Video of suspected Super Bowl thief emerges

Getty Images

The man who finagled nearly a decade ago the SpyGate video has gotten his hands on another interesting piece of visual evidence.

Jay Glazer of FOX has obtained video of the person who is suspected of entering the New England locker room after Super Bowl LI and stealing Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s jersey. It’s a man wearing a suit and a tie. FOX blurred his face for legal reasons.

The man can be seen moving among players and others in the bowels of NRG Stadium, with a backpack over his right shoulder. While narrating the video on Colin Cowherd’s show, Glazer said the man has something under his left arm while leaving the locker room.

According to the Associated Press, a former executive of Diario La Prensa is involved in the matter. An article posted at the newspaper’s website, based on my limited Spanish skills, identifies former director of the publication Mauricio Ortega as the alleged ladron, or thief.