John Sullivan visits with center-needy Rams

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The Rams released last year’s starting center Tim Barnes and tried to bring in a replacement by signing Ryan Groy to an offer sheet as a restricted free agent, but the Bills matched and kept Groy in Buffalo.

The next option for the team appears to be John Sullivan. Alden Gonzalez of reports that Sullivan visited with the team on Monday.

Sullivan started 93 games over six seasons for the Vikings before missing the 2015 season with a back injury. He was an effective player for much of that time, but Minnesota moved on last year and Sullivan spent the season as a backup for the Redskins.

There aren’t a ton of free agent options at center and Sullivan’s experience has him right near the top of a list that’s likely topped by longtime Jets starter Nick Mangold.

10 responses to “John Sullivan visits with center-needy Rams

  1. jimmyt
    Don’t forget RB. Outside of 5-6 fourth quarter runs in his rookie year… Gurley has averaged about 3.2 ypc. Other great running backs have been on bad offenses (see AP) and none of them have been that bad over 24 games. That dude is Trent Richardson 2.0.

    Past that, the Vikings line sucked last year and they still cut Sully… he’s got nothing left.

  2. NFLexpert
    Everyone knows they are back… this is their 2nd turn in being irrelevant to LA. Lets remember; The Rams have been pathetic over the last 15 years and completely squandered all of those picks the Redskins gave them. In desperation; Fisher traded their future for an incompetent QB.

  3. All I know, as a Skins fan, when Sully cam in, there was no drop off. So he has something left. I was hoping he would end up back with the Redskins.

  4. Even at 75% he’s still serviceable.

    Had the Vikings kept him, they could have slid Berger around and might have not had the worst OL in all of football.

  5. It matters zilch that Rams are not going to make the playoffs this season, but they (particularly Goff) will improve with the new coaching staff. To the fair-weather fans, “Adios”, because there are millions of So. California’s NFL followers who will stick with the Rams through thick and thin. That’s what mature people are all about —- they don’t expect instant success.

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