Jim Harbaugh visits PFT Live on Tuesday

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At a time when the lingering free agency of quarterback Colin Kaepernick has become one of the hottest topics in the NFL, the man who got the most out of Kaepernick will be chiming in on Kaepernick’s abilities.

Former 49ers coach and current Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh joins PFT Live on Tuesday morning at 8:35 a.m. ET.

Harbaugh was able to do with Kaepernick what none of the 49ers coaches since Harbaugh’s departure were able to replicate — devising plays and game plans that maximized Kaepernick’s strengths and minimized his limitations. In an industry where the coaches have confidence levels that border on (and sometimes cross into) delusion, it’s amazing that no other coach thinks he could do with Kaepernick what Harbaugh did.

Of course, it’s possible that one or more coaches want to try, and that they’re being kept from doing so by owners who are concerned about the impact of Kaepernick’s politics on the bottom line — or who simply don’t what Kaepernick around due to his politics.

So is it more football than politics, or more about politics than football, keeping Kaepernick unemployed? Cast a vote below, drop a comment if you choose, and tune in to PFT Live, which gets rolling at 6:00 a.m. ET on NBC Sports Radio, with a simulcast beginning at 7:00 a.m. ET on NBCSN.

15 responses to “Jim Harbaugh visits PFT Live on Tuesday

  1. He’s a bad QB, but for the right price I’d take him if I was a QB needy team. If a scrub like Josh McCown can make 6-8MM with the jets then Kaepernick should get the same.

    He has little upside, so maybe thats why the Bears over paid Mike Glennon.

    Cutler hasn’t signed either and he’s not awful like McCown.
    It’s probably money.

  2. Of course, it’s possible that one or more coaches want to try, and that they’re being kept from doing so by owners who are concerned about the impact of Kaepernick’s politics on the bottom line — or who simply don’t what Kaepernick around due to his politics

    The “bottom line” is the issue—Kaepernick is not good for business.

  3. it’s more about politics, but then CK brought it on himself by showing all the NFL owners that protesting was more important to him than football.

  4. Look at Kap’s stats last year. 2200 yards, 16 tds, 4 ints. 90.7 qb rating. Based just on that the dude should at least be going to training camp with somebody.

  5. It is more about patriotism. Both left and right want players to stand for the anthem. People sacrifice their lives for this country, this pos won’t stand! He will never get another job in the nfl.

  6. there should be a choice that says both. He is not producing on the field and he has been a distraction off of it..!

    Frankly he deserves to be unemployed because he should have never opted out of his contract. Did he really think he was going to get a better deal somewhere else? He is either dumb or has really bad representation..!

  7. Here is a golden opportunity to ask him to set the record straight. Some media people have been skeptical about Jed York’s statement that it was “a mutual parting” by claiming that Harbaugh was fired with one year left on his 5 year contract. Yet there is zero evidence and zero media report that he collected those 5 million dollars he was owed. He can either confirm that he quit or he can tell us that he was fired, and that he did collect 5 million dollars.

    Unless and until he clarifies the circumstances of his departure, he has zero credibility to me concerning how he was allegedly mistreated while he was the 48er head coach. His comments on Kap may be interesting but it is pretty irrelevant, since we do not know whether teams are staying away from him or whether he is asking for too much money, more than any team is willing to pay. It is all speculation at this point. If Kap can be interviewed, then his comments on his current situation would be a lot more informative.

  8. He betrayed his country. Maybe not in a treasonous way, but he betrayed it.

    Far as I am concerned, he can play in Canada since the USA is not good enough for him.

  9. Only two teams run his style of spread read offense, Seattle and Carolina. He was a terrible teammate and his skill set is limited. He should go to Canada since he does not like the USA.

  10. Seriously? People really believe politics is why he’s not employed? Politics are a reason he’s disliked, but if he were any good, you can bet your bottom dollar he’d be on an NFL team right now. Mike Vick was signed by the Eagles. Ryan Leaf actually managed to hold down a starting job. Dontae Stallworth? We all know what he did. Shoot, they’d sign Rae Carruth if he could play like Randy Moss. Teams know fans will forget about what a guy did-politics or criminal-if he can win. Kaepernick can’t win. That’s why he’s not signed.

    He can only run a read option based offensive system. He has no touch on any of his throws, which are all fastballs. He cannot go through his reads or analyze a defense pre-snap. And, on top of it all, he’s noticeably weaker since becoming a vegan, so his only strength (other than arm strength, which he overcompensates with anyway) has diminished considerably. A better question, especially before the draft, is: why WOULD you sign him?

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