Marquette King gets Marshawn Lynch’s cleats

Running back Marshawn Lynch announced his retirement by posting a photo of his cleats hanging on a power line during Super Bowl 50. Amid growing speculation and reporting that Lynch will unretire to play for his hometown NFL team in Oakland, Raiders punter Marquette King has retrieved the shoes.

Via the East Bay Times, King posted a photo of someone (presumably King) retrieving cleats from a wire.

“I got your cleats back 4 ya brah,” King said.

From the angle of the photo, it appears that King remains at a safe distance from the live power line. Which is a good thing. Because live power lines like to send a charge directly to the ground. And because live power lines are insulated only by air and space, touching one with anything (or touching anything touching a power line) could have very serious results.

For example: This video. And this one.

So, kids (and adults who behave like kids), don’t retrieve shoes or kites or anything else from power lines. And otherwise don’t touch power lines, with your hands or anything else.

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