Chase Daniel visiting Jets

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The Jets met with Josh McCown over the weekend, but no deal was signed and their quarterback search will continue with another meeting on Monday.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Chase Daniel will be in for a visit. Daniel visited with the Saints over the weekend in his first meeting with a team since being released by the Eagles.

The Saints would represent a homecoming of sorts for Daniel, who spent the first four years of his career as a backup with New Orleans. He moved on to Kansas City for three years before spending last season as a reserve with the Eagles and asking for his release when Nick Foles signed on for a return engagement in Philly.

Jets offensive coordinator John Morton didn’t spend any time with Daniel in New Orleans, but he did have a pair of stints as an assistant on Sean Payton’s staff. That may make for some common offensive ground between coordinator and quarterback, although it remains to be seen if that will be enough to set Daniel up with a shot at a starting job in Jersey.

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  1. With what little of Chase I saw in Philly, I saw a scrappy fighter who fully-understood the offense.

  2. Ryan Fitzpatrick 2.0— if he can even have one whole season as good as that one season fitzpatrick had, that is…

  3. At this point as as painful as it is to say it, why not end the QB visit carousel insanity and just sign Kaepernick for a year?

    Does it matter if worst case the end result is the same for the Jets? At least Kaepernick starting would make the games somewhat watchable regardless of how people feel about his political views.

    He did throw 16 TDs to 4 INTs in just 12 games last year on the 2 win 49ers. That’s already a 4 TD and whopping 13 INT improvement over Fitzfizzle.

  4. My understanding of releasing Daniel is that he asked for his release because he wanted a chance to compete for a starting job. That is why the Eagles signed Foles.

    I would imagine any contract Daniel signs will have incentives tied to playing time. Any money Daniel earns this year will offset the $5 million cap hit and the difference will be added to next year’s cap.

    So the timeline would be:

    Daniel asks for his release
    Eagles sign Foles
    Daniel gets released

  5. Signing Chase would be the best qb decision the Jets had made in some time. He could be an upgrade over what they had last year. He just needs a shot.

  6. Chase Daniel in not an NFL starter! Daniel was overpaid by the Eagles because he was a good practice player. The Eagles did not have enough confidence in Daniels to be the starter after Bradford was traded to the Eagles. Chase Daniel looked below average at best during the 2016 preseason he has done nothing that would even suggest that he is a capable NFL starter.

  7. I would say that Chase Daniel was overpaid by Philly b/c he knew the system and could teach it to whichever QB was playing. A well paid safety net. And considering Doug Peterson’s affinity for being a backup QB, especially in Philly, he would want to take care of the guy that was in his same position. I would consider this very similar to a parent wanting their kids to have it better than they did.

  8. 7 years in the league he’s thrown 1 touchdown pass. One!!! And 1 interception. Sounds like a Jets starter to me. NYJ are clueless! At least put together a solid defense and offensive line so you can run the ball and play D. They have done nothing except watch the top db’s, line backers and o linemen sign with other teams. C’mon man.

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