funny how so many people on here like to imagine that Kaepernick “sucks” but…


    Stats only count so much….

    Like the people who try to define Romo as “clutch” because he has the 2nd highest 4th quarter passer rating.

  135. “From a football standpoint, if the Browns wanted Kaepernick a year ago there’s no reason to not want him now.”

    Yikes, using that logic, Brock Osweiler should still be a starter for the Texans, Jared Goff should have been the #1 pick of the draft and the Panthers should be considered a top 3 team in the NFC.

    Point being, many things change in a year, including opinions. So no, just because they wanted him last year does not mean they will want him this year.

    The Browns are a passing team. Kap’s arm strength was bad last year. He had a YPA of 6.77. Bad.

    Kap said some very ignorant (Castro, Cuba) dumb (Cops) things and then backed them up by mediocre play. That is a toxic combination.

  136. Jack: so you speak for all white people? Because you and the lot of severely emotionally delicate white conservative men have heart boo boos, doesn’t mean his parents don’t agree with him. Nor does the crying in here do anything more than be an echo chamber for privileged white guys with low self esteem issues.

    jackamus51 says:

    Mar 19, 2017 10:29 PM
    I bet his white adoptive parents are so proud that they gave him a good life and he turned around and gave them the bird! Maybe he can get a job shinning the boots of all the troops that are protecting his right to be a jerk!

  137. Krapernick is a trash qb. He’s been awful for the last 3 years. As a niners fan I’m so glad he’s gone.

  138. By that logic they should sign Ray Rice also. I mean if personality and optics are not considerations right? Or even AP. He will probably get a shot as a third string as soon as QB injuries happen but it will be as low profile as possible.

  139. Let’s see. Jimmy Haslam’s company cheats its customers and he has a problem with a player’s political beliefs. Yeah, Jimmy. What a genius.

  140. I’m still trying to figure how kneeling during the National Anthem is disrespectful. Most people kneel when they pray. A lot of hypocrites out there. Oh yes, how do we know tha Garropolo won’t turn into Brock Osweiler?

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