How much more Super Bowl gear did Ortega steal?

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As more details emerge regarding the Super Bowl strain of kleptomania practiced by a man named Martin Mauricio Ortega, one question cries out to be asked, and hopefully answered: How much more Super Bowl gear did Ortega steal?

A detailed item from the Associated Press sprinkles enough detail about Ortega’s attendance at the most recent Super Bowl (supposedly, more than 20) and items in his possession (supposedly, a Super Bowl jersey worn by Kurt Warner, an item that Warner was surprised to hear Ortega had acquired) to make one at least wonder whether Ortega began his Super Bowl crime spree in Super Bowl XLIX with his first theft of a Tom Brady jersey, or earlier.

Per the AP, Ortega brought multiple NFL memorabilia items with him to Houston for the Super Bowl LI. So what were they, and where did they come from? Ortega also reportedly told others that he attended the Super Bowl not as a reporter (he was an executive) but as a fan.

The report includes a claim from a Colorado auctioneer that Ortega wanted to know the value of Von Miller’s helmet from Super Bowl 50. Ortega claimed that he had the helmet.

“Had” is the key word, as it relates to Von Miller’s helmet. The next question is what else Ortega has or had (or has had) based on access typically reserved to people who are, you know, working at the Super Bowl, not hanging out and/or stealing things.

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  1. He has nothing to worry about. The NFL doesn’t really care when people steal from them, misuse their logo, or utter the words “@#per B@wl”. I’m sure they won’t pursue serious charges.

  2. From other stories the alleged thief had a large stash of memorabilia which is being vetted to determine the volume of items that may have been illegally obtained. This is no longer about Brady but about the possible serial crime spree of a Mexican news organization executive. The story must be acutely embarrassing to his former employer and the NFL so the story will likely disappear shortly.

  3. Extradite him to find out. Mexico should have no problem as this is not a death penalty case and that is the only exception that would allow them to deny extradition.

  4. According to ESPN “A helmet belonging to a Denver Broncos player was also discovered, according to NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy.” Either you or ESPN need to fact check better, since they go on to say that the Broncos are in contact since it’s probably Von Miller’s helmet based on the stickers inside, yet you say that the helmet is gone.

    A lot of details seem off comparing the two articles, like that Ortega also supposedly bought a Joe Montana jersey for 20k, so he may not be the stolen goods kleptomaniac you make him out to be. Yet regardless, a terrible look for the NFL and for Ortega that at least three straight super bowl MVPs had their gear stolen by him…

  5. Well, if true, I guess it debunks the Roger Goodell-involvement theory that I was leaning on believing. This guy got way too greedy, he should have stuck with another stolen helmet.

  6. According to NFL security, there’s a 3 hour gap between Ortega entering a men’s room located directly beneath Brady”s locker and exiting wearing a Walt Andersen mask, a bag of punting balls, a breathalyzer mouthpiece, and a thimble containing Roger Goodell’s integrity.. However, he was wearing a Steelers shirt, and the league announced they would likely let him go with a warning. Another offense, and his HOF game press credentials will be pulled.

  7. To all you screamers out there who are saying “It’s just a jersey”, do you see a pattern emerging here? It sounds like this guy may have been doing this for years. Add up all the value of this memorabilia. And if he keeps getting away with stealing these things, don’t you think that’s a legitimate crime? I wouldn’t give 2 cents for a dirty, stinky jersey no matter who wore it (and I am a die-hard Tom Brady fan), but there are people out there who will pay thousands of dollars to this stuff. So yes, the FBI and law enforcement should have been investigating it. And I highly doubt the FBI had their whole organization on this case. So the “don’t they have better things to do” argument doesn’t even hold water.

  8. Who the heck does this guy think he is? How did he possibly think he wouldn’t be caught?

  9. Another embarrasment for the NFL front office stooges.

    This will get swept under the rug asap

  10. Sounds like this guy could have his own wing in the Hall of Fame. (And although he doesn’t have the stats, if he was a good teammate he just might get there.)

  11. I get the jersey swipes and how easy they are in the out of control environment those videos revealed to be a post game locker room. But I’m still trying to figure how he got a helmet out of there.

  12. This guy’s been doing this for years undetected…. what a story! I’m sure there will be a lot more funny commentary as this is just too rich…

  13. The video shows Tom Brady taking off his jersey, on the field, and passing it to a team employee.

    Can you imagine the furor in that employee stopped in the men’s room on the way to the locker room.

  14. This guy belongs in a federal prison. I am sorry.

    This is not something you just gloss over similar to Goodell’s corruption from 345 Park Ave.

  15. What will be most interesting is if originals from the past 2 decades now turn up, via Ortega’s collection, that were never officially missing because the thefts were covered up with fakes by the league or team/player concerned! And who may have subsequently bought those fakes thinking they were real – and who may have underhandedly dealt with Juan Bad Hombre himself, in Houston and other dealerships. The popcorn is still popping on this saga.

  16. The article says, “Ethics policies at news organizations…”

    One word: hahahahahahaha

  17. Just for perspective…… A Mexican comes here for work, makes friends and gets a warm welcome……. The he takes what he wants and sends it back to Mexico………. Go figure,

  18. What’s the sense of even having it if you can’t display it or have a conversation about the sports items you have. Having it Being that Hot of a item I’m sure it’s pretty hard to sell or find a key buyer with out getting caught.

  19. If these Superbowls were held in Gillette Stadium he would have never gotten away with it, considering all of the spy gear Bilicheat has had installed in the locker rooms.

  20. Does he have pieces of Brady’s smashed phone and copies of those destroyed Patriots tapes?

  21. It’s ironic, but this whole episode may actually end up having a positive result. At first, the feeling was that it was foolish to spend resources to find this jersey that could be better used elsewhere. Now, that this jersey, the SB49 jersey have been recovered, this crime is about to turn. It is believed that Brady may put one, and maybe both jerseys up for auction for charity. That $500,000 figure on that jersey was ridiculous before the incident, but now is an accurate gauge of its value today, as possibly the most famous sports jersey ever.

  22. ramsfandango says:
    Mar 22, 2017 12:55 AM
    Can’t say that Trump didn’t warn us.
    True. I just wish he’d warned us about his Russian butt kissing sidekicks because, you know, that seems a lot more important.

  23. ” I’m sure it’s pretty hard to sell or find a key buyer with out getting caught.”

    You’d be surprised.. rare items are collected all the time by people knowing full well that they were stolen. They might not get posted on eBay but they definitely have a market..

  24. thevikes99 says:
    Mar 22, 2017 11:17 AM

    What’s the sense of even having it if you can’t display it or have a conversation about the sports items you have. Having it Being that Hot of a item I’m sure it’s pretty hard to sell or find a key buyer with out getting caught.

    Are you serious? It happens all of the time.

  25. Re: the references to Trump and The Wall in the comments…..You have to look past the delivery of the message with Trump and focus on the point. He can be rough on message delivery, but is generally right on point, no matter how the red meat click bait leftist media wants to shape the narrative.

    Trump should force the release of PSI data or threaten the NFL Anti Trust Exemption.

  26. Trump should force the release of PSI data or threaten the NFL Anti Trust Exemption.
    Right after he releases his taxes.

  27. So, the theft of a jersey proves we need a wall. Hmmm. Can someone please take the time to explain to all commenters bleating for a wall that there was this invention a few years back…called an airplane. It flies into airports. Or maybe, even, that if Ortega had chosen other means of travel, it would not likely have been wading across the Rio Grande in the middle of the night; it would have been by car where he would have followed routine procedures upon entering the country. I don’t have time to go into depth on this matter, but apparently it requires an exhaustive seminar.

    A jersey gets stolen and the chants go up: “Wall! Wall! Wall!” What a scared, uninformed, discouraging mentality.

    I am not a liberal or a conservative and have not been paid for this message.

  28. Did this guy take Jim Fassel’s game plan against the Ravens?

    Maybe we can just blame him for the power outage in New Orleans when the 49ers played the Ravens.

  29. For years he’s been rowing himself across the Rio Grande and evading the border patrol just to sneak into the Super Bowl. Thank god the wall will stop that. No way a media executive could have gotten into the country any other way.

  30. joeinbuffalo says:
    Mar 22, 2017 7:39 AM

    also found in his collection
    air from deflated footballs
    Except the fact that intelligent people understand that no air leaves the football when the PSI numbers drop due to cold temperatures & rain.

    Maybe you would have already know that if the NFL hadn’t kept the PSI information collected during the 2015 season secret.

  31. ortega would make an ideal american citizen. he’d fit right in to this prison colony.

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