Raiders announce EJ Manuel signing

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There’s a new quarterback on the Raiders roster.

The Raiders announced Monday that they have signed EJ Manuel as a free agent. A report last week indicated that Manuel would be making his way to Oakland.

Manuel was a Bills first-round pick in 2013 and opened his rookie year as the starter in Buffalo. He started all 10 games he played that year, but was benched in favor of Kyle Orton after four games the next year and spent the last two years backing up Tyrod Taylor.

Matt McGloin, last year’s No. 2 in Oakland, is currently a free agent. Whether he winds up returning or not, the presence of 2016 fourth-round pick Connor Cook means that Manuel won’t be sliding into that role without winning a competition over the summer.

45 responses to “Raiders announce EJ Manuel signing

  1. Why not? Carr is their franchise qb for many years to come. They need a serviceable backup at low cost. McGroin flamed out. Cook needs more development. Good signing.

  2. What the heck, Edward Scissorhands wasn’t available???? I know they need a backup, but this is the best they could find? Haven’t questioned McKenzie’s decisions much lately but this one is a big fat WHIFF…… There are several unemployed QBs that would make better backups than this clown…. Stay healthy DC…. Stay healthy….

  3. Already laughing at all the people who are going to say how good he will be now that he’s finally with a good organization that can coach him up. You all are going to be pining for the days of Matt McGloin!

  4. Raiders need someone with a strong back….

    To help load up stuff for the move to Vegas. EJ could be that guy! With some training, and a mentor who can show him the nuances of how to pack, and load the moving van.

  5. EJ Manuel will win the training camp competition over Connor Cook… Manuel does very well in that setting, but gets over-confident on game-day which leads to trouble. That is why he didn’t make it in Buffalo.

  6. Definitely won’t say this is an awesome move, but with the McGloin era coming to an end, Raiders need at least a reserve QB that has some starting experience. Cook wasn’t ready for the spotlight last year (rightfully so)

  7. Why would anyone announce this? This is like walking into a bar and announcing that you have a really bad case of syphilis.

    They should have kept this “news” on the down low.

  8. EJ Manuel was a first round pick, so should be set for life.
    Why bother trying to play football when you are terrible at it, and can get hurt?
    On the other hand, being a backup QB greatly lessens the risk of injury, and 5 years gets you an NFL pension, so maybe try for 1 more year.

    He’s god awful bad, maybe at or below Geno Smith and Mark Sanchez.

  9. So Doug Marrone is the new head coach in Jacksonville who traded down to draft EJ. Apparently Doug is comfortable with Blake Bortles and Chad Henne, because the Jags didn’t even bring EJ in for a sit down?

  10. Oakland could do worse for a backup than EJ.

    And whoever said “camp arm” is probably right…

  11. Manuel and Cook may be competing for the starting QB job if Carr and the Raiders cannot agree to terms on a long term contract. Sort of like the Kirk Cousins situation in Washington. The Raiders can franchise tag him for a couple of years but eventually they may have to let him leave as a free agent.

  12. Just stop with the contract talk about Carr. He’s never leaving the Raiders. There are no tricks being played, and Carr has excelled from the first time he stepped on the field. Talking about franchise tags is WAY immature.

  13. silvernblacksabbath says:
    Mar 20, 2017 2:45 PM
    Can we sign some guys on DEFENSE Reggie?
    I think the plan is to wait until after the draft and get in on the “next wave” of free agency.

    There’s a lot of good defensive linemen in this draft, and I can see a bunch of savvy vets get let go. Reggie can scoop them up on the cheap as stop gaps while loading up with draft picks they can develop over the next year or two.

    This approach might get them a compensatory draft pick(s).

  14. Carr is good. Easily, the most talented qb in the West and maybe more. Let’s see how he does this year. Raiders have built their O around him. Time to shine. Post .500 career record a possibility? Most good qbs know how to win. See Stabler. Carr hasn’t done that yet.

  15. Manuel is absolutely horrible !!!! Dude cannot play at all , even as a back-up!! I would much rather have QB Matt McGloin as a #2 back-up QB !!! I really like McGloin, he is a half way decent QB , I wish the AZ Cardinals would cut back-up QB Drew Stanton and sign McGloin as the Cardinals back-up!! McGloind would be MUCH Cheaper as well, AZ could likely sign him for 1-2M per year compared to the 5M Stanton makes as a backup.

  16. Conner Cook was probably the best QB in last year’s draft. He slipped to the fourth round because of paralysis by analysis. His college game tape shows a guy with elite skills. But Derek Carr was a second round pick, Tom Brady went in the 6th round and Joe Montana was the last player selected in the third round, so nothing should shock anyone. Dak Prescott went in the fourth round too, and he only got off the bench because Romo got injured.

  17. EJ Manuel was a bust, pure and simple. This is great news for Bills fans. It means that the GM’s influence may have declined a bit with the hiring of the new head coach. Good riddance, EJ. Good Luck, Raiders!

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