Jets sign Josh McCown

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The Jets have a quarterback.

Josh McCown and the Jets have agreed to a one-year contract, his agent announced on Twitter.

At the moment, McCown would appear to be the Jets’ starter. They only have two other quarterbacks under contract, Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg, and neither has shown anything to indicate that he’s ready to be a starter. McCown isn’t exactly a franchise savior, but he’s a competent veteran who can hold down the fort and help Petty and Hackenberg develop.

The 37-year-old McCown started three games for the Browns last year and appeared as a backup in two others. He threw six touchdown passes and six interceptions and had a passer rating of 72.3.

45 responses to “Jets sign Josh McCown

  1. Honestly, Geno Smith is a better option then this guy. McClown had one decent half season and has been a joke since. Fitzpatrick 2.0. At least Geno has potential, whether people wanna believe that or not. He has all the talent, maybe he just needed to get away from the clownshow Jets. Just End The Season.

  2. Dead man walking. From Cleveland the past two seasons to the coming season’s version of last year’s Browns, that’s one serious case of masochism.

  3. The Jets must have been impressed with the helicopter impersonation. Who needs a dog catching Frisbee’s at halftime when you can have McCown going airborne and concussed on the first drive of the season?

  4. Geno Smith is not the answer for sure but Josh Mckown? I guess he’s a better option than Jay Cutler. Now I realize why Jets fans are screwed. But it could be worse, you could be a 49er fan…. They just payed Hoyer 12 mil. OMG

  5. Josh McCown is a good vet QB and was very good with Chicago where he outplayed Cutler. Good signing.

  6. Much like the Browns, the Jets lack the patience to develop a quarterback. Both teams expect a guy to throw for 4K and 30 scores in his first game. Maybe if you stop playing musical Qb and let a guy learn, you wouldn’t be bringing in stopgaps every year.

  7. babygaga19 says:
    Mar 20, 2017 7:12 PM

    When is the parade? Only the JESTS!

    funny. wow. you nailed it

  8. Josh and Luke McCown have a combined 25 NFL seasons, a combined 20-50 won lost record over that time, and both were just signed to multi year contracts. Mama McCown didn’t raise no fools.

  9. The Jets and their spoiled trust-fund baby owner, Woody Johnson, may be the most inept organization in professional sports. Woody– aren’t you glad you signed Revis away from the Patriots for that absurd amount of money? And how about the Hightower cupcakes followed by that lame presser after Hightower turned you down that the Jets wouldn’t have signed him due to health concerns. Right. The Brandon Marshall signing looks pretty good today too. Almost as good as Mark Sanchez. At least Rex Ryan provided entertainment value, albeit short-lived from a Jets’ fan perspective. Do the Jets’ fans a favor and sell your team to someone who understands, football, business and people. In the meantime, as long as you own the team, the Pats are guaranteed at least 2 AFC East victories a year.

  10. Its a one year deal. No one thinks he’s the answer, people. Smart move to buy time for Petty, Hackenburg and a draft pick this or next year.

  11. Petty is the best QB on the Jets. It’s amazing how so few NFL GM’s know what they’re doing, even though they’re being paid millions. I wonder how much the Jets franchise increased in value while I was writing this. Probably a few million. No wonder half these owners don’t care about winning.

  12. This was a smart leverage move by Big Mac bc the Jets now can’t be held hostage by Denver if they sign Romo and want to trade Simien. Or even another trade partner.

    Looks like Big Mac learned something about painting himself into a corner last year.

    With McCown at a reasonable price you give yourself the flexibility to trade for or draft a QB.

  13. Josh McCown is cooked, there’s no reason to have an old qb on a rebuilding team. He’s a good guy but he should hang it up. He was done last year, he really shoulda retired after 2015 season. He would make a good QB coach. As a browns fan I appreciate the effort he put in for the Browns. There’s nobody left worth signing, the jets should draft a late round flyer this year and let petty and hack play this season. They can compete with my 5hitty Browns for first pick next year, which the browns will screw up like they did the year Andrew Luck came out

  14. It wasn’t McCown’s fault the Browns lost. He was a decent QB who did well considering his supporting cast and terrible defense. The Browns gave up 30 pts a game. I think it makes sense to sign him to a one year deal while the QB the Jets draft develops. I wish Josh well.

    Browns fan

  15. This Organization is so lacking with Bringing in QBs!!! LOL McCown is another Version of Ryan Fitzpatrick but perhaps more of a mentor. McCown was in the UFL in 2009 how in the world is he all of a sudden a world class veteran QB??? Trestman???

  16. McCown is a decent back up and always puts forth a great effort. Would have like the raiders to sign him instead of EJ Manuel to back up Carr.

  17. Josh McCown = guaranteed first pick in the draft. Don’t believe me? QB for the Bucs, first round pick that led to Jameis Winston. Signs with the Browns, and now they have the first round pick. Not a coincidence……

  18. igotgamenj says:
    Mar 20, 2017 7:22 PM
    poor guy ….


    $6M guaranteed

    I should be that poor

  19. One of my favorite players in the league. Great team guy who can get the ball to the play makers. No one is confusing him with Elway, but he’s a fighter. Like.

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