Joe Mixon visits the Chargers

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The most controversial prospect in this year’s NFL draft is visiting Los Angeles.

Former Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon will visit the Chargers, according to Jim Trotter of ESPN.

While at Oklahoma, Mixon brutally assaulted a woman, breaking bones in her face with a punch. When the video of that incident was released late last year, some predicted it would end Mixon’s NFL career before it started, just as the video of Ray Rice punching his wife ended his NFL career.

But NFL teams are showing interest in Mixon, with the Chargers now joining the Raiders, Broncos and Bengals as teams that have recently visited with him. More teams set up meetings with him when they visited Oklahoma to see him work out at the school’s Pro Day.

There’s significant interest from NFL teams in getting to know Mixon, who has undeniable talent. The question now isn’t whether a team will draft Mixon despite his checkered past, but just how high in the draft he could go.

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  1. As time goes by, and we put football in its proper perspective, I think Mixon is going to get drafted in the first round. The kid is just a whisker behind Fournette, and his coaches and everyone who knows him are saying great things about him. Our country is moving to the right, so don’t protest against police brutality, but feel free to knock out a women. Boys will be boys.

  2. If this kid gets past rd 2 I’d be surprised. Definitely has the talent to be a good back in the league but that video is going to follow him for the rest of his life. For his sake and any future women in his life I hope he’s learned his lesson

  3. Mixon defended himself. He did not “brutally assault” anyone. The prosecutor charged him with a misdemeanor because Amelia Molitor was the first aggressor. She is the one that should have been charged. It was the prosecutorial equivalent of a do over that allowed the case to move from criminal court to civil court.

  4. Could they suspend him after he is draftes just to make a point? Not sure it’s permittable in the CBA but I wouldn’t put it past Goodell.

  5. The whole thing with Mixon is already wearing off. As we get closer to the draft, teams will look more and more at how they can put a winning team on the field, and less and less about anything else.

  6. Bet he won’t say anything foul to a woman again and I’ll bet she won’t strike a man. I grew up in a family with women in the police force and women in the Army and Marines. So my views are pretty contrary to most others. Don’t lay hands on others period. He did his suspension and the legal stuff years ago. Apologized and moved on. I’m not sure if his past is really checkered unless there’s more instances of this the rest of us are unaware of. Let him get drafted, let her file a civil suit, exchange money and move on. It’s how it all ends anyways. Six months and 800 yards later no one will care.

  7. Dude’s gonna get a job. There isn’t a single person on these boards that doesn’t know the reason Rice is out of football is because of his 3.1 yards per carry average – not knocking out his wife. But speaking as a father of two daughters, it certainly would have been nice if Mr. Mixon had to the play in the same NFL that Chuck Cecil played in. I would have really enjoyed watching this clown get clocked.

  8. They might as well draft him, it’s not like it will offend their fanbase…they no longer have one.

  9. I love how people are actually defending this guy. The woman slapped him after he wouldn’t stop harassing and degrading her because she wouldn’t leave with him. He deserved to be slapped.

  10. PR Nightmare…until he starts scoring touchdowns…then people will sit back and sip their beers like good little blind consumers.

  11. You people defending this guy make me sick. He is a BIG man and a small woman slapped him so it was OK for him to knock her out ?? Really ?? How would you feel if he did that to your sister or daughter ?? Is winning all that matters ? If so, why don’t we let Hernandez out on work release, a lot of teams could use a good TE ??

  12. Another domestic violence exception to rules? Just like Elliott! And the rich get richer, while true justice is just an illusion.

  13. Mixon will get drafted within the two first rounds. Instead of looking at the Ray Rice incident (when Rice was already on his decline as a RB), look at Michigan’s Frank Clark story, drafted in the 2nd round by Seattle. Both Mixon and Clark have accepted responsibility and punishment. The NFL is not a league full of angels. It’s a league full of standard people, and all people make mistakes.

  14. Tom Cable is making good money in the NFL after breaking Randy Hansen’s jaw in an NFL locker room. An act like that on the ‘company’s premises’ during work hours is far more offensive than Mixon’s. Michael Vick was forgiven and made money. Mixon’s act was a reflex response that anyone would have when attacked. What Vick did was planned for profit. Cable was a repeat offender. Hypocracy rules on the internet, I guess.

  15. Why in the world would they even be looking at running backs with all the holes in their roster? Good Lord am I glad the spanoses are gone.

  16. “Our country is moving to the right, so don’t protest against police brutality, but feel free to knock out a women. ”

    What? This is total BS, neither side is OK with this, esp the right. They would not only disapprove, but have the courage to step in and stop it.

    “Mixon’s act was a reflex response that anyone would have when attacked”

    Huh? I can’t think of anyone I personally know – including myself – who would react even close to what he did. He was in no danger and could have EASILY walked away.

  17. Because over the course of history we know there’s only been 3-5 men who ever hit a woman.

    In fact I would venture to guess there’s somebody in here casting a stone at Mixon that’s done a similar offense.

    Spend a decade married to a woman, you’ll find tons of reason to want to knock their teeth out. (Never have, never will BUT I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND)

  18. I’m sure there some logical reason for this interview. No idea what it would be though…

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